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University of Tasmania

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

University of Tasmania via Independent


'Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS)' is a free online course that aims to improve understanding and awareness of MS. Members of the public will increase their knowledge of MS-related issues and those in the MS Community will be empowered to create and contribute to personalised MS management plans.

The course is designed for anyone with an interest in Multiple Sclerosis including -

  • People living with MS, their families and carers
  • Medical and nursing professionals
  • Allied health professionals
  • Advocates, service delivery staff, support workers



  1. Biology and Pathology
  2. Diagnosis and Symptoms
  3. Demographics and Introduction to Risk
  4. Risk Factors
  5. Disease Management and Support Strategies
  6. Living with MS


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  • I am a Recreation Therapist working in healthcare. While I have, and have had, clients with MS, I did not know much about it beyond the visible symptoms. I learned so much throughout this course and I now feel better equipped to support clients with MS. Everyone impacted by or supporting anyone living with MS should take this course. Thank you so much for offering it!
  • An excellent course for anyone touched by MS: people living with MS, their family and friends. Also health professionals, especially those not currently working in the MS field, but who may encounter people living with MS from time to time. It gives insight into the disease and how it affects people differently, as well as common symptoms and ways to deal with the disease. Topics are covered objectively but they also help everyone understand the emotional impact, especially at diagnosis.

    Plus a free certificate and the option for health professionals (and any other interested people) to purchase an enhanced certificate that might be helpful for continuing education hours/points.
  • Anonymous
    This course was very insightful, I am a parent of a 22year old diagnosed on her 19th Birthday after going blind in one eye with Rapidly Evolving Severe MS (her sight did return it happened twice 3 months apart),Neurologist found four lesions in her…
  • John David Mcintyre
    Thanks for a very informative program of events and module headings.
    Myself and my wife found all of the information content understandable and of value. I was recently diagnosed with ppms at the age of 64. My consultant offered no explanations or information on the condition. Made 2 possible referrals to MS Nurse, yet openly stated 'I forgot' both times.
    We had to source information ourselves and phoning the MS Nurse services ourselves. Once making contact with the MS Nurse she put services in place quickly. (Diagnosed 10 months ago). Nurse took couple of weeks to implement. Now got new consultant.

    Thanks for your program and the valued information it provided my wife and myself, alongside the quizzes 😀.
  • Anonymous
    This is the third time that I have undertaken the Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS) online course. After the September offering in 2020, I repeated the course a year later for revision. When UTAS contacted me again with the information that new…
  • Anonymous
    I found the course Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS) an excellent presentation with an array of Professionals one comes into contact with when living with MS. Even though my diagnosis many many years ago and whilst I have let medical assistance…
  • Anonymous
    I highly recommend the Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS) free online course for any interested members of the society. The information is clear, concise, and relevant: while the digital format is logical and easy to follow. The course balances b…
  • Kristine Bradley
    I am in my third year of near diagnosis of MS. This course has helped me appreciate why it is often a lengthy process to complete diagnosis. It helped me further understand symptoms I vaguely had glanced through just after talking of my diagnosis.…
  • Anonymous
    This course is full of very informative information for both the person living with MS but also their families, friends & work collegues. The course is easy to do, easy to understand and you can complete it at your leisure. The information is given…
  • Mary Creedon
    Excellent The content was very informative and easy to understand .The amount of work on each section was absolutely spot on. The tests were directly in tune with the work covered and the fact that you could resit a test was very enc…
  • Anonymous
    I heard about this MS study from Mr. Ivan Novak and I was immediately interested. I was diagnosed with MS in 2021 after many years (more than 12) of problems, various treatments and ailments that I would not wish on anyone (blind on the left for abo…
  • Anonymous
    I heard about this MS study from Mr. Ivan Novak and I was immediately interested. I was diagnosed with MS in 2021 after many years (more than 12) of problems, various treatments and ailments that I would not wish on anyone (blind on the left for abo…
  • Anonymous
    The course was designed with such clarity and provided in small chunks of information, allowing participants to understand each module clearly. The infographic helps further understanding, and the video and audio were clear. The quiz was helpful in…
  • Anonymous
    The Menzies MS course is really worth taking, a clear and straightforward method of learning about MS. It's not only for MS sufferers wanting to learn more about this disease, it's surely invaluable for the neurologists, doctors, MS nurses and Field…
  • Jan Ginis
    Have just completed the Understanding MS course and have found it very interesting and informative. Although I have had remitting /relapsing MS since 2005 I now realise I have been in denial and have tried to ignore many of the symptoms that have tr…
  • Anonymous
    The reason for me in participating in this course as a caregiver is to understand MS and how to better my caring skills for people living with Ms. This course has really opened my eyes. and equipped me far beyond expected. I now better understand the importance of goal setting and how to incorporate it by working on honest, clear and kind communication. Setting smart goals that can be flexible, that does not include must and to acknowledge the patients progress. Addressing the challenges and symptoms of the person living with MS by monitoring, support and symptom management. The pathology of MS was really well explained and informative! All round a very good and informative course that is highly recommended! thank you!
  • Nwala Bright Obimdike
    MS is an important course , this course need to be taken serious and have a way to creat awareness about it in some countries. I love the course and I have learnt so many things from it. Now I have knowledge about MS. I would suggest the MS team start programs like that of HIV creat awareness about MS because so many persons are living with it but they don’t have knowledge about it. If there will be something like sensitization, seminars, conferences just to help people know about MS. More especially in Africa and other continents,a lot of people are living with MS but they are ignorant of it. In all I’m one among the luckiest people to have studied or enrolled in this MS course. I am grateful for this privilege.
  • Profile image for Linda Elson
    Linda Elson
    I have just been diagnosed with Progressive MS after having it silent for 15 years. Given that there is limited medication I can take to stop the progress of this disease I decided to learn as much as I can in regard to it. I have found this cours…
  • Anonymous
    This course was so easy to navigate and the content was very informative especially about the DMT and how that is constantly improving and an understanding of the disease. I was diagnosed in 2005 and have been a high functioning MS sufferer and working in Nursing I have since retired (Not due to MS) I have found this course to be highly beneficial in knowing that I wasnt the only one who had severe fatigue and learnt that this is one of the major symtpoms that is battled everyday by MS sufferers. I can now put myself first and being OK with saying NO I am not feeling up to it. It has also given me the knowledge that there are many people out there that can help.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent presentation of information! As a partner to someone living with MS it certainly helps me understand my husband's symptoms on a deeper level and enables me to be more supportive. We have recommended this course to several relatives of ours because we were so impressed with the variety of information covered and the perspectives of so many people ... from those living with MS themselves to those who support people living with MS and those who treat people living with MS. This was time well spent and I always looked forward to the next level being released. We have new goals now for symptom management and ways to track symptoms.

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