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King's College London

Learn French for Global Communication: Level 1

King's College London via FutureLearn Program


On this microcredential, you’ll learn to communicate in everyday French, leaving you confident to work and travel in the French-speaking world.

The course is equivalent to the A1 Basic User, Breakthrough level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, meaning you’ll get a detailed introduction to workplace French.

Alongside top language advisors at King’s College London’s Modern Language Centre, you’ll learn the essentials of written and spoken French.

The course includes access to King’s multilingual learning personnel via a weekly 50-minute webinar in small groups, meaning you’ll receive practical support throughout and be able to question tutors and fellow students.

You’ll follow a syllabus based on grammatical progression and will cover a wide range of vocabulary used in various everyday life situations, such as ordering coffee or greeting someone hello.

Develop the skills of listening to, reading, writing and speaking French

You’ll develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in French in a range of predictable situations and contexts, and will cover frequently-used vocab and phrases to help you absorb the language.

You’ll follow a syllabus based on grammatical progression and will cover a wide range of vocabulary used in various everyday life situations, such as ordering coffee or greeting someone hello, as well as how to ask for repetition or clarification.

Become an independent lifelong learner in French

Throughout the duration of the course, you’ll also use French to further your knowledge of other disciplines, and will develop an insight into the nature of language, culture, and society of French-speaking nations in order to gain a greater degree of intercultural competence and intercultural understanding.

You’ll also acquire the linguistic skills, tools, and knowledge to become an independent lifelong learner in French.

Enjoy interactive activities with fellow students to practice speaking French

You’ll explore French using videos, articles, and audio material, before engaging in interactive language activities such as quizzes and group discussions.

Covering varied topics including greetings, personal information, and basic interactions, you’ll be able to read and understand simple texts in the French language by the end and will be able to converse with your fellow students.

Earn a certificate in French from language experts at King’s College London

The Modern Language Centre provides expert language tuition in the heart of London to students and to the local professional and residential community.

You’ll finish the course certified in beginner’s French, ready to start a life-long love affair with Francophone culture.

The Association of University Language Centres in the UK (AULC) and the University Council of Modern Languages (UCML) have ranked French as being the second most popular language in which to learn for students.

Similarly, the British Council clarified in 2017 that French was the third most important language to learn as the number of French-speaking people all around the globe was steadily increasing.

Where is French spoken in the world?

Lane published in 2019 that French was the fifth most widely-spoken language in the world, spoken in 29 independent nations and 10 dependent entities as an official language.

Around 275 million people in the world are estimated to speak French across five continents, so it’s definitely a popular language in which to learn.

Can learning French improve your job opportunities?

Being bilingual can greatly enhance your employment opportunities. Employment website Indeed found in 2019 that as a language, French was the second most important skill that was sought after by prospective employers in all sectors.


Courses under this program:
Course 1: Learn French for Global Communication (Level 1)
-Learn the basics of the French language - speaking, reading, writing and listening - to improve your professional life and career.

Taught by

Jerome Bertherat


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