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[2023] 1000 Hours of Free LinkedIn Learning Courses with Free Certification

For a limited time, LinkedIn Learning is offering more free courses. Here’s a full list, including free certificates.

LinkedIn Learning Free Certificates

LinkedIn Learning is currently offering 50 new online courses for free until February 28, 2023. These courses are an addition to the already substantial number of courses offered for free on Linkedin Learning.

In this Class Central article, we’ve compiled all the free courses offered on LinkedIn Learning, including the new ones. In total, these represent about 1000 hours of learning, and many include a free certificate of completion.

For your convenience, we’ve broken the list into 4 categories. Click on one to jump to the corresponding courses:

How it Started

When the pandemic hit more than 2 years ago, Microsoft made 14 learning paths on LinkedIn Learning available for free. At the time, we shared the list of learning paths with free certificates, as well as a collection of free pandemic educational resources, which was viewed by close to 1M learners.

Since then, I’ve been keeping an eye on LinkedIn Learning, regularly checking if there were more free LinkedIn Learning certificates available. I searched through their catalog of close to 12,000 courses and 740 learning paths and identified the courses available for free and that offer free certificates.

I found 137 courses and 7 learning paths offering free certificates, as well as 378 free courses, for a total of about 1000 hours of free online learning.

We’re not sure how long most of these courses will offer free certificates. That said, we’ll continue to monitor LinkedIn Learning and update the list regularly. In fact, the list initially had 350 hours of free resources. Now, it’s 1000 hours, so stay tuned!

If you find more free certificates or courses, or if you notice an error in the list, please tell us in the comments.

More Free Certificates

If you don’t find what you need here, browse Class Central’s catalog of 100K courses or visit our thematic collections:

You can find all our free certificates articles here.

How to earn a LinkedIn Learning Free Certification

LinkedIn Learning popup, to download your certificate

To earn a certificate for an individual course, watch all the videos and pass the quizzes. In some courses, you’ll need to take an exam. Once you’re done, go to the “Related to this course” section below the video (on desktop) and click on “Show all”.

A window will pop up with certificates available for the course, as you can see above. Click on “Download” to get your LinkedIn Learning certificate. Some courses also offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, in addition to the LinkedIn Learning certificate.

To earn a certificate for a learning path, you need to complete all the path’s courses. Then, you’ll be able to download the learning path certificate.

Without further ado, below is the full list of free LinkedIn Learning Courses.

LinkedIn Learning Paths with Free Certification

LinkedIn Learning Courses with Free Certification

LinkedIn Learning Free Courses

LinkedIn Learning Free Mini-courses

We noticed that some LinkedIn Learning courses were rather short (less than 20 minutes of content), so we moved them to their own section below and called them “mini-courses”.

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Suparn Patra

Suparn developed an interest in MOOCs through a project he worked on during his MSc in Artificial Intelligence. He joined Class Central as a Full Stack Engineer.

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  1. Marwa

    Heartfelt thanks. That’s genuinely amazing.

    • bich

      not really because we students use to be able to get all the content free thru lynda, so really we get less with more. thanks microsoft, you corpnazis.

      • as

        how to applythis

      • d. jenner

        lynda.com wasn’t free. It’s not now as part of LinkedIn, but it wasn’t free before so not much has changed.

        • Xander Vaughn

          Yes, you could get it free through most large libraries, now you can’t. I won’t be paying for a subscription anymore and I will stop recommending it to people. In this time of people needing to train for employment, this is just gouging.

          Poor morals and poor business practices.

          • Gharieb

            Totally agree with you

  2. Rohini R Reddy

    I hope that it will be very helpful for students especially for the students who are at poor background

    • Lazarus Jamison

      what courses are offered free with certificate on LinkedIn
      ? .because of majority of them they do ask to pay something .

  3. hanane ouhammouch

    Many thanks for the sharing

  4. Olumide Ojelabi

    Glad I found this. Thanks

  5. Mohammad A Khan

    Thanks for offering great service to everyone with out borders
    God bless you

  6. Prathyusha

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Daniel

    very helpfull thanks a lot.

  8. zzz

    where? it just says 1 month free trial.

    • Dhawal Shah

      You can ignore the notification and directly click on the videos to access it. You might have to be logged in first.

  9. Amna

    It would be great if we could have a list of free courses with certificates from Linkedin Learning as it is really difficult to find out by opening each course manually o ly to see that either we need to buy the course or to download the certificate we need to have Linkedin Premium.

  10. Sifiso Dhlamini

    Thank you so much for your generosity. This goes a long way for someone like me in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland)

  11. ZZZ

    The problem with these courses is that all of them appear to be partially functional.

    That you do not have access to the ability to ask a question, you may reply is all. Also unknown is if the certificates will be available. I’ve not gotten that far.

    • Suparn Patra

      They don’t send certificate. You may need to download it manually.
      Click on certificates from course page (Given you’re logged in) and click on download.

  12. Alexandra Goicoechea

    When I click on the courses I get to the course page, but it says “click here for free month”. How do you get it free until next summer? Want to do the Graphic Design path

    • Suparn Patra

      You will get free certificate once you finish the course. But you need to manually download it.
      You need not to start free trial for free course, free certificate courses/paths.

    • Muhammad Fakrul Islam

      Alexandra Goicoechea, first sign up on linkedin.com, then click on ‘Become a Graphic Designer’ link.

