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Massively Multivariable Open Online Calculus Course

Ohio State University via Coursera

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M2O2C2 is an invitation to think carefully about how one thing changing affects something else. What is the "derivative" of a function of many variables? How can a curved object be approximated by a flat plane? What does the chain rule look like when many things are affecting many other things? How do we find an input which maximizes a function of many variables?

This is a first course in multivariable differential calculus, but along the way, we will also introduce a ton of linear algebra. The result is a course targeted at a student who has seen a bit of calculus and who is willing to learn about linear transformations and vectors; such a student will have the best possible vantage point from which to explore derivatives of functions of many variables.

All lectures and written instructional materials developed for this course by the Ohio State University are licensed under the Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit


This course is a first taste of multivariable calculus, but viewed through the lens of linear algebra. Introducing matrices (and linear transformations!) permits us to share a more coherent story about multivariable differential calculus.

Week 1: Multiple variables
Week 2: Limits and derivatives
Week 3: The chain rule
Week 4: Second derivative
Week 5: Optimization
Week 6: Higher derivatives

Taught by

Jim Fowler and Steve Gubkin


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  • Emanuel Boghiu
    It was a really interesting experience. At first I wasn't sure about the lack of video lectures, but I got used to it. Once you get over this barrier it proves to be an excellent course. It's very beautiful (latex is awesome) and exercises are integ…
  • Prof. Fowler made me opening my old university books on linear algebra once again after so many years!!! It was great, quite hard but great. I was really satisfied with myself having completed this course with distinction. It was also interesting for the new format of making lessons without videos and with intermediate examples in each section. Once again thanks Jim for making this course possible.
  • Profile image for Grzegorz Gwardys
    Grzegorz Gwardys
    There are no videos in place, where difficult concepts are introduced. There can be no image, while the discussed topic is a geometric one.
    I am amazed of above flattering opinions - there are plenty of comments with statements like: "I've just understood this, after watching [Khan Academy or other one]".

    Pros: good selection of topics, treating algebra and calculus as complementary subjects.
  • Francisco Javier Jiménez
  • Profile image for Woo Suk Lee
    Woo Suk Lee

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