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Learning Arduino: Interfacing with Hardware

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Learn how to build interactive electronics with the Arduino microcontroller and components such as LCD screens, LEDs, and keypads.


  • Open up your digital world with Arduino
  • What you should know before watching
  • The devices used
1. Interface with an LCD
  • Introduction to the liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Understanding HD4470 controller
  • The LCD interface
  • Wire up the LCD
  • Coding the LCD interface
  • Optional review: Understanding "for" loops
  • Optional review: Understanding arrays
  • Displaying random numbers and scrolling
2. Interface with a 7-Segment LED Directly
  • Overview of the 7-segment LED
  • The 7-segment LED component
  • 7-segment LED display types
  • Checking a 7-segment LED type
  • Wiring up the 7-segment LED
  • Cycle through each LED directly
  • Cycle through LEDs with a for loop
  • Understanding the 7-segment LED truth table
  • Coding 7-segment display showing numbers
3. Interface with a 7-Segment LED Using a Shift Register
  • Understanding the shift register
  • MC74HC595A shift register overview
  • Wire up the input and clock signals
  • Wire up the signals for VCC and GND
  • Wire up the 7-segment LED
  • Initializing pins for the shift register
  • The shiftOut command
4. Interface with a Keypad
  • Introduction to the keypad interface
  • Wiring up the keypad
  • Optional review: IF statement
  • Optional review: The statement
  • Understanding two-dimensional arrays
  • Setup the keypad library
  • HelloKeypad
  • Using the keypad with LEDs
  • Combine the keypad and 7-segment LED
  • Combine them all: LCD + keypad + LED
  • Next steps

Taught by

Zahraa Khalil


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