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Advanced Microsoft Project

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Learn more advanced techniques for working with Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013, from reassigning resources and managing costs to customizing fields and reports.

Building on the skills learned in the popular Project 2010 and Project 2013 Essential Training courses, author Bonnie Biafore teaches more advanced aspects of the popular project management software, first introducing powerful shortcuts for opening and saving files, and then moving into assigning resources, managing project costs, and setting up earned value tracking. She also provides handy tips for exchanging data with other projects as well as linking and embedding data.

Viewers will then learn how to customize fields and generate cool graphical and visual reports. Finally, the course shows how to share various customizations and configurations as well as best practices for managing multiple projects.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • Using the exercise files
1. Options for Opening and Saving Project Files
  • File opening and saving shortcuts
  • Saving project files in a specific format and location
2. Mastering Resource Assignments
  • Understanding duration, work, and units
  • Recalculating duration, work, and units for assignment changes
  • Keeping task duration fixed
  • Maintaining total task work
  • Changing resource allocations to a task
  • Adding and removing resources from a task
  • Replacing resources on a task
  • Changing multiple assignments on the same task
  • Defining part-time resources using Max Units
  • Defining part-time resources using resource calendars
  • Scheduling a task to override resource calendars
  • Editing in-progress task assignments
3. Managing Project Costs
  • Fine-tuning work resource costs
  • Setting cost rates that change over time
  • Defining time-based material costs
  • Accounting for overtime costs
  • Editing resource costs manually
  • Updating actual cost for cost resources
4. Working with Earned Value
  • Setting up a project to track earned value
  • Understanding earned value analysis
  • Reviewing earned value with a visual report
5. Exchanging Data with Other Programs
  • Hyperlinking in Project
  • Copying data from other programs into Project
  • Copying data between Project files
  • Choosing security settings for importing data
  • Importing data into new Project records
  • Importing data into existing Project records
  • Exporting data from Project
6. Customizing Fields
  • Understanding custom fields
  • Naming a custom field
  • Creating a formula to calculate field values
  • Calculating formula values for summary tasks
  • Displaying field values graphically
  • Creating a lookup table of valid values
  • Formatting task bars based on custom field values
7. Customizing Graphical Reports
  • Creating a custom graphical report from an existing report
  • Customizing the fields displayed in a graphical report
  • Filtering and grouping results in a graphical report
  • Customizing a chart in a graphical report
  • Customizing a table in a graphical report
  • Customizing a text box in a graphical report
  • Arranging graphical report components
8. Customizing Visual Reports
  • Choosing the fields displayed in a visual report
  • Filtering values in a visual report
  • Categorizing results in a visual report
  • Expanding and collapsing results
  • Formatting the chart in a visual report
  • Creating a custom visual report template
9. Sharing Customizations
  • Saving project options for individual projects
  • Understanding the Project Organizer
  • Saving customized and new elements
  • Copying customized elements to your Project global template
  • Copying customized elements between files
10. Working with Multiple Projects
  • Creating a resource pool to share resources
  • Using shared resources on a project
  • Opening and saving a project file with shared resources
  • Editing resource information in a resource pool
  • Creating a master project
  • Inserting subprojects into a Project file
  • Linking tasks in different projects
  • Goodbye

Taught by

Bonnie Biafore

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