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Become an iOS Developer

Google , AT&T and Lyft via Udacity Nanodegree


This Nanodegree program will prepare you to publish your first iOS app, whether you’re already a developer or relatively new to programming. In this program, you’ll learn to program in Swift, then create your first apps from scratch. You’ll build a portfolio you can present in interviews, learn mobile development fundamentals like design patterns, and tackle common technical interview questions to ultimately land a job as an iOS Developer.

As you master the Swift programming language and create a portfolio of apps to showcase your skills, you’ll benefit from detailed code reviews on all your projects, exclusive Nanodegree program career content and resume help, and mentorship. Enroll today, and start building your future as an iOS Developer.

Master the Swift programming language, and create a portfolio of iOS apps for iPhone and iPad to showcase your skills!


  • Welcome to the Nanodegree
    • Learn what to expect in the classroom, get familiar with programming in Swift, and download Xcode, Apple's development environment for iOS.
  • Learn Swift Programming
    • Learn the basics of Swift, the programming language used to develop iOS apps.
  • Intro to iOS App Development with Swift
    • Build your first app with Swift and Xcode, Apple’s programming environment for app development. You’ll learn how to use AutoLayout, UIButtons, and UILabels to create an interface, and how to react to touch events in an app using ViewController and multiple views. You’ll also learn how to set up audio recording and playback in a voice recording app.
  • UIKit Fundamentals
    • Develop an app with UIKit, Apple’s front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces. Learn about the delegate pattern to make connections between the app’s model, view, and controller, and add table views and navigation to your app.
  • Network Requests and GCD
    • Incorporate networking into your apps, and harness the power of APIs to display images and retrieve data. Use Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch, or GCD, framework to create asynchronous apps, ensuring a smooth user experience, even while your apps run lengthy operations in the background.
  • Data Persistence
    • Learn about simple persistence, the iOS File System, and the “sandbox.” Set up the classes we need to get Core Data up and running so that we can create, save, and delete model objects. Enable user interfaces to reactively update whenever the model changes, and safely migrate user data between versions.
  • Final Project
    • This is your chance to let your iOS Developer skills shine! For this final project, you'll design and build your own iOS app, taking the design from the drawing board to the App Store.

Taught by

Jarrod Parkes, Gabrielle Miller-Messner, Kate Rotondo, Owen LaRosa, Shantanu R., Peter K., Marcel O., Mike M., Lybron S. and Gregory F.


4.7 rating, based on 9 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This is a very comprehensive program starting from Swift syntax all the way to using UIKit components to write fully-functional apps. I'd highly recommend it.
    The only downside is the program is teaching UIKit rather than SwiftUI which should be the next gen of iOS development. To address that, I chose to implement all project apps using SwiftUI to make myself equipped with the newest technology. You can find it here:
  • Anonymous
    It's going well. The instructors and classroom are great, and the reviews help to put you in the right track, so we don't get lost in the way. An awesome experience, in a few words.
  • Anonymous
    Good Program , good staff
    I really enjoy in this junory!!
    Thank you for this!!!!
    very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
  • Anonymous
    Great iOS 8 training in Swift
    This nanodegree has you build 4 successively complicated apps with a good amount of classroom guidance but not too much handholding which is good. You will finally need to build a 5th app which you have to decide on your own based on the knowledge gained on the first 4 apps. The coverage of the iOS SDK is good but you will have to do independent reading too to complete the apps. Make sure you buy a separate good book on iOS Programming. It prepares you for beginner iOS Developer jobs but if you are smart and do a lot of online reading of Apple's documentation, it can be for advanced level jobs too. I recommend it fully to new and old developers.
  • Kelvin
    Great course for learning Swift and iOS
    The course consists of short lectures and 5 portfolio projects. The projects get progressively difficult but you will learn a lot from them and you will have a pretty nice portfolio to show future employers. The last project is a capstone project that is your own app idea. The lessons teach essential frameworks like Core Data. There's forums and office hours if you're stuck. The faculty is very helpful and super responsive. Your projects are evaluated and code reviewed. I highly recommend this course for beginners or even experienced iOS developers.
  • Anonymous
    I learned things that I wouldn't have learned on my own
    The course is great, its pretty difficult and it gets harder as it goes on.
    The best part of the course was the forums where other students and coaches can answer your question directly.
    Like I said in the title there are topics that I wouldn't have pursued on my own but this course makes iOS development approachable.

  • Steven O'toole
    Supportive, Enthusiastic Organization
    Udacity really works to help you succeed. The lectures and examples work well to show you how professionals develop Swift iOS applications. Then the projects force you to implement and internalize what you've learned. The teachers and staff are really enthusiastic, patient, and supportive.
  • Anonymous
    Udacity iOS Nanodegree
    This is a pretty good course if you already have a programming background and some iOS experience. Perfect if you've done a fair amount of objective-c and want to quickly ramp up for swift. Projects are interesting and the community is pleasant and helpful. The code reviews are also very good.
  • Anonymous
    review of ios nanodegree program
    With my experience i am all done with projects and resume. The reviewer was big help, From their lessons i learnt a lot. Now its a big time looking for job. Will see!!!!

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