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Learn Spanish-Learn Hundreds Of Spanish Words Effortlessly In Minutes! (Part 1)

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Absolutely amazing great lessons great teacher ...brilliant opened my eyes to somethings would suit someone with no knowledge of Spanish"   5 STARS

"Course is well produced, easy to understand and follow. The instructor gives clear and concise explanations with a very cheerful and encouraging voice. The videos and sound are excellent quality and a joy to listen to." J.B.    5 STARS

!Highly entertaining and enjoyable course, money well spent!" D.H.   5 STARS


If you don't know what that means you have come to the right place!

It means welcome in Spanish and I want to welcome you to my fun and easy Spanish course. Yes, you read that correctly-both fun and easy and yes it is not a typo-you will learn hundreds, if not thousands of Spanish words in under 1 hour! Effortlessly!

If you are like me, learning a language can be so dry and boring. I have seen so many books and courses that have put me to sleep within an hour or if I have somehow still managed to remain awake I have all but completely switched off. Did someone say sub-conjunctive-infinitive-something? Zzzzz......

Come with me on a fun ride to lean the Spanish language. I am going to show you just how easy it is to learn this language without having to learn long vocabulary lists, dry and boring conjugation routines and...did someone say conjugation? Zzzzzz...

I will have you speaking Spanish phrases with effortless ease!

As you will see, learning a new language does not have to be boring so let's get going- wouldn't you want to be able to know thousands of words in Spanish in less than 1 hour without having to memorize them?

Come on! 

Let's go for it!

I promise you it really will be fun, interesting and above all- easy!


  • Welcome!
  • Some Tips before We Get Started
  • Stresses and Accents-Don't Stress Out. It Is Easy
  • The Stress Quiz
  • You are about to learn 2,000 Spanish Words In Less Than 10 Minutes!
  • ¿Were You Paying Atención?
  • Let's Keep You Vocabulary Learning Mode In Full Speed!
  • ¿Were You Paying Atención?
  • Numbers and Months- Números y Meses
  • We Are Flying Along! Let's Add more Words To Your Spanish Vocabulary
  • ¿Were You Paying Atención?
  • Dare We Add Some More?
  • ¿Were You Paying Atención?
  • Did I hear You Say More? Well, OK Then..Let's Go For it.
  • ¿Were You Paying Atención?
  • This Is Easy Isn't It!
  • Y Mas Palabras!
  • Why Not! Mas Palabras!
  • Did You Ever Think It Could Be This Easy To Learn Spanish Words?
  • Sure! Let's Learn Mas Vocabulario!
  • Definitivamente! Mas Palabras!
  • Fabuloso!-What An Incredible Vocabulario You Have Already!
  • Es Posible! Excelente!
  • Let's Stay Positivo! You Are Doing Great!
  • It's Surprise Time!
  • Recap Time!
  • Conversación Time!
  • Let's Get Chatting
  • ¿Que Quiere? Let's Keep Motoring Along..We Are Doing Great!
  • This Lecture We Take a Huge Step Forward Again!
  • Can You? Yes You Can! Let's Bring On More Handy Phrases To Use
  • Is It A He Or A She?
  • I Have To And You Have To...
  • I Am Going To And You Are Going To..
  • Word practice

Taught by

Mark Perren-Jones


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