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How to Quickly Cure Workout Procrastination & Stay Motivated All Year Long

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Hi, I'm Bryan.

Inside this class I’ll teach you how to quickly cure workout procrastination and how to stay motivated all year long - even when you are tired, exhausted and stressed out after a 12 hour day at work.

This program consists of 10 video sessions and 2 exercises, and has the single purpose of YOU beating your workout procrastination and staying motivated & sticking to your workout plan until you reach your fitness goals.

Here's what you'll learn inside this course:

  • You'll learn why it’s NOT your fault you’re not motivated to exercise. HINT: Most motivational techniques today are sorely OUTDATED..
  • How to “just do it” and forever cure workout procrastination by using a simple but effective “5-minute rule” - you’re absolutely going to love this one!
  • What to do when you feel too lazy to work out & how to use that laziness to your advantage
  • How to easily find the energy & get yourself to exercise when you feel tired, exhausted and stressed out after a long day at work
  • How to consistently, day-after-day, find at least an hour a day to exercise - even when your day is already packed with too many to-do things like household chores, work and taking care of kids
  • How to build an easy and effortless workout routine that helps you stay motivated and consistent even when you lack energy & willpower
  • How to stay persistent like an Olympic athlete and how to easily stay disciplined and motivated to work out all year long without needing tons of willpower or determination
  • How to get yourself to exercise when you’re out of shape and when doing even a short 15 minute exercise session feels like climbing Mount Everest
  • And how to not give up and stick to your exercise plan when you get discouraged by lack of results

Here's the thing. This training includes the very best ideas, techniques and tools for curing procrastination and lack of willpower and energy.. that I’ve learned and developed in the last 9 years.

And most importantly - this course works. As it has for more than 3000 people just like you.

I can practically guarantee that if you go through this course, and if you do all the exercises that I'll give you, that you WILL beat your workout procrastination and you WILL stick to your workout routine. 100%.

Honestly, I haven't met a single healthy person who's gone through this course, has done all the exercises and has implemented what I am going to teach you, who hasn't stuck with his workout routine. None. Zero. Nada.

Why? Because this course simply works.

You know, if you find it hard to get yourself to exercise, or if you find yourself giving up after just a few weeks or even days.., and if you simply can’t find the time and energy to work out after an exhausting day at the office, then this class is for you.

Also, if you want to finally get & stay healthy, if you want to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and in the clothes you’re wearing, and if you’re not happy with the shape and weight of your body, and if you want to look better and hotter and if you want to finally wear summer clothes with confidence, and finally love your body and yourself, then this course is definitely made for you.

You see, we need to get serious and we need to get organized if we want to get in shape and lose that weight.. and to finally get healthy, to look and feel better in our own skin, to feel happy with the shape and weight of our body, and to feel confident, happy and to love ourselves more.

And let's do this together.

Go ahead and watch the introduction, come back for session number one: ''Why We Procrastinate and the 3 Brains'', and do ALL the exercises that I'll give you.

I promise, it will make a huge difference in your life.

Alright, see you inside.



  • Intro
  • Welcome & Orientation
  • Why We Procrastinate And The 3 Brains
  • Willpower - The Secret to Motivation
  • The Power of 5-Minute Workouts
  • Mini Workouts And What To Do When You Feel Heavy Resistance
  • Your 5-Minute Workout
  • What To Do When You Feel Resistance To Do More
  • The Key to Long Term Motivation
  • Final Words On Your Workout Journey
  • BONUS: How to Make Success Inevitable
  • Q Invitation

Taught by

Bryan Anze Bolt


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