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Learning Computer Forensics

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Learn how to acquire and analyze data from computers or storage devices with computer forensics.


  • Learning computer forensics
  • What you should know
1. Understanding Computer Forensics
  • Goals of computer forensics
  • History
  • Types of investigations
  • Tools
  • Legal implications
  • Current and future trends
  • Challenges
  • Anti-forensics techniques
  • Compliance and forensics
  • Cybersecurity and forensics
2. Careers
  • Specializations in computer forensics
  • Network forensics
  • Operating system forensics
  • Web forensics
  • Cloud forensics
  • Malware forensics
  • Mobile forensics
  • Email forensics
  • Certifications
3. Preparing for an Investigation
  • Tools and knowledge requirements
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Understanding hexadecimal (hex) numbers
  • Using a hex editor
  • Understanding an offset
  • Forensics OS distributions
4. File System Fundamentals
  • Understanding file systems
  • Understanding the boot sequence
  • Understanding disk drives
  • Understanding the master boot record (MBR)
  • Understanding partitioning
5. Preserving Data
  • Evidence preservation approaches
  • Understanding the role of write blockers
  • Using a software write blocker
  • Using hardware write blockers
  • Understanding hashing
  • Hashing algorithms
  • Hashing in FTK Imager
  • Understanding mounting
  • Mounting manually
6. Acquiring Data
  • Data acquisition approaches
  • Static acquisition with open-source tools
  • Creating split-disk image files with dd
  • Static acquisition with dcfldd
  • Live acquisition with a commercial tool
  • Memory dump analysis with volatility
7. Analyzing Data
  • Forensic data analysis
  • Indexing
  • Searching
  • Generating a report
  • Hex editor analysis of a file with a wrong extension
  • Hex editor analysis of a bit-shifted file
  • Steganography
  • Next steps

Taught by

Jungwoo Ryoo


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