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The University of Sheffield

How to Succeed at: Interviews

The University of Sheffield via FutureLearn



Being offered an interview is exciting but can be quite daunting. On this course, our experts from The Careers Service here at The University of Sheffield will make sure you are prepared for the big day.

If you’re still at the stage of writing your CV and submitting applications for a job or course, join our course How to Succeed at: Writing Applications.

This course is designed for anyone applying for jobs or courses. It will be of particular interest to those in the early stages of their career, or those who are out of practice and need to update their skills. No prior knowledge or expertise are needed.

Taught by

Hilary Jones and Pamela Hafekost

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4.8 rating, based on 417 reviews

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  • I learned in detail some of the possibilities about what I already had lived about job interviews, but with more detailed and clear information about, and also learned a lot about other possibilities I never faced before when going for interviews.

    Really useful information, nice and useful files to download and study more, a nice course to take!
  • I am able to learn many essential things required in a professional interview for a candidate.

    This course not only for beginners, it is equally important for any professional candidate those who are going to appear an interview. Even, HR and other people who are closely related to the recruitment process, this course is very helpful to them.
  • It is a very helpful course with templates you can download to help you prepare for interviews. The information is quite useful and presents more modern and current recruitment scenarios such as video interviews.

    The course can be used both if you are applying to higher education programs or jobs.
  • Pamela Gayle Johnson

    Pamela Gayle Johnson completed this course, spending 1 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    This course is great for all levels:
    1) Beginners would get the most out of it;
    2) Intermediate would also find it very helpful; and
    3) Advanced level course attendees would still find this course very good for basic reviews of interview techniques to maximize self-confidence in handling any job search interview situation.

    The downloadable pdf's are great reminders (to avoid future nervousness)!

    Thank you for this on-line course!
  • Anonymous
    It is very important course for any one to help find a good job

    It's contain all detailed about what should you say and what should you feel what should you dress and the time how to deal with exercises

    Good luck
  • Profile image for Seng Lihou
    Seng Lihou
    This course is really really great for me to improve my situation in any other advanced interviews. and I would like to recommend this course to friends and colleagues to find out what is more important about an interview.
  • Ronny De Winter completed this course, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.

    When you are looking for a job and have planned some interviews, it is always good to prepare yourself. This course helps you with that, how to prepare and how to deal with interviews.
    That being said the tips being given are quite straight forward, and unless you never did an interview before most of it sounds like common sense. Anyway, it can help to go with more confidence in that important interview. You can never be too prepared!
  • Anonymous
    One of the best course on facing the interview. It gives the complete picture. After complting it, I feel more confident.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course has armed me in various ways. I came with this thought that - 'I know enough of interviews' but when I dug into week 1, I started to get convinced that there was much more than I knew. The various templates were so helpful and informative....
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I took this course, moving ahead essentially on my own, because I wanted to share the videos and information with my son (who is interviewing for jobs in the video game industry in Los Angeles). It's full of helpful tips about how to navigate the various...
  • Anonymous
    The course has highlighted the most important areas to focus on when doing interviews, may it be face to face, telephone or video call interviews. Some of the arears highlighted someties comes in as not regarded important whereas they do play a pivotal...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    It has been a while since I last had an interview and I couldn't ask for a better course, it was a fantastic refresher and I would recommend it to anyone preparing for interview. The tutors provide loads of advice, interview practice scenarios, examples, videos, handy study material you can use and refer to in the future. The quizzers and role plays are fun and they all help towards preparing you or getting you up to speed on what to expect, how to react or respond. This is a great way to study within a community of employees, students people from all walks of life in and outside the UK, bouncing off ideas, sharing comments, experiences, advice all in an attempt to improve and develop yourself.
  • Anonymous
    This course was not right for me as I was already aware of most it, but it was a good refresher/reminder. However it was clear, concise and not too repetitive. Very intuitive to use with nice plain language and no jargon. For an interview novice it is perfect and a very useful resource. Wish there had been something like this for my age group, but then a lot has changed and now so much more competitive. Full of useful information and tools and of course quizes - which I enjoy! Well done and I do not feel my time has been totally wasted. My DWP work coach suggested the course.
  • Anonymous
    The course is incredibly helpful when you do not know how to approach interviews. Knowing that you are not the only one feeling insecure and nervous is essential and the course always reminds you of that.
    It provides good hands-on advice on how you can prepare for typical interview situations so you will most likely be able to apply at least a few of the tips in your own interview. The course also considers more unusual interview types such as video or phone interviews.
    Overall, it is a nicely prepared course with a moderate workload if spread out over three weeks.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    It's a good learning about facing an interview. However, I would like to suggest to add about expressing about the bad experiences too but, in polite manner without disgracing self as well as the company or companies.

    This is because, people today leave their jobs due different frustrations and bad environments. Those candidates could be brilliant capacities at work and with good qualities. So, there should be ways for them to express them selves when they are asked 'why did you leave previous place?".

    All experiences may not be positive all the time. It is always a mix. So, appreciate if you all could enlighten your learners more about those facts too.

    Thank you!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The course was all good and fun. It helps boost my confidence. I think I am ready now for an interview. I'm so glad that the first interview happened to me before taking this course. It was all bad and so funny. I laugh at myself for not preparing. Then, thanks to free courses offered by Future Learn, it really improves my social skills. I hope that I'll get hired after this. Hehehe Thank you so much to the University for offering this type of courses. Everyone needs it especially those people who lacks communication skills. Thank you to the University also that they have shown us videos of some HR and gave us information about the people they are looking for and more...
  • Anonymous
    Very well done course: well structured and well explained. The course developers and instructors did significant work. Found very useful tips from Amy Cuddy and recruiters, as well as references about the Body Language - glad that psychological aspects of an interview are both discussed and addressed.

    I wish the course had more exercises and quizzes. This is not a disadvantage of the course but a feedback from a grateful learner. Thank You very much!
  • Anonymous
    This course has been incredibly useful in terms of practical exercises and updated material. The course is well-designed and suitable for all job-seekers. Undoubtedly, I would recommend it to my colleagues, friends and all interested.

    I'd like to thank all organizers who made this course happen, as well as all participants who have contributed to the discussions and sharing their experiences and raising creative questions!
  • Anonymous
    Actually, I really get benefit from the course, personally and professionally. The course comprise the main factors that lead to a successful interview, from the first impression, the small details of clothes, the non-verbal language to the preparation of each type of interview then trying to smartly demonstrate the various candidate's skills that are relate to the job or the course. A very big thank to you.
  • Anonymous
    This is a well-balanced, clearly presented and comprehensive introduction to interview preparation. It's more geared to employment interviews than university interviews, I would say, but a lot of the ideas are transferable. I particularly enjoyed the sections in week 3 on "non-standard" interview types, some of which I was not at all familiar with.

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