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University of Leeds

Preparing to Learn Online at University

University of Leeds via FutureLearn


Improve your online study skills and get academic online learning tips

Learning online is very different from learning in an on-campus classroom and often involves independent study.

On this course, you will explore and learn about various different approaches to online learning.

You’ll develop practical skills that will enable you to become an effective online learner at a university level.

You’ll discover methods for collaborating and communicating online effectively and learn the best practice for conducting online research.

By the end of the course, you’ll have mastered the independent study skills and tools for online learning that work for you.

This course is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate university students who need advice and tips on how to take their university studies online.

Please note this course will run without facilitation.

Taught by

Neil Morris


4.7 rating, based on 14 reviews

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  • Anonymous
    Useful course. It did not feel like doing the course on my own in some ways because of being able to read another person's thoughts at the end of each page and add my own. I thought I knew the basics of how to write in an online chat, but I learnt a...
  • Anonymous
    The course is very practically and easy to follow. I strongly recommend this course for online learners or those who conduct online trainings.
  • Anonymous
    Very complete and useful. Fully recomended. It has all you need to think before starting studying online, and even presencially.
  • Razif Bin Mohd
    This course is very informative and helpful in many ways. From preparing mentally, learning what to expect and going about in resourcing the right apps to prepare oneself into the exploring the learning curve at the university level. Thank you for sharing.
  • Anonymous
    I found this short course to be really enjoyable. It is the first course I have undertaken on Future Learn and I hoped it would help prepare me for online learning, and ease me back into the studying environment after many years away.

    I found the mix of tools used within the course worked well, helped to keep it interesting and provided variety. There were articles, videos, interactive content and quizzes. The option to interact with other students on the course was good too.

    I've taken a lot away from it, and hope to employ what I have learned in the next courses I take.
  • Anonymous
    When I went into this course as part of my induction courses at UCL I thought that this course would not offer me much since online learning is something everyone knows about.

    But I was wrong and the course offered my way more than I had expected.

    It has a clear structure and one learns effective strategies in a concise manner.

    It was overall a good use of my time before starting my Masters.

    I would recommend it to anyone who has a major part of their study online.

    Some parts of this course also help in offline study as well.
  • Anonymous
    This course gives an understanding as to tools that will be needed when considering studying online. Many of the points covered could also be used in class based learning. The layout of the course was concise and easy to follow and the content was set out in such a way that it flowed very well. I would recommend this course as a basic starting point if considering learning online. While you may think you know what is involved this course will enlighten you to what is actually involved and how best to tackle what comes your way.
  • Anonymous
    This was a very helpful introduction to aspects of online learning. I thought the course was well structured with a good balance of information and exercises. I found the links to other resources particularly useful as several of them were unknown to me.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent materials to engage learners as well as introduction to critical writing skills. I have learned some key points in studying as a distance learner and I also learned better ways to search for academic journals.
  • Anonymous
    Awesome course to strengthen study skills, collaboration with team, and research skills. With the prevalent trend of learning and studying online, this is a great enhance course to begin prior to your formal study.
  • Ahmed Al Hilfi

    Ahmed Al Hilfi completed this course, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.

    Hi, my name is Ahmed , chief engineer and head of internal audit of quality department in basra oil company. Really I find this course full of beneficial information and a good guidance for every student or any researcher want to write an academic (scientific)research. furthermore and personally I find myself learned three big tips: description, analysis and conclusion.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This was well set out and had some pretty useful and interactive sections on working with others, using sources and applying critical thinking. However the lack of participation made it difficult to debate or discuss and it would have been nice if someone in charge of the course would have responded so it didn't feel like you were completely alone.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    i have never done before such a course. when i joined this course i get to know many more about online classes and how to maintain time for study and critical thinking. in this course different steps are given for vrious learnings. i suggest to all educators to go through this and learn more about online studies.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Great course!
    Invaluable for anyone interested in surfing the net for information.
    And particularly for everyone involved in research either at the preliminary level or at the higher one.
    As a PhD student, I must confess, I have learnt a lot from this course.

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