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Python for Everybody - Exploring Information

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Learn Python from scratch with this comprehensive course. Topics include installation, variables, loops, strings, files, lists, dictionaries, tuples, regular expressions, network programming, web services, OOP, databases, and data visualization.


1: Installing Python

The first task is to work through the installation steps including installing Python and text editor ...

2: Why Program?

We learn why one might want to learn to program, and look at the basic issues with learning to progr ...

3: Variables, expressions, and statements

We learn how to make variables and store data in those variables.

4: Conditional Execution

We look at how Python executes some statements and skips others.

5: Functions

Take a brief look at how Python implements the 'store and use later' programming pattern.

6: Loops and Iterations

We look at how Python repeats statements using looping structures.

7: Strings

We look at how Python stores and mnipulates textual data using string variables and functions.

8: Files

We learn how to open data files on your computer and read throught the files using Python.

9: Lists

We look at Python's simplest data structure - the list. Lists can store more than one item in a var ...

10: Dictionaries

The dictionary data structures allows us to store multiple values in an object and look up the value ...

11: Tuples

The tuple is a Python data structure that is like a simple and efficient list.

12: Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions allow us to search for patterns in strings and extract data from strings using t ...

13: Network Programming

We take a quick look at how data moves acros the network using th HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP ...

14: Using Web Services

Web services allow a program to access data available in a different server.

15: Object-Oriented Programming

We do a quick look at how Python supports the Object-Oriented programming pattern.

16: Databases

Databases give us very fast random access to large amounts of data.

17: Data Visualization

In this section, we learn to scrape data from the network, store the data in a database and then rea ...

Taught by

Charles Severance from University of Michigan


4.9 rating, based on 130 Class Central reviews

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  • Amazing Instructor. You can tell right away he loves what he does and it shows in his ability to teach. Very knowledgeable and doesn't try to over complicate programming concepts.
  • Python is amazing and very effective to use, this explanation means a lot to me in understanding the field. For me python has changed the life of the world to be easier and the future will look very much closer when I start to open this all. thank you again and may god bless you.
  • Amazing Instructor. You can tell right away he loves what he does and it shows in his ability to teach. Very knowledgeable and doesn't try to over complicate programming concepts.
  • Anonymous
    This Python course offered comprehensive and engaging content, with excellent hands-on exercises and a supportive instructor, making it highly beneficial for anyone looking to enhance their programming skills.
  • Profile image for Abdul Unibo
    Abdul Unibo
    This course saved me! I remember these lines from Dr. Chuck "..wait untill chapter 6 or 7 then pyhton will make sense to you, from confuse, confuse.. to ohh this is great" I come from non-coding background and due to my work requirement I needed t…
  • Anonymous
    I really learned a lot from this course, it has interesting exercises and the teacher is nice. Mi inglés es malo y tengo que escribir mas de cien caracteres, puedo decir que aprendí mucho en este curso y que los ejercicios me resultaron muy entretenidos, me gusto de que luego hay una revisión del ejercicios.
  • Great course with really good explanations of the basics for Python programming. I would definitely recommend that anyone considering taking a programming course should take this course first. While you start from the bare bones basics as you progress through the course you are quickly introduced to some harder ideas and concepts.
  • Anonymous
    this course is amazing. the instructor is clearly passionate about the subject, and its free! no barriers for entry, well laid out course that you can do at your own pace.
  • Anonymous
    very friendly for a complete beginners like me who has 0 experience with coding, great materials if you want to start your programming career and a great professor.
  • Anonymous
    Most wonderful course I have ever taken, I heighly recommend this course whoever wants to learn or start programming.
    love the instructor and the course
  • Anonymous
    Great starting class. The scope is nice for beginners. And the modules are not excessively long allowing it to fit into a busy schedule. Thank You.
  • Anonymous
    Amazing teaching structure, by the time you are done with with course you will have a good understanding of the language and how to use it.
  • Anonymous
    Very professional and good teacher. As a non- native English speaker I understood 100% of the course.
  • Anonymous
    This is an awesome course. I am halfway through and really enjoying it. The way Chuck explains python, it is very clear. I have tried other free online courses on python, but this one is the best. May be, I like the way he explains :)
  • Anonymous
    I just refreshed my existing knowledge of python doing this course. Great structure, progressions and teaching.
  • Anonymous
    The Best Python Programming Course Ever Made,

    Dr Chuck is like the best teacher I ever had,

    and also go and sub him on youtube,

    I recommend this course to all.
  • Anonymous
    Followed the course on and slowly worked my way through each unit working out not only how to program in Python, but setting up and figuring out an online IDE, creating SQLite DB and using SQL. There is a lot of background information to help you understand the concepts. I really enjoyed it. It was even fun trying to get 100% first time on the quizzes (without cheating!) but didn't quite make that :) Highly recommend the course to anyone starting out. Next up
  • Anonymous
    Learn while you are young enough to use the code in your every day life. I really enjoy this course. The instructions are clear and thought provoking. I had to write ever code example that Chuck gave during the instructions. I also had to go to the python website and reinforce what I was learning.. Sometimes stuff just doesn't sink in.
    All in All this is probably the best self paced course around, BUT you have to do the homework.
  • Anonymous
    I have almost finished the course at this point (2 lectures and exercises left) and I am impressed with both the course and instructor. I was able to learn quite a lot about not only python, but many different aspects of general computer science as…
  • Profile image for Atal Khan
    Atal Khan
    it is truly an amazing course, it helped me immensely, I didn't know anything about python, but now I know so much.

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