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University System of Maryland

Data Science and Agile Systems for Product Management

University System of Maryland and University of Maryland, College Park via edX


Modern systems today must be designed for agility in order to outpace the competition. Concepts like Agile, DevOps, and Data Science were once considered only for the technology-based companies. Today that means every company. Because there is no greater currency than timely information for optimizing operations and meeting the needs of customers.

Modern product management requires that every development and operations value stream is identified and continuously improved. This means using Lean and DevOps principles to streamline handoffs and information flows across teams. It means reorienting towards self-service and automation wherever possible. And to avoid incrementalism, it means a robust Agile development process to keep innovations important and aggressive enough to make noticeable improvements in value delivery.

Agile systems in a DevOps environment requires that products are built completely differently from a traditional designs. Modularity, open set architectures, and flexible data management paradigms are a starting point. The evolutionary nature of the product with so much change enables functionality, design, and technology to drive and influence each other simultaneously. And beneath it all is a data collection and feedback loop essential for anticipating and reacting to business needs both for operations and marketing.

Data science and analytics are the lifeblood of any product organization, and enable product managers to tackle risks early. Luckily, new technologies allow us to collect and integrate data without extreme upfront constraints and onerous controls. This means all data is fair game, and when tagged and stored properly, can be made available at nearly any scale for preparation, visualization, analysis, and modeling.

We’ll teach you the paradigms, processes, and introduce some key technologies that make the data-driven product organization the optimal competitor in the market.


Module 1: Agile Systems Engineering

Module 2: DevOps Principles for Business Agility

Module 3: Data Science for Product Risk Management

Module 4: Implementing Data-Driven Controls using Technology and Teams

Taught by

John Johnson


4.7 rating, based on 88 Class Central reviews

4.6 rating at edX based on 5 ratings

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  • This is my third course from University of MAryland on edX. First two were:
    1) Product Management Fundamentals
    2) Applied Scrum for Agile Project Management

    I found these course and especially this one very excellent course with helpful content and would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about product management.
  • Anonymous
    ata Science and Agile Systems for Product Management" is a comprehensive course that adeptly merges two crucial aspects of modern product development: data-driven decision-making and agile methodologies. This course provides an insightful exploratio…
  • Anonymous
    From the outset, the course impressed me with its well-structured modules and a curriculum that was thoughtfully designed to cover the key aspects of both data science and agile methodologies. The instructors demonstrated a deep understanding of the…
  • Anonymous
    Very good course for experienced subject matter experts or professionals to start exploring the product management field as well as many other concepts, like data science, Agile, DevOps and many others.

    References are great and opens the doors for deeper and/or wider knowledge and skill development.

    Documentation is great, comprehensive and acting as a reference for the major course concepts by itself.
  • Profile image for Omar Al-Wakil
    Omar Al-Wakil
    Very good course for experienced subject matter experts or professionals to start exploring the product management field as well as many other concepts, like data science, Agile, DevOps and many others.

    References are great and opens the doors for deeper and/or wider knowledge and skill development.

    Documentation is great, comprehensive and acting as a reference for the major course concepts by itself.
  • Profile image for Kimberly Howze
    Kimberly Howze
    I learned a lot and now realize many product methodologies/frameworks/principles originate from engineering and math programs. I now understand why having an engineering or math degree is so helpful to product managers, especially for growth product managers. So, this was a crash course in all the engineering or math stuff product managers use regularly. Great course.
  • Profile image for Aaron J. Mandel
    Aaron J. Mandel
    This course nearly-requires a bit of experience in the field but it is very well presented. The concepts seem straightforward until I reflect deeply on what I experienced in my team situations and compared it to the course content. Excellent tool for career growth here but this is not a click-through technical class as much as an ingestion / processing of the ideas.
  • Anonymous
    Great course, heavy content tying together many frameworks, methodologies, techniques, and approaches together. You truly get a sense of how these individual topics can be used in Product Management in the broadest sense possible. Plan on completing the Cert if Product Management.
  • Anonymous
    Amazing course, it's my first time learning Product Management and this course helped me learn Project Management, Data Science, and Agile Systems. The mic quality is too low and sometimes has errors and sounds weird but it's okay.
  • Profile image for MULEMA FAISAL
    These are the best in online courses that i have ever seen everything is detailed and free , everyone out there please come and join us here at Harvard University you will achieve everything , stop crying of tuition yet you can complete your dream course here thanks alot everyone and whoever came up with this idea thanks.
  • Anonymous
    Very informative and offers a lot of great material. The amount of information can get overwhelming at times, but I appreciated how they organized it all in an effort to make it easier to retain.
  • Anonymous
    This course has served as a refresher and has equipped me with new skills to excel in my project management career. I highly recommend this course to any aspiring product manager.
  • Stephanie Hamilton
    Excellent course packed with information. Brought together many resources and concepts. Really appreciate the case studies, experience and perspective. Thank you for the opportunity!
  • Anonymous
    This course provided a fantastic blend of data science fundamentals and agile methodologies, giving me a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage data in product management
  • Anonymous
    Excellent, excellent course. Super useful - how useful?I can use what I learned immediately at work tomorrow. Thank you for a great and impactful online learning experience!
  • Anonymous
    This course covers basic of Data science and Agile.
    It is good for aspiring Product Professional, mainly beginners.
  • Anonymous

    "Highly effective course integrating data science and agile for product management. Exceptional content!"
  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed the course, as it was great for all levels including beginners and those who are still in school and those who are working professionals. I think it was highly detailed and had great supporting materials. The quizzes were a good knowledge check as well as the final exam.
  • Sven Ludwig
    Good overview how Product Innovation and Customer Innovation are facilitated via Agile and Lean. The course also links all of this to Kanban, SCRUM, DevOps, even XP, while it also gives you an idea how all of this can be embedded into large multi-pr…
  • Anonymous
    The "Data Science and Agile Systems for Product Management" course is an excellent program that provides a comprehensive understanding of data science techniques and agile systems in product management. The course is well-structured, and the content is presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to follow along. The instructors are knowledgeable and engaging, offering practical insights and industry-relevant examples that help students grasp the concepts easily. The course also includes hands-on projects, which enable students to apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios. Overall, this is a great course for anyone looking to improve their data science skills and learn agile systems in product management.

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