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Logic Pro X: Making Beats

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Start making music with Logic Pro X. Learn basic drum programming in Logic Pro—including recording, quantizing, sampling, and slicing—and beat-making with Drummer and Arpeggiator.

Make yourself heard. Start making music with Logic Pro X. Author and Logic Pro insider Dot Bustelo walks through every facet of basic drum programming and beat making in Logic Pro, including choosing the right drum kit for the beat, recording, arranging, and quantizing. She shows off Drummer, the intelligent drum feature, for creating beats automatically. She then moves into Ultrabeat, Logic's built-in drum machine, and shows how to step sequence, design your own sounds, use your own samples, and create glitchy effects with the instrument. Then Dot dives deeper into making beats. She demonstrates how to make your own Apple Loops, time-stretch, quantize, and regroove audio as well as how to best add swing to your beats, fatten your sounds with drum replacement, and slice your samples. She then focuses on techniques specific to electronic music, including warping a beat with Space Designer and making DJ turntable effects with speed fades, and some retro groove tricks, including creating a human drummer feel with the Transform Editor and editing gate time. Dot wraps up the course by looking at a few more of the new beat making features in Logic Pro X, including the Arpeggiator and other MIDI plugins.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • Using the exercise files
1. Getting the Beat Started: Basic Drum Programming
  • Choosing the drum kit
  • Rehearsing the beat, cycling in Logic, and recording the kick and snare
  • Understanding Logic regions and quantizing effectively
  • Creating easy drum fills by MIDI time compressing
  • Using capture recording
  • MIDI time compressing for quick drum fills
  • Separating your kick and snare by note, pitch, and output
2. Maximizing Your Drummer Performances
  • Going deeper into the Drummer Editor
  • Customizing the feel, ghost notes, and hi-hat performance details
  • Making electronic beats with Drummer and Ultrabeat
  • Tightening the kick and snare with Follow Rhythm
3. Retro, Hip-Hop, and Electronic Dance Music Beats in Ultrabeat
  • Learning the basics of the drum machine
  • Sound designing your kits
  • Old-school step sequencing
  • Making stutter vocal effects using Ultrabeat's step grid
  • Making stutter vocal effects with a sidechain
4. Getting Creative with Apple Loops
  • Changing the pitch of Apple Loops
  • Changing the feel of Apple Loops
  • Making, tagging, and indexing your own Apple Loops
  • New Apple Loop features in Logic Pro X
5. Making Tight Beats
  • Finding your tempo
  • Time stretching audio
  • Slicing up your samples
  • Building a useful EXS instrument from a drum loop
6. Flex Like a Pro
  • Flexing vocals
  • Flexing to quantize audio
  • Slicing on transients to regroove beats
  • Flexing to change project tempo
  • Creating gate effects with the Slicing Flex mode
  • Creating effects with the Tempophone and Speed Flex modes
7. How Logic Swings
  • Making groove templates
  • Advanced quantizing
  • Beat mapping a live performance
  • Experimenting with your tempo using Varispeed
  • Fattening your sound with drum replacement and doubling
  • Using MIDI Transform for a human-drummer feel
  • Tightening the feel with the groove track
8. Dance/Electronic Beat Making
  • Warping your beat with Space Designer
  • Creating turntable- and tape-machine-style speed fades
  • Packing drum loops into a take folder
  • Sidechaining the compressor with your kick
  • Vocoding in Logic
9. Going Deeper with Arpeggiator and Other MIDI Plugins
  • Discovering Arpeggiator
  • Going deeper into Arpeggiator
  • Exploring Chord Trigger
  • Designing sounds with Modulator
  • Creating sounds with Transposer and Velocity Processor
  • Creating riffs with Scripter and Note Repeater
  • What's next?

Taught by

Dot Bustelo

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