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Real Estate Analysis Foundations

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Learn professional real estate analysis techniques to help guide your investments.

Build a toolkit of professional-grade real estate analysis techniques that will help you evaluate investment opportunities, portfolios, and returns. Analysis is the number one skill you need to master to succeed in the competitive and ever-changing field of real estate. Professional investor Symon He has trained thousands of students from hundreds of countries—proving the same techniques can be used worldwide. In this course, he provides four advanced, Excel-based investment models and shows how to use these free tools to analyze a variety of opportunities, from single-unit rentals to fix and flips to multi-unit apartments. He also explores the investment process, so you can see where analysis fits in, and discusses the three primary investment strategies. He includes advice on measuring your returns and factoring in the impact of debt financing, and reviews five real-world case studies that show how investment analysis can uncover priceless insights.


  • Introduction
1. Case Study #1: Follow-Along Analysis
  • Case study #1 overview
  • Why investment analysis?
  • Market research, part 1
  • Market research, part 2
  • Back of the envelope analysis
  • The rest of the course
2. Foundations: Investment Process
  • Investment process overview
  • Originations
  • Analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Financing and closing
  • Construction and rehab
  • Stabilization
  • Exit
  • Summary of investment process
3. Foundations: Investment Considerations
  • Investment considerations overview
  • External considerations
  • Property considerations
  • Deal considerations
  • Other considerations
  • Investment considerations summary
4. Foundations: Three Primary Investment Strategies
  • Investment strategies overview
  • Core investment strategy
  • Opportunistic investment strategy
  • Value-added investment strategy
  • Investment strategies summary
5. Foundations: How to Measure Returns
  • Intro to measures of returns
  • Discounted cash flow and the net present value (NPV)
  • Discount rate
  • Net present value exercise
  • Internal rate of return
  • Internal rate of return exercise
  • Cash multiple
  • Which measure to use?
  • Which measure to use? Part 2
  • The terminal value
  • Yields and cap rates
  • Summary of measures of return
6. Foundations: The Impact of Debt on Return
  • What is debt leverage?
  • Interest-only vs. amortized loans
  • The amortization calculator
  • How debt impacts investment returns
  • Impact of debt summary
7. Case Study #2: Advanced Rental Property Analysis
  • Intro to case studies
  • Single unit rental overview
  • Single unit rental key considerations
  • Single unit rental analysis, part 1
  • Single unit rental analysis, part 2
8. Case Study #3: Advanced Fix and Flip Analysis
  • Single fix and flip overview
  • Single fix and flip key considerations
  • Single fix and flip analysis, part 1
  • Single fix and flip analysis, part 2
9. Case Study #4: Multifamily Analysis
  • Multifamily example overview
  • Multifamily key considerations
  • Multifamily example 1: Fourplex apartment
  • Multifamily example 2: 196-unit apartment complex
10. Case Study #5: Multiple Properties Portfolio Analysis
  • Multiple properties example overview
  • Multiple properties key considerations
  • Multiple properties example
  • Congrats!

Taught by

Symon He

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