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University of Naples Federico II

Comprendere la filosofia

University of Naples Federico II via edX


Che cosa è la filosofia? Questo corso offre un racconto del pensiero filosofico attraverso quattro epoche da quella antica cosidetta della contemplazione a quella più recente.

Attraverso 12 tappe storico-teoriche sarai accompagnato in un viaggio nel sapere filosofico con la consapevolezza che, come ha scritto Pierre Bayle, non c’è setta filosofica, per quanto sconfitta e superata, che non sia pronta a ripresentarsi. E non c’è posizione teoretica, neppure il parmenidismo, che non possa ritrovare attualità addirittura mediatica. Il superamento storico non vuol dire “oblio”, né comporta mai un definitivo superamento teorico. Al massimo insegna che sbagliando si impara, o che altri imparano, e che nulla – nemmeno le dottrine che negano il divenire – ritorna mai come prima.

Understanding Philosophy

What is philosophy? This course explores the development of philosophical thought in four major stages, from antiquity to the present day. Your journey takes you to 12 stops, and each will serve to enhance your knowledge of philosophy, remembering, as Pierre Bayle said, that no philosophical sect is ever really defeated or surpassed and they are always poised to make a comeback.

Similarly, philosophical theories never lose their relevance, even Parmenides may find space in today’s media. New theoretical developments do not consign older theories to “the scrapheap of time”. Quite simply, the newer theories show us that we can learn from our mistakes, or our mistakes can inform others and that nothing - even doctrines that deny the idea of constant flux – ever returns completely unchanged.

Taught by

Maurizio Ferraris



4.9 rating, based on 22 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous
    Hi, l'm a chef and l love to learn more that l can, this course help me to talk with everyone, in the kitchen and in the floor, also l love history and this class talk a lot about the area of the Greek Empire ,
  • Anonymous
    very well done! the teacher is one of the most important italian philosopher and the federico II one of the most important italian university! I am italian and I completed a lot of moocs on edx about bioethic and this course is one of wich opens the mind very well to known better ethical aspetcs above all. knowledge is life salt!
  • Anonymous
    I started this course and find it to be very well done, thank to the expertise of the professor. I'm unfamiliar on this subject and I hope to be able to follow it and possibly others, in Italian or English language.
    I'm grateful for this opportunity to Edx and to the professor.
  • Anonymous
    The course was really interesting and I recommend it to anyone who wants to approach the world of philosophy and has never studied the subject before. I hope that later they will still do such courses
  • Anonymous
    following this course , the student gets a general overview of the discipline. The course is useful even for those that have already had some elementary corse in philosophy to systematize their knowledge
  • Profile image for Marina Barucci
    Marina Barucci
    Philosophy has the sense of creating in a world that continually changes, in the successive generations, in the mentalities that meet, the spirit of critical research, of vigilance and even of doubt.
  • Anonymous
    Very passionate course with it I had a rapid and complete vision of the mains courrents of philosphy.
    I think that I will retour to review this course as soon as possible. Many thanks.

  • The course is very interesting and informative. The teacher has excellent clarity of exposure. You do not get bored and you have the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of philosophy.
  • Anonymous
    ottimo, per una persona priva di conoscenze di filososofia è stata esperienza entusiasmante.
    suggerisco il corso di filosofia a tutti coloro che desiderano avvicinarsi a questa materia
  • Anonymous
    It was a really interesting course for learning the basis of Philosophy.. Federica WebLearning is a very useful site and provides a lot of important MOOCs regarding many topics..
  • Profile image for Maria Fadda
    Maria Fadda
    I could not complete it because of personal problems. I had to move to another place and the time at my disposal did not allow me to follow the lessons as I would have liked to.
  • Domingo Moragrega
    I think it is a very interesting course about de history of Philosophy based more on conceptual aspects rather than on linear chronological explanation.
    It was worth taking it.
  • Anonymous
    It was really interesting to listen the explication of many complexe philosofical concepts made easy in simple and clear words by the professor Ferraris. Thanks very much
  • Anonymous
    I appreciated in particular how the teacher was able to show the development trends of western philosopy, by comparing the different mindsets and historical periods
  • Salvatore Sola
    Le lezioni del professor Maurizio Ferraris rappresentano un affascinante viaggio nella storia del pensiero filosofico. Un corso molto interessante che apre la mente.
  • Anonymous
    very interesting course well taught and comprehensive. very interesting course well taught and comprehensive. very interesting course well taught and comprehensive.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent Professor, his lessons are clear and passionate. Philosophy will be more clear and interesting even for whom has never understood this discipline, like me.
  • Anonymous
    Ottimo corso di stimolo ad ulteriori approfondimenti. Interessante il modo in cui sono state sviluppate le lezioni. Utile come introduzione allo studio della filosofia.
  • Anonymous
    Il corso va bene così. L'insegnante è veramente preparato e coinvolgente. Riesce a presentare gli argomenti più importanti con semplicità e passionalità.
  • Anonymous
    Ottimo!!Avevo già dato un esame di filosofia per essere ammesso al corso di TEOLOGIA.Mi è servito anche per fare alcuni personali paragoni.

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