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Additive Manufacturing: Troubleshoot 3D Prints

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Learn how to fix common 3D printing problems, such as prints that don't stick to the bed, pimples and dimples, and geometry issues.

3D printing is has come a long way, but there are still many things that can derail the printing process. This course helps you avoid problems in advance, and when they do come up, it helps you solve them. Rich Cameron and Joan Horvath of Nonscriptum LLC—the maker tech training company—review common 3D print problems, and show how to fix them by making changes to the model, orientation, or printer settings. Learn what to do when your print doesn't stick to the print bed; when you see pimples, dimples, or stringing; have cooling issues; or the walls of your print are too thin. Joan and Rich also help identify and fix software-related issues with your host and slicer programs, and keep track of changes as you debug, in case you need to roll back to a previous version of your design.


  • Welcome and structure of the course
  • Who this course is for
1. Diagnosing Common 3D Print Problems
  • Overview
  • Parts of a 3D printer
  • 3D print does not stick: Model geometry and nozzle height
  • 3D print does not stick: Surface and materials compatibility
  • 3D print does not stick: Temperature effects
  • Printer over- or under-extruding
  • Pimples, dimples, and stringing
  • Test parts, printing square, and backlash
  • Part dimensions incorrect
  • Printer geometry problems
2. Filament Effects on a Print
  • Filament-specific issues
  • Extruder temperature and cooling issues
3. Part Geometry Considerations
  • Geometry considerations: overview
  • Thin-walled prints
  • Vase prints
  • Tall, skinny prints
  • Printing solid
  • Orienting parts for strength
  • Prints with curves and holes
4. Identifying Software-Related Print Issues
  • Overview: Finding issues caused by software
  • Overview: Host programs
  • Selecting a slicer and host program
  • Optimizing support
  • Print setting management
  • Next steps

Taught by

Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron

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