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University of Leeds

Innovation Management: Winning in the Age of Disruption

University of Leeds via FutureLearn


Develop skills for successful strategic innovation

Not all organisations innovate and those that do often find it difficult to initiate, develop, and deliver consistently. But managing innovation is crucial in leading valuable change.

This two-week course from the Leeds University Business School will show you how to manage innovation by exploring how the world’s most successful businesses use systematic processes to harness its power.

Discover how to tackle the challenges of disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovation can fundamentally change entire industries so businesses need to have an innovation strategy in place to stay ahead of the competition.

You’ll look into how to embed a culture that fosters innovation in order to find opportunities and protect your core business, before you move on to explore strategies to manage disruption.

Explore open and collaborative innovation methods

Collaborating with external partners may sound daunting but it can allow you to solve a multitude of innovation problems and reach a common goal much quicker.

This course will guide you through the types of open innovation that can be utilised at various stages of innovative strategy to create different dynamics.

Learn the design thinking process to manage innovation

Design thinking (DT) allows teams to structure and manage ideation, development, and, ultimately, innovation. You’ll learn about the key elements and principles behind the design thinking process. You’ll also learn insights, hints and tips for practically applying design thinking from one of the world’s leading industry practitioners.

Discover how to protect your innovations

A crucial aspect of innovation management is protecting the intellectual property (IP) of your innovations. You’ll learn strategies to minimise the risk of IP infringement to gain a competitive advantage.

This course is designed for anyone with an active interest in innovation who is looking to improve their skills or help to deliver innovation in their organisation.

Whether you work in the public or private sector, in a start-up or an established multinational, this course will give you the skills to successfully generate and implement innovative ideas.


  • Challenges of innovation
    • Welcome
    • The challenges of innovation
    • Managing innovation in core business
    • Managing in the age of disruption
    • Q&A
    • Summary
  • Key capabilities of innovation
    • About Week 2
    • Open and collaborative innovation
    • Importance of design thinking
    • Protecting innovative ideas
    • Innovation Capability Assessment Framework
    • Summary


4.8 rating, based on 24 Class Central reviews

4.8 rating at FutureLearn based on 30 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    Incredible course, theory plus practical approach, that will be very useful and so interesting material: thanks
  • Anonymous
    The course provided a lot of information on Open Innovation, Design Thinking and on Intellectual Property Rights. It was a very fresh approach of collaborating with IBM. This provided a real life perspective instead of just theoretical ideas. The additional reading content were very helpful as well.
  • Anonymous
    The course gave a lot of insightful ideas on design thinking, open innovation, and IP management. The course is designed in a way that helps is applying these concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • Anonymous
    An interesting overview of the innovation process and the main tools modern managers can use to successfully lead change within their organization. Simple to read and filled with relevant information . A useful course for anyone intrested in strengthening his\her business competitiveness in today’s and tomorrow’s markets.
  • Profile image for Mohammed Hassan
    Mohammed Hassan
    It is a great program. It gives an insight into how to implement, develop and manage innovation in the organisation. Very interesting course, flexible and easy to learn.
  • Anonymous
    Very good course to know the innovation as a basic, including innovation type, and the video is very vivid. How to make the innovation happened also be introduced, like openness, design thinking and how to manage the innovation process, patent is very useful. The most important give you a tool to assess your organization innovation maturity level with the guidance which step you can start with.
  • Anonymous
    It was a good course, concise and informative, well-organised as well.

    It helped me figure out how to go on about leading innovation in my organisation and highlighted the areas that require improvement.

  • Anonymous
    This course is good opportunity to know more about the innovation and the age of disruption. The IBM case study is very useful and made it more hand on.
  • Meriem Bertouche
    A very good summary. Good content and format. I recommend as a starting point when looking at understanding innovation management and design thinking
  • Anonymous
    Great course which enables you to understand how big corporation's able to adapt and respond to changing work situations and environments.
  • Anonymous
    I am glad to know that this course really important to develop my understanding, especially in design thinking and how to manage it.

  • Viswakumar A
    The course is short, at the right level and gives a good enough introduction to Innovation Management. I found it useful
  • Anonymous
    I am an emergency physician curious about strategic innovation in healthcare and how we can use design thinking for ideation and developing solutions.

    I came on the course to gain knowledge and skills, which I did but then the context and contents surpassed my expectations.

    The faculty was brilliant, the videos were very insightful, the articles and additional reads were so good.

    I would recommend this course for anyone looking to keep ahead of the times and remain relevant in their sphere of influence.
  • Anonymous
    A great course, very thorough. It put forward very useful theories and has helped me think in a structured way about the challenges of innovation management in my own organisation.

    I would heartily recommend this course. It's at the right level, can be completed in two weeks of part-time study and fits in well with work.
  • Having finished my MBA 20 years ago I needed a refresher on theory and practice in the field of innovation. This course is a very nice short introduction to the newer trends. Moreover, there are many links to material which can be used to deepen some issues.
  • Anonymous
    This course is really amazing!

    I learnt a lot about :

    Design Thinking Basics

    IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights

    ICAF(Innovation Capabitlity Assessment Framework)

    Innovation Managment

    And so much

    I feel really grateful for taking this course!
  • Anonymous
    Clear and logical setting of course classification, very helpful to understand innovation management. Meanwhile, diversified forms of teaching (video, article) make it easy to comprehend knowledge as well.
  • Profile image for Othuke Uyeri
    Othuke Uyeri
    It was a well put together course that basically addresses innovation management.

    The facilitators used live examples to drive home the point in a simplistic manner.

    Thanks to the team.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent! I have learned a lot from this course and i highly recommend it for all people out there interested in innovation. Thanks to all the teachers and to the Leeds University.
  • Anonymous
    First of all ,my experience with future learn and Leeds college was excellent and I would like to thank specially to both professor Krsto Pandza and IBM Executive Tony Morgan.

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