  13. Tarun S. Kuckian


    I am am assistant professor teaching in an undergrad college in Mumbai, India. I want to recommend some of these free courses to my students. I wanted to confirm whether the students will get certificate on completing the course? Also will there be any examinations?


    Tarun S. Kuckian

    • Suparn Patra

      Yes, They offer free certificate of completion after finishing individual course (Need to manually download it) and for paths, all courses needs to be finished.

      For some courses, student needs to give exam in order to get another certificate of completion with mentioned “continuing professional education credit” in it.

      Note: Apart from this, there are many courses for which watching content is free but in order to download certificate premium subscription is needed or free trial. And of course there are many courses for which watching video content also requires paid subscription or free trial one (initial a few preview videos are available for free)

  14. Muhammad Fakrul Islam

    ‘Become a Software Developer’ learning path is still working. Thank you so much for your help.

    • Dhawal Shah

      Great. But seems like it might be based on the region you are in.

      For me, the first course of “Become a Software Developer” learning path doesn’t offer a free certificate even though all the course videos are free.

      • Aliaa

        I am already enrolling in Become a Software Developer learning path , but now I don’t have time for it. Will it remain free for me after March?

        • Dhawal Shah

          Unfortunately, I am not really sure how long these will be free.

      • Michelle

        Dhawal, maybe you should give it another go. I’ve come across a few errors when accessing the courses.
        I had to switch browsers sometimes. There were some videos I couldn’t watch in Firefox that I could access in Chrome.
        Occasionally, the videos wouldn’t be marked as complete.
        There was also a course on Google Ads that seemed to have some problems with links, so I had to access the videos manually, and gave it a few tries. I’m still working on it, actually.
        For me, the course on SQL in the Software Developer track was archived while I was taking the learning path and I had to click on the videos directly to go around the one-month trial (they weren’t actually locked).

  15. Dr Aejaz Husain

    Thanks a lot for sharing so useful resources

  16. Rujin

    Thank you thank you!!!

  17. Aliaa

    I am already enrolling in Become a Software Developer learning path , but now I don’t have time for it. Will it remain free for me after March?

  18. Elçin

    I have spent all my day by analyzing this page reading and clicking every page. This work is amazing.The Question is I am in search of Certificates in German Language.
    How can I find finance or economy related certificates but I need it for Germany.And Want to have the courses in German Language.
    This is my first time in your web site.So sorry for this perhaps it is a stupid question.

  19. Hector

    Hello Suparn: Thank you for compiling the list, I do appreciate it. However, I cannot get around the ‘Start my free month’ to do any of the free courses you identified. Like Alexandra, how can I get around this issue to not activate the free month and saving it for course (s) that are for pay? Cheers

    • Michelle

      This might be a bit late, but Hector, for SOME of these courses you can get around activating the free month. For example, for the SQL course in the Software Developer track, you just click on the first video while logged in. It simply starts and it’s marked as completed after you watch it.
      However, if you see a lock next to the video, it means you can’t access it without starting the free month, which means that you won’t be able to get a free certificate.

  20. Rig Ved

    The leadership course doesn’t seem to be free any longer

    • Rig Ved

      Also People Analytics

      • Suparn Patra

        Thanks for letting us know.
        I’ve removed the courses that are no longer completely free.

  21. Rowan Randle

    Good Morning / Evening where you may find yourself self in the world. I completed some courses for free without registration for the month to test whether I could before signing up for the free month.

    I know after covid we all need to study more to upgrade our skills to be relevant in the work environment. To earn a salary. I in my humble opinion I think we need a radical tactical shift in our thinking and our modus operandi.

    The world as we knew it has completely done a 360 degree , so we need to adapt accordingly.

    I am upgrading my skillset with a strategy that would enable me to be more relevant to current market’s.

  22. Chandu

    It looks like they are extending these free courses till end of 2021
    this i learn from today media updates

  23. Jude Gaal

    Thank you Suparn for this information. I know it will help a lot of people strengthen their skills!

  24. Samyak sharma

    This is very useful and great post!

  25. Arbab Ahmed

    Great work !

  26. Benji

    Hey, thanks for the (huge) list of free courses. I’ll definitely look into them.

    My question is, what are they worth in the eyes of employers?

    More specifically the Microsoft certificates. I can imagine employers won’t value these LinkedIn certificates at the same level as actual MS Certificates?

  27. Tawra Lundy

    Suparn, thank you SO MUCH for this!!!

    • Moro John Alex

      Thank you very much

  28. Faiz

    Some courses within the following path are locked.https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/become-a-data-analyst

  29. B. L. Ethridge, PhD, M.P.Adm.

    This is such an awesome resource! I have a Ph.D. and M.P.Adm./M.P.A., but feel I need a project management certification and training to expand the industries I can apply in. Also, I have been a research and program/project manager, but never in title; this information made it possible for me to get a much-needed LinkedIn certification to announce to potential employers and collaborators that my project management skills are more broadly applicable and demonstrably rooted in both education and experience. Thank you!

  30. Amy

    The Linkin learning courses with free certification mentions the Time Management Fundamentals twice.

    • Manoel Cortes Mendez

      Thank you. Fixed.

  31. Nguyen Trung Nhan

    Very valuable, thanks the author. I hope you can always update this list :3


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