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Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning with MATLAB

MathWorks via Coursera


In this course, you will build on the skills learned in Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB and Data Processing and Feature Engineering with MATLAB to increase your ability to harness the power of MATLAB to analyze data relevant to the work you do. These skills are valuable for those who have domain knowledge and some exposure to computational tools, but no programming background. To be successful in this course, you should have some background in basic statistics (histograms, averages, standard deviation, curve fitting, interpolation) and have completed courses 1 through 2 of this specialization. By the end of this course, you will use MATLAB to identify the best machine learning model for obtaining answers from your data. You will prepare your data, train a predictive model, evaluate and improve your model, and understand how to get the most out of your models.


  • Creating Regression Models
    • In this module you'll apply the skills gained from the first two courses in the specialization on a new dataset. You'll be introduced to the Supervised Machine Learning Workflow and learn key terms. You'll end the module by creating and evaluating regression machine learning models.
  • Creating Classification Models
    • In this module you'll learn the basics of classification models. You'll train several types of classification models and evaluation the results.
  • Applying the Supervised Machine Learning Workflow
    • In this module you'll apply the complete supervised machine learning workflow. You'll use validation data inform model creation. You'll apply different feature selection techniques to reduce model complexity. You'll create ensemble models and optimize hyperparameters. At the end of the module, you'll apply these concepts to a final project.
  • Advanced Topics and Next Steps

Taught by

Michael Reardon, Maria Gavilan-Alfonso, Erin Byrne, Matt Rich, Brandon Armstrong, Adam Filion, Isaac Bruss, Nikola Trica, Brian Buechel, Heather Gorr, and Sam Jones


4.9 rating, based on 75 Class Central reviews

4.8 rating at Coursera based on 111 ratings

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  • Profile image for Theophilus Kwofie
    Theophilus Kwofie
    I had no experience with ML, but now I can boldly say that I can use ML to tackle real-world problems.
  • Magesh John
    The course offered by MATHWORKS provides an excellent entry into the vast and ever-growing field of data science. The course starts with how we can visualise and clean data for better analyses before introducing you to unsupervised learning. Followi…
  • Profile image for Masoud Fattahi Bandpey
    Masoud Fattahi Bandpey
    The 'Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning with MATLAB' course offered a comprehensive dive into the nuances of MATLAB's machine learning toolbox. The real-world applications illustrated helped bridge the gap between theory and practice.
    The instructors from MathWorks showcased a deep understanding of the subject, making even complex algorithms accessible for beginners.
    I particularly appreciated the hands-on exercises and MATLAB code walkthroughs, which solidified my grasp of the topics.
  • Anonymous
    Now that I can understand the ML workflow, the next step is to try to apply it to a real problem and focus on implementing the model.
  • Zahra Nozarijouybari
    Great course to interactively learn how to use Matlab Apps for Machine Learning Projects. Most of the assessments help to better understand the concepts and the pre-prepared live scripts and codes are very well-suited for getting one's hands into the work.
  • Anonymous
    Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning with MATLAB provides a clear and practical approach, making complex concepts easily understandable. While beginner-friendly, those seeking advanced methodologies might find it introductory.
  • Anonymous
    A thorough comprehension of various model types, quick dataset analysis skills, and the capacity to identify correlations between predictors were all offered by the certification. The lectures provided detailed instructions for using the MATLAB tools as well as several illustrations. Excellent tests are provided in the course to gauge students' comprehension of the subject matter. Additional scripts of functions are provided, which we can apply with our own datasets. It was a fantastic learning experience and provided a strong foundation for the application of machine learning. 
    Additionally, the instructors have all the necessary skills for the course and are very knowledgeable about it.

  • Profile image for Anupam Sharma
    Anupam Sharma
    It was one of the best course I took among many in search of proper course.
    I can say this course and specialization it belongs to is having potential to make you ready for being a more than beginner level data scientist and gives you strong foundation upon which you can excel in any role where data science and machine learning is utilized.
    I am big fan of Mathworks and MATLAB so if my review seems biased, "IT IS NOT."
    Try the course and I am sure you will not be afraid to implement ML next time.
    Just one thing - its will be good to have a 5/10 level programming skills before you start, and any language will do but OOPs concept should be somewhat you should be aware of.
  • Anonymous
    II highly recommend the "Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning using MATLAB" course to anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of machine learning techniques. Whether you're a beginner or looking to deepen your knowledge, this course provides a solid foundation and practical skills that are directly applicable to real-world projects. The investment in this course is undoubtedly worthwhile.
  • Anonymous
    The course showcased a thorough comprehension of diverse model varieties and efficiently examined the dataset. The tutorials presented elaborate guidelines on using MATLAB tools efficiently. The program is excellently structured and includes assessments to evaluate the learners' grasp of the content. It's highly beneficial for individuals who are novices in the field of machine learning.
  • Anonymous
    The course demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of different model types, quickly exploring the dataset. The tutorials provide detailed information on how to use MATLAB tools effectively. The course is very well designed and there are tests to measure the student's understanding of the material. It is very helpful to people who are new to machine learning.
  • Christina Jacob
    The course gave students a thorough understanding of the different types of models, allowed them to quickly explore the dataset, and showed them how predictors related to one another. The tutorials go into great detail on how to use MATLAB tools eff…
  • Anonymous
    Very informative and well made presentations. The topic is quite interesting but often difficult to follow at other coursers or material. In this one the chaoters are well thought and the knowledge is provided in an intuitive way accompanied with graphs and pictures. Really good job Mathworks!
  • Shibbir Ahmed
    This is one of the best courses I have taken on coursera. The course provides very clear examples, vivid visualisations, and rich videos to pinpoint the most important learning points. It gives access to Matlab online-which is really great to practice and learn faster.

    The trainers are true experts in their field.

    The course has great resources including very rich documentation.

    This course can work as a reference guide for anyone who aspires to be a good data scientist. It helps build solid foundation in complex concepts in data science and machine learning.

    Many thanks to the instructors of the course, and many thanks to MathWorks and coursera for such a great course!
  • Anonymous
    It is very helpful. I have lots of questions and confusions before having this Course for Machine learning which Helps me a lot to understands things and get started to my own Project.
  • Profile image for Ravi Chikkireddy
    Ravi Chikkireddy

    I was a very pleasant experience. I never thought using ML algorithms is this easy. Thanks for making the material so interactive and effective. I practiced a lot. Enjoyed it.
  • Anonymous
    Great course for understanding the Machine learning workflow. Clear description of different techniques and delivering vital concepts of machine learning workflow
  • Profile image for Saba Siddiqui
    Saba Siddiqui
    The course provided the deep and quick insight into the types of models, to explore the dataset, and to see relationship between predictors in a little time. The videos are detailed about using the MATLAB tools effectively. The course is very well designed and has quiz exercises to evaluate the students' concepts and learning. Scripts of functions are also provided which can be applicable to our own datasets. It was a great learning experience and provided the good starting point for implementing the machine learning.
  • Anonymous
    It was a really great and good course to learn about how should operate Matlab and a good description of its features.
  • Anonymous
    This course helped me a lot to understand concepts of ML and how to implement them using practical data.

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