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Positive Leadership

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Leadership, especially how we nurture and develop our workforce, has continued to evolve over the last many years. While that is a natural phenomenon of organizational development, cataclysmic events such as the recent Covid pandemic pose enormous adaptive challenges for humanity in general, and businesses in particular. No longer therefore is leadership shaping just the course of our businesses, it is now also directly impacting the quality of the lives, and sometimes even the survival, of its people.

Positive Leadership is an organizational approach that fosters a positive culture at work. Positive leaders see positive potential in their people and empower them to live up to that potential. According to Professor of Management and Organizations, University of Michigan, Kim Cameron, positive leadership goes beyond the conventional definitions of leadership by providing “strategies and practices that enable exceptional levels of performance not normally seen in organizations.” High-performance continues to be a strong priority at work, but it is now accompanied with another indicator of success – wellness. Such is the power of positive leadership that it is believed to be a pre-requisite to an enriched and fulfilling workplace, and happier and more engaged employees.

Positive Leadership is a powerful approach that you too can leverage to develop yourself into an inspirational and effective leader. As a necessary step to learning about Positive Leadership, it is important to identify its anti-thesis, Toxic Leadership. Toxic Leadership is often the elephant in the room in many organizations. One needs to learn to identify its characteristics, and understand how to eradicate it from the organizational DNA. By fostering a culture of Positive Leadership – honing in on the abundance gaps rather than the deficit gaps - you will create newfound employee goodwill and motivation that can then be channelized into positive outcomes for yourself and your organization.


Week 1:

  • Positive Leadership and its Impact on Employees and Organizations
  • Understanding the concept of Positive Leadership; how it impacts employees and organizations.

Week 2:

  • Toxic Leadership at the Workplace
  • Menacing effects of toxic leadership in organizations; how to identify presence of toxic leadership (with examples); characteristics of toxic leaders; how to counter toxic leadership with positive leadership, and effectively eliminate the toxicity from the workplace

Week 3:

  • Must-have Attributes of Positive Leaders
  • Specific skills and behaviours that both leaders and organizations must demonstrate to foster a healthy and positive culture at work; examples of real-life leaders who demonstrate(d) positive leadership

Week 4 :

  • Preparing yourself for Positive Leadership
  • Applying the must-have attributes of Positive Leadership into your leadership style.

Taught by

Swati Sengupta


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