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MTA Database Fundamentals (98-364) Cert Prep: 2 Creating and Manipulating Data

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Learn all about getting data in and out of tables and databases, including assigning data types, creating tables, writing queries, and inserting and deleting records.


  • Welcome
  • Preparing for MTA Exam 98-364
  • Using the exercise files
  • Challenges explained
  • What you should know: Restoring your database backup
1. Defining Data Types
  • Understanding the built-in SQL Server data types
  • Using exact numeric data types
  • Using approximate numeric data types
  • Storing date and time values
  • Storing text as character strings
  • Understanding spatial data types
  • Working with binary strings and other data types
  • Converting data types in calculations
2. Understanding Tables and How to Create Them
  • Defining your data needs
  • Creating a table in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Creating a table using Transact-SQL commands
  • Applying data constraints and indexes in T-SQL
  • Using SSMS to create reusable scripts
  • Challenge: Writing T-SQL commands
  • Solution: Writing T-SQL commands
3. Using Queries to Select Data
  • Selecting records from the database
  • Combining multiple related tables with the JOIN clause
  • Combining conditions with AND and OR
  • Clarifying ranges with a BETWEEN clause
  • Specifying data you don't want with NOT
  • Sorting data with ORDER BY
  • Combining returns with the UNION clause
  • Using the EXCEPT and INTERSECT clauses
  • Using aggregate functions
  • Challenge: Making selections
  • Solution: Making selections
4. Working with Views
  • Understanding the role of SQL Server views
  • Creating a view in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Viewing related data from multiple tables
  • Defining a view using Transact-SQL commands
  • Challenge: Creating a view
  • Solution: Creating a view
5. Creating Stored Procedures and Functions
  • Understanding the role of stored procedures
  • Creating a stored procedure in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Leveraging user-defined parameters
  • Introducing user-defined functions
  • Creating a user-defined scalar function
6. Inserting and Updating Data in a Table
  • Using SSMS to insert data into a table
  • Inserting data using data manipulation language
  • Updating data in SSMS
  • Modifying data using the UPDATE clause
7. Removing Data from the Database
  • Deleting records in SSMS
  • Using the DELETE statement
  • Clearing out a table with TRUNCATE TABLE
  • Deleting a table with DROP TABLE
  • Understanding transactions
  • Next steps

Taught by

Adam Wilbert


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