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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Psychology of Personal Growth

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via edX


Want to learn about how you become who you are, but not sure where to kick off that journey? This is a fantastic course for you.

This course covers important factors influencing your personal growth (i.e., how you grow by exposing yourself to new experiences). We discuss personality and emotion, romantic and intimate relationships, as well as the interplay between culture and these factors on your growing up. In the course, we allude to the findings pertinent to the Chinese samples.


Module 1: Introduction to Psychological Adjustment
Module 2: Understanding Yourself
Module 3: Exploring Your Emotion
Module 4: Romantic Love and Culture
Module 5: Intimate Relationships

Taught by

Michelle YIK


4.5 rating, based on 72 Class Central reviews

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  • It was my first e-class. I was drawn by the terminology of the class to attend. Psychology of personal growth fits to all beacause as we grow we step on different points in life and we need to adapt our vision on matters that have a tremendous impact in our psychic cosmos. I expected something different (like how to adapt in situations) and not a lecture for romantic love but nevertheless I earned one or two things on the way. Thank you Mrs. Michelle Yik.
  • Anonymous
    This course was not about "Psychology of Personal Growth" in any way. So this course is completely misnamed! "Growth" is not really covered in this course. This course was mostly about personality types, relationships, emotions, and culture, especia…
  • Troyce Phillips Tollison
    I am 88 years old and have not taken a test in years.
    I thought, when I got beyond my freight, somewhat, that the Course was just what I was looking for.
    I am persuaded that seniors should take courses to prevent old age diseases. Yes! They make one feel alive and worth something. All is not lost.
    This course was most interesting and it proved a point of concern
    I made it!
    I am still alive and not old and senile. I am ready to take another next fall. I must play with my flowers this summer. I am a Poet also. I will have to give that some time also.

    Thanks for allowing me to take the course.

    I hope I passed.
  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed taking this course with professor MichelleYik. She explained all the concept in an excellent , professional and enthusiastic way.
    I learned a lot about the effect of cultures on our personal growth and on our understanding of the world around us. I was able to see the difference between the western culture and the Chinese one, and I tried all through the course to analyse my personal growth from different perspectives.
    What I liked the most is the analysis of Love, through the Sternberg Triangular Theory of love. It is really very interesting . Thank you Professor Michelle for this wonderful course. You mentioned in the conclusion that you will preparing more courses, I will be looking forward to that..
  • Anonymous
    I really appreciate the guidance of Professor Michelle. She was very clear. It was a very interesting topic and it made me reflect about romantic love. I didn´t give the course 5 stars because the title made me think it was about something different. Thanks a lot.
  • Godwin Richardson
    I am more than happy to take up a course in personal psychology to enhance in my personal upcoming of my life for I have missed alot since I was a child which was affected due to my environmental background .
  • Anonymous
    Loved the course both in terms of content and style of the teacher and presenter.
    The data presented was very interesting and it gave a lot of insight into chinese culture and differences in perspective across the globe. However perhaps the title should be slightly modified as how it is right now it is a bit misleading, at least for my and my western associations to personal growth. Perhaps that is interesting to look at too :)
  • Cecilia Jantjies
    It was my first e-class. I was drawn by the terminology of the class to attend. Psychology of personal growth fits to all beacause as we grow we step on different points in life and we need to adapt our vision on matters that have a tremendous impact in our psychic cosmos. I expected something different (like how to adapt in situations) and not a lecture for romantic love but nevertheless I earned one or two things on the way.
  • Anonymous
    This course helped me to understand more about love in Weston culture as I'm come from gulf culture where romantic love is not common and all marriages are prearranged marriages however, with the development the youth started to seek marriages that based on love not family choice
  • Anonymous
    I did not learn what I expected from the course, but what I did learn made it all worth it. It felt kinda slow in the beginning, but it's only because she needed to explain how psychologists study human behavior, which proved to be very interesting. A lot of it was comparing many characteristics of chinese culture with the western world which deepened my understanding. A varied curriculum and perfect pace, as well as supplementary material provided by the instructor and discussion topics and clarifications made it more engaging. Would recomend.
  • Anonymous
    I do appreciate the time , energy, consideration, and planning , expression, resources and for Michelle Yik, (Professor). Also for the lessons on Chinese culture, deepen my awareness.

    The course was an enlightenment, it was so close to home, I was afraid of the outcome but as I do my best, things I admire in others, and my self unfold in the lectures, that gives me clarity even from among other cultures I would say the course was an enlightening experience, uplifting, and meaningful, presentation was also an overview of what she shared as part of her culture .this should be respected, my opinion thank you.
  • Anonymous
    I expected it to be more focused on the psychological aspects of human on perception of growth, technicalities and mechanics of perceiving personal growth. Which factors govern the idea of personal growth or which improves the personal growth are not discussed. The course focuses more on the idea of emotion and more strongly on love. Courses is emphasized on Chinese culture, but instead of culture differences, I was more focused on learning the clinical aspects of psychology behind personal growth. Thank you.
  • Sohini Biswas
    It was a great session about psychological fact of own self.
    It's the initial stage of this ongoing course which enhancing learners interest in a high level. It's also helps to increase introductory knowledge about psychology, psychological facts .
  • Profile image for Rashi Rajput
    Rashi Rajput
    It was good over-all but become vague at some points .
    At later parts it was more oriented towards Chinese culture therefore it was not much easily related to the people of different countries and cultures. Also the course is finished now therefore some of assignments are not available.
  • Anonymous
    The course is useful as a part of psychology. I would advise it to those who considers psychology as his/her future. By completeting this course there is a better undertanding of the matter . once completing it up, it is easier to understand if you want to go forward with this science, is it interesting for you?
  • Anonymous
    I really liked this course, well organized, informative and educational. I would suggest this course to everyone who is interested in the topic of self-growth. Great course!
  • Anonymous
    I think that this was a very interesting course, covering many different aspects of human personality development. From my point of view, it would be even more interesting, if you could also teach about how to help other people to develop their personality/personal growth.
  • Profile image for Sabiha Miftah
    Sabiha Miftah
    It was very good courses. I just find out how develop my personality and others person personalities.
  • Anonymous
    the course is useful in understanding relationships be it personal, social or professional leading to introspection of your own self and thereby helping in personal growth.
  • Anonymous
    This course has taught me a lot about the culture in the Chinese community. I learned about emotion, love, and relationships in this course. I also learned that you can use the dictionary to look for words that can describe people, based on personality.

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