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Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks

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Discover the best tips and tricks in Excel 2013, and unleash the real power of this popular, powerful software.

Increase your Excel productivity with the power user tips and tricks packed into this fast-paced course. Dennis Taylor will show you how to create formulas quickly, split data into columns, apply formatting, build charts, and fast-track routine data-entry chores. Short on time? Make sure to check out the "Top Ten Shortcuts" and "Ten Tiny Tips" chapters for a quick productivity boost. Start now and get an immediate return on your investment, with powerful techniques that will save you hours every week.


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1. Top Ten Shortcuts
  • Enter data or formulas in non-adjacent cells simultaneously
  • Convert formulas to values with a simple drag
  • Copy data or formulas down a column instantly
  • Adjust all or selected column widths or row heights in a flash
  • Instantly display all worksheet formulas
  • Create charts instantly with either of these keystroke shortcuts
  • Display a print preview instantly
  • Instantly enter today's date or time
  • Undo, Redo, and Repeat with keystrokes
  • Zoom in and out quickly
2. Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Tips
  • Expand and collapse the Ribbon and full-screen views
  • Access Ribbon commands with Alt key sequences
  • Adjust the Quick Access Toolbar
3. Display Shortcuts
  • Create split screens and frozen titles in a flash
  • Restore missing labels and hide repeating labels
  • Customize the display of Status bar totals
4. Navigation Shortcuts
  • Navigate between workbooks efficiently
  • Navigate between worksheets efficiently
  • Navigate within worksheets
5. Selection Shortcuts
  • Select an entire row, column, or worksheet
  • Select noncontiguous ranges and visible cells only
  • Select the current region of cells and move around region corners
6. Data Entry and Editing Shortcuts
  • Accelerate data entry
  • Enter dates and date series efficiently
  • Enter times and time series efficiently
  • Use Custom Lists for rapid data entry and list-based sorting
  • Enhanced editing tools
7. Drag-and-Drop Techniques
  • Accelerate copy-and-move tasks
  • Accelerate worksheet copying and moving
  • Drag and insert with the Shift key
  • Display Paste Special options instantly
  • Accelerate Copy, Move, and Paste actions with the right mouse button
8. Formula Shortcuts
  • Create formulas rapidly
  • Select all cells that depend on the active cell
  • Select all cells that can affect the active cell
  • Use AutoSum shortcuts
  • Use rounding shortcuts
  • Generate random numbers
  • Count the number of unique entries
  • Perform calculations without formulas
9. Operational Shortcuts
  • Insert, delete, hide, and unhide columns and rows rapidly
  • Realign imported text
  • Select and manipulate blank cells
  • Collapse and expand detail quickly with outlining shortcuts
  • Create double-spaced or triple-spaced printouts quickly
10. Formatting Shortcuts
  • Use keystroke shortcuts for frequently needed numeric formats
  • Accentuate date with alignment tools
  • Add a color background to every fifth row in a range
  • Use Conditional Formatting based on comparison criteria
  • Use Conditional Formatting to highlight formula cells only
  • Create custom formats: Dot leaders and more
  • Use special formats for times over 24 hours
  • Add and remove a strikethrough or a border with keystroke shortcuts
11. Database Techniques
  • Sort data with single buttons
  • Clean up spaces quickly
  • Identify and eliminate duplicates
  • Split column data into multiple columns with Flash Fill
  • Join data from multiple columns into one column with Flash Fill
  • Ensure unique entries with data validation rules
  • Force typed dates to be only weekdays with data validation rules
  • Display unique items from large lists
12. Charting and Visual Object Tips
  • Manipulate chart placement with dragging techniques
  • Create chart titles from cell content
  • Create and manipulate shapes and use Shift and Ctrl keys
  • Create linked dynamic and static images
13. Ten Tiny Tips
  • Become more proficient with these short tips
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Taught by

Dennis Taylor

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