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Photogrammetry for Product Design and AEC

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This course shows you how to create high-quality 3D scans for use in photogrammetry, using a regular camera and freely available software.

Photogrammetry is the process of creating a three-dimensional structure from a series of photographs. It harnesses computational power to align a series of 360-degree photos into a point cloud that can be used to create a mesh suitable for use in CAD software. In this course, instructor Chris Reilly shows you the fundamentals of photogrammetry, how to set up your photo session, how to photograph objects both large and small, and more. Chris walks you through how to choose a camera and lens and how to plan your photogrammetry captures. Next, Chris covers how to install Metashape photogrammetry software on your computer and how to import images. He steps you through how to align photo sets, generate dense point clouds, and build a polygon mesh in Metashape. Chris demonstrates several common post-processing operations that can help you get your best results and concludes by explaining how to export a watertight mesh in a format suitable for 3D printing.


  • Photogrammetry makes the physical world digital
  • Computer hardware requirements for photogrammetry
  • Photogrammetry software options
1. Photography for Photogrammetry
  • Choosing photography gear for photogrammetry
  • How to successfully plan your photogrammetry photo shoots
  • Choosing the best surface textures and shapes for photogrammetry Subjects
  • How to light for photogrammetry photography
  • How to set camera settings for photogrammetry
  • Background considerations for photogrammetry photography
  • Reasons why photos fail in photogrammetry
  • Preparing digital image files for photogrammetry
2. Basic Photogrammetry in Metashape
  • How to install Metashape photogrammetry software
  • Learning the Metashape interface
  • Understanding Metashape’s photogrammetry workflow
  • How to import photos into Metashape
  • How to save Metashape project files
  • How to automatically estimate image quality
  • How to align photo sets in Metashape with basic settings
  • How to align photo sets in Metashape with advanced settings
  • How to edit the bounding box in Metashape
  • How to generate dense point clouds in Metashape
  • How to build a polygon mesh in Metashape
  • How to build textures in Metashape
  • How to export models from Metashape projects
3. Advanced Photogrammetry in Metashape
  • Basic vs.advanced workflows in Metashape
  • How to calibrate a lens for photogrammetry in Metashape
  • How to use video files for photogrammetry in Metashape
  • Using masks to align turntable images in Metashape
  • Prealignment settings in Metashape
  • Optimizing cameras in Metashape
  • Dealing with failed photo alignments in metashape
  • Subaligning additional photos in Metashape
  • Inspecting alignment results in Metashape
  • Reducing overlap in Metashape photosets
  • Filtering dense cloud points by confidence in Metashape
  • Estimating model confidence with depth map mesh in Metashape
  • Color calibration and texture building in Metashape
4. Editing Photogrammetry Meshes
  • How to set mesh editing goals
  • Importing a mesh into Metashape for editing
  • Analyzing and repairing mesh topology in Metashape
  • Automatically removing isolated mesh fragments in Metashape
  • Manually selecting mesh faces in Metashape
  • Closing mesh holes in Metashape
  • Smoothing a mesh in Metashape
  • Decimating a mesh in Metashape
  • Exporting a photogrammetry model for 3D printing
  • Next steps

Taught by

Chris Reilly

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