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Electric Circuits - Basics of Electrical Engineering

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Start Understanding and Solving basic Electric Circuits easily and confidently!

If you are looking for a course that will help with your understanding of Electric Circuits and basic Electrical Engineering concepts, this course is for you.

Electric Circuit are the fundamental building blocks of all Electrical and Electronic Systems, and you definitely need a solid understanding of these concepts to advance in anything Electrical in nature. This course is the best way to jump right in and start understanding/solving Electric Circuits confidently, like never before.

This course will cover everything you need to know about Electric Circuits:

  • The SI Units and Electric Quantities

  • Electric Circuits and Circuit Analysis

  • Passive Sign Convention

  • Power And Energy

  • Independent and Dependent Sources

  • Ohm's Law

  • Kirchoff's Current & Voltage Laws

  • Power Calculations

  • Nodes, Branches, Loops and Meshes

  • Series and Parallel Connections

  • Solving Circuits with Dependent Sources

  • Solving Linear Equations for Electric Circuits

  • So much more!

By the end of this course, your confidence in dealing with Electric Circuits will soar. You'll have a thorough understanding of how to solve basic Electric Circuits.

Go ahead and enroll in the course, see you in lesson 1 :)


  • Introduction
  • 101 Chapter objectives
  • 102 SI Basic Units
  • 103 Derived Units in SI
  • 104 Prefixes for Powers of 10
  • 105 Difinition of Voltage FET
  • 106 Difinition of Current MET
  • 107 Ideal Basic Circuit Element MET
  • 108 Passive Sign Convention MET
  • 109 Power and Energy MET
  • 110 The Power Equation MET
  • 111 The Algebraic Sign of Power MET
  • 112 EXAMPLE Algebraic Sign of Power MET
  • 201 Introduction and Objectives MET ResisterSpellings
  • 202 Voltage and Current Sources MET
  • 203 Independent and Dependent Sources MET
  • 204 Circuit Symbols for Dependent Sources MET
  • 205 Electric Resistance b
  • 206 Ohm's Law b
  • 207 Power in a Resistor b
  • 208 EXAMPLE of Power Calculations b
  • 209 What exactly are Electric Circuits
  • 210 What is Circuit Analysis
  • 211 What are Branches in a Circuit
  • 212 Nodes in a Circuit
  • 213 What is a Reference Node (or Datum Node)
  • 214 EXAMPLE of a Reference Node
  • 215 What are Loops and Meshes
  • 216 All about Series and Parallel Connections
  • 217 Example of Series and Parallel Connections
  • 218 EXAMPLE
  • 219 Introduction to Kirchoff's Laws
  • 220 Kirchoff's Current Law (KCL)
  • 221 EXAMPLE of KCL
  • 222 Other forms of KCL
  • 223 Kirchoff's Voltage Law (KVL)
  • 224 EXAMPLE of KVL
  • 225 Other forms of KVL
  • 226 EXAMPLE of using Ohm's and Kirchoff's Laws to Solve Circuits
  • 227 Circuits Containing Dependent Sources
  • 228 EXAMPLE 2 of Circuits Containing Dependent Sources
  • 302 Resistors in Series
  • 303 Resistors in Parallel
  • 304 EXAMPLE of Series and Parallel Resistors
  • 305 Voltage Divider Circuit
  • 306 Effect of Load and Tolerance in Voltage Dividers
  • 307 EXAMPLE of Resistance Tolerances in Voltage Dividers

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