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Acoustic Guitar Lessons: Intermediate

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If you're an acoustic guitar player looking for a challenge, then this course is for you. Learn about suspended chords, altered tuning, soloing patterns, and more.

Once you've mastered the basics of acoustic guitar, you're ready to expand your repertoire and tackle more challenging techniques.

Join guitarist Jared Meeker as he guides you through intermediate concepts like soloing patterns and altered tunings in a relaxed, easy-to-follow instructional style. Learn about suspended chords, tuning with harmonics, and slides. Take on a variety of new styles, including acoustic funk, New Orleans grooves, modern Celtic rhythm guitar, bluegrass, and Delta blues. Jared also touches on harmony for writing and arranging, as well as Drop D, Double Drop D, Open G, and Open D tuning. Tune in and take your acoustic guitar skills to the next level.


  • Welcome
  • Reading music and tablature (TAB)
1. New Colors and Textures
  • Flatpicking arpeggios
  • Suspended chords
  • Add9 chords
  • Movable dominant 7th chords
  • Harmonics
  • Tuning with harmonics
  • Slides
  • Bending strings and vibrato
2. New Grooves and Styles
  • Acoustic funk strumming
  • Acoustic funk split strumming
  • Creating a monster funk groove
  • A taste of swing
  • The grooves of New Orleans
  • Modern celtic rhythm guitar
  • Old-time guitar: The roots of bluegrass
  • Bluegrass part 1: Flatpicking a fiddle tune
  • Bluegrass part 2: Backup and lead
  • Delta blues
3. Pentatonic Possibilities
  • Rule the fretboard in five Notes—the major pentatonic scale sliding fingering
  • Blurring the line between rhythm and lead
  • The minor pentatonic sliding fingering
4. Mapping the Fretboard in Boxes
  • The five positions of the minor pentatonic scale
  • The five positions of the major pentatonic scale
  • Using the pentatonic scales to play the 8-bar blues
5. Harmony
  • Major triads up the neck
  • Minor triads up the neck
  • Triads in reggae
  • The five major triad block forms
  • Harmony for writing and arranging
  • Double stops
6. Introducing Alternate Tunings
  • Getting creative with open strings
  • Drop D tuning
  • Double drop D tuning
  • Open G tuning
  • Open D tuning
  • Conclusion and credits

Taught by

Jared Meeker

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