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Chinese in 9 Weeks | Introduction Course

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Want to learn Chinese quickly, effectively, and enjoyably?

We're so convinced you'll love our course so before you pay we're giving you this 2-hour introduction course free of charge.  Links to advanced courses in the last lecture.


Start learning Chinese with a completely new approach that will both make it fun and easy. In these two hours you will learn:   

- to read and even write simple stories completely in Chinese 

- to have a simple conversation – introducing yourself and a bit more 

- the basics of this language, so that you have something really solid to build on further 



Chinese is the most logical language there is and we hope to demonstrate to the world how to successfully navigate it. Through the ancient system of using pictograms, two words with separate meanings can join to form entirely new words. For example, learn the word for electricity (电), then add brain (脑) and you get a computer (electric-brain). Replace the brain with stairs (梯) and you get an elevator (electric-stairs). 话 means speech and 'electric-speech' means telephone. Chinese is a clearly structured, logical language, and it is this logic that makes the learning experience feel like a puzzle that anyone can solve. 


Our course offers a unique approach to learning Chinese, developed by learners for learners.

  • This is the best way to learn Chinese, with hundreds of hours of video, which incorporate short, concise tutorials and real-life situations to clearly explain Chinese and demonstrate how to use Mandarin Chinese correctly in everyday life.
  • Join thousands of students who have successfully learned to read, write, speak, and communicate fluently in Mandarin Chinese.
  • As students progress through the our courses, their language skills improve quickly by applying, connecting, and building upon their newly acquired language skills.
  • After completing the beginner's Chinese course you’ll have a strong foundation in reading, writing, speaking, and communicating in Chinese upon which to build and improve.
  • With our course, you’ll also experience China’s fascinating culture through real-world videos from the streets of China. These videos provide valuable insights into China's language, people, history, and rich culture, supporting students’ language development and providing them a window to the world of 21st Century China.

Our Story

  • I started working on this course already in 2014, since I was a learner myself who had struggled to learn Mandarin Chinese the conventional way. Together with Chinese experts, we built and developed a unique course that is clearly structured with a ‘building block methodology’, providing insights, explanations, and learning tips to help students to quickly learn and understand Chinese, and easily remember Chinese characters.

So whether you wish to learn Chinese for travel, work, business, study or simply to make friends and gain new experiences, this is the perfect course for you!

Join the course now … every hour you delay is costing you money 

Felix Lattman 


  • Your Chinese Journey Starts Here
  • How to optimise your learning
  • Lesson 1 - Begins now
  • A beautiful Chinese girl
  • Our new friend: Pinyin
  • How to type in Chinese
  • Chinese slang
  • Feeling of xiexie-tude
  • How to compose characters
  • Eating food in Chinese
  • How to learn new characters - 日
  • Learning is building
  • Lesson 1 Summary
  • Lesson 2 | Secrets behind characters
  • Tonal introductions
  • Identifying
  • 白白
  • Bright day
  • Similar characters
  • Idea parts
  • Chinese tricks
  • Let's go shopping!
  • Haha, real humor
  • Tonal introductions
  • Canoodle
  • We're going down!
  • Number 3
  • We're rolling in a coaster
  • Jump on the third
  • The angry tone
  • What, what, what
  • Tonal philosophy
  • Chinese money
  • Sooo white
  • Everyone's website
  • Gates for the people
  • Lesson 2 | Summary
  • Lesson 3 | Countries and Wangs
  • A stick
  • Borrowing sticks
  • Wang, our king
  • A protective king
  • Such a beautiful country
  • MMMMMerica feck ya!
  • A heroic country
  • 国王 or 王国
  • The middle country
  • Country + person
  • We exist through the sun
  • Chinglish
  • ‘I’ for information
  • Watch your hand
  • Push/Pull
  • Nailing things
  • 拜拜
  • Lesson 3 | Summary
  • Lesson 4 | Questions and answers
  • Felix the ninja warrior
  • I'm English!
  • So violent
  • Real life (afk) dialogues
  • You’re welcome very much
  • Shakespeare questions
  • Ann is so Chinese
  • Carefully asking
  • Caveman-like language? No offense intended.
  • Babies don’t want to do with Felix
  • Chocolate anyone?
  • Chinese coffee
  • We should all bang each other
  • Thank you so far.
  • Lesson 4 Summary
  • Story Time | Chapter 1

Taught by

Felix Lättman


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