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Beginner Electric Guitar Masterclass (2021 Update)

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Hello, and welcome to “Ultimate Beginner Rock Guitar Masterclass”!!!

Are you tired of going through YouTube only to find a bunch of unrelated videos?

Or you watch the lesson but NO TABS are included so you don´t know how to implement what you learned?

Maybe you´re just looking for a step-by-step program you can follow instead of trying to figure it all out on your own…

If this sounds like you, then you´re in the right place!!!

In this course, I take you by the hand and lay out a step-by-step curriculum, so all you have to do is follow the simple lessons and do it at YOUR pace.

We will learn all the techniques and how to implement them in a very structured way.

I also include drum tracks, downloadable tabs, video play-alongs in 2 speeds AND if you ever have questions, I´m personally here to answer them!

After joining this course you will…

• Play Really Fun Riffs Everyone Loves 
• Understand And Implement Flawless Technique 
• Read Tabs With Ease 
• Master The Guitar Fretboard 
• Understand And Implement Basic Music Theory 
• Learn To Play To Backing Tracks 
• Learn To Improvise 
• Understand And Implement The "Penatonic Scale" 
• Friends And Family Will Be Amazed 
• Learn Exercises That Will Sharpen Your Chord Transitioning And Strumming
• You will take a quantum leap by getting feedback from a teacher 
• You will finally get out of that playing RUT and feel excited again 
• You’ll move from “imitation” to “knowledge and realization” 
• You will enjoy a fresh feeling of discovery 
• You’ll learn new songs that will get your listeners attention 
• Your playing will get people to tap their feet 
• Your technique will feel EASY as if it is “gliding” you right through the songs 
• Your satisfaction will increase as the “light of knowledge” shines within you 
• You’ll be investing in your most valuable resource – YOURSELF!

If your ready to get serious on the guitar and make fast progress, this course is a must!!!

I have tested and refined this method on hundreds of real “one -on-one" students and I can't wait to help you too!

You´ll be provided a 42 page picture e-book as a special BONUS. This is my way of saying “thanks" for joining the course. The book alone is valued at $50,- and it will teach you how to master the guitar fretboard in the most simple and easy way possible!

This is a no-brainer, get in now and you will be happy you did :-)

To your success!

See ya on the inside :-)



  • Rock Masterclass skillshare
  • Welcome!
  • Getting started
  • 1 Guitar Language
  • 2 Guitar tuning
  • How to get a good rock tone
  • 1 Your first riff
  • 2 Introduction to tabs
  • 3 Come as you are
  • 4 Introduction to "powerchords" final
  • 5 First powerchord play along with drums
  • 6 Powerchords G to F 90BPM
  • 7 DDD DU 110 BPM
  • 8 Powerchords 3 10 8 95 BPM
  • 9 Powerchords 3 10 8 110 BPM
  • 10 Fifth string root note introduction
  • 11 Sixth to fifth string root note power chords
  • 12 Palm muting
  • 13 Naming power chords
  • Deeper look at TABS
  • 7 nation army
  • White stripes PA slow
  • White stripes 100 BPM
  • Back in b lesson
  • Back in black style PA
  • Cocain lesson
  • Cocain PA 90 BPM
  • Cocain PA 100 BPM
  • Eye of the tiger
  • Tiger slow
  • Tiger fast
  • Fly away lesson
  • Fly away slow
  • Fly away fast
  • Highway to hell
  • AC slow
  • AC fast
  • Smells like teen lesson
  • Smells like teen slow
  • Smells like teen fast
  • When I come arround lesson
  • Greenday PA 90BPM no PM
  • Greenday PA 100BPM no PM
  • Greenday PA 90BPM with PM
  • Greenday PA 100BPM with PM
  • Whole lotta love
  • Whole lot slow
  • Whole lot fast
  • ZZ Top lesson
  • ZZ top slow
  • ZZ top fast the real fast
  • Lick 1 lesson
  • Lick 1 PA
  • Lick 2 lesson
  • Lick 2 playalong
  • Lick 3 lesson
  • Lick 3 PA
  • Lick 4 lesson
  • Lick 4 PA
  • Lick 5 lesson
  • Lick 5 PA
  • Lick 6 lesson
  • Lick 6 PA
  • Lick 7 lesson
  • Lick 7 PA
  • Lick 8 lesson
  • Lick 8 PA
  • Lick 9 explanation
  • Lick 9 PA
  • Lick 10 lesson
  • Lick 10 PA
  • Practice routine intro
  • How to make best use of practice
  • Conclusion

Taught by

Henry Olsen


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