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Mobile Development - The Complete iOS Developer Course ✅

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The Complete iOS Developer has just one goal - to turn you into the best developer, freelancer and entrepreneur that you can possibly be!

This course will show you how to code properly whilst developing your own app ideas and turning those into monetisable products.

You will also learn what it takes to create an app startup from industry veterans.

On completion of this course you will be a well rounded iOS 11 developer with limitless options in an increasing technology dependent world.


A quick preview of everything you'll get:

  • Understand the app creation process, from graphic design to coding
  • Get a project based approach to make sure you never get bored!
  • Calculator apps to understand basic code
  • Converter apps to get a bit more complex
  • Making GPS map apps to understand location
  • Making ticking clock apps to understand timers
  • Transcription apps via Siri services
  • RESTful API and JSON apps (web services and data retrieval)
  • Firebase apps (Google cloud database)
  • WhatsApp clones with realtime data delivery
  • Fancy animations to WOW users
  • Creating compelling apps
  • How to start your own startup from idea. From financing to selling.

And tonnes more!

Realistic options for you to pursue following this course

  • Six figure salaried developer
  • Freelancer earning between $60 - $120 per hour
  • Successful startup founder with unlimited earning potential 

Other students on this course have been sending me wonderful messages about how it helped them:

" Hi Grant, I managed to land the fabled 6 figure developer job yesterday thanks to your course. In the interview they asked me complicated questions and luckily you'd explained the majority of those during the course. Thanks so much! "

Why you should learn from me

I started out life as a dance instructor knowing nothing about programming! Looking back on the dozens of app projects I've worked on, it's hard for even me to believe I could make it this far with Fortune 500 companies paying me as a consultant!

The fact that I didn't start out as a programmer means that I actually remember what it's like to be a beginner. I remember teachers throwing useless jargon at me and you know what? It sucked! That's why I try my utmost to explain everything int his course in plain English. I want to make the learning experience easy for you!

The final reason why you should take this course

In Silicon valley, venture capitalists talk about return on investment a lot. A good return, averaged over all their assets, is something like 10%. Imagine if you could have a return over 1,000% percent?

Well that's what you get when you invest the price of a few coffees in this course. Your knowledge will be immeasurably increased and you'll have the keys to a new career as a valued iOS 11 app developer or maybe even the owner of a successful startup!

You are your biggest asset. Invest in yourself and take this course today!

-----Important before you start-----

Assets for the Calculator Project in module 6 can be downloaded here: Calculator Assets


  • M1 1 Introduction
  • M1 2 How to Get The Most From This Course
  • M1 3 What this Course Is and Isn't
  • M2 1 Introduction to Setup
  • M2 2 How to Set Up Xcode 9 Swift 4 and the iOS 11 Simulators
  • M2 3 How to Install iOS 11 Beta on your iPhone or iPad
  • M3 1 Basic Swift 4 Introduction
  • M3 2 How to Use a Playground in Swift 4
  • M3 3 Variables in Swift 4
  • M3 4 Collections Arrays in Swift 4
  • M3 5 Collections Sets in Swift 4
  • M3 6 Collections Dictionaries in Swift 4
  • M3 7 Logic in Swift 4 If Else and Switch Case
  • M3 8 Round and Round Loops in Swift 4
  • M3 9 Functions in Swift 4
  • M3 10 Optionals in Swift 4
  • M3 11 Classes and Objects in Swift 4
  • M3 12 Inheritance in Swift 4
  • M3 13 Summary of Basic Swift 4
  • M4 1 Introduction to Your First iOS 11 App
  • M4 2 Astronomy Screen Torch Storyboards
  • M4 3 Astronomy Screen Torch View Controller Code
  • M4 4 Astronomy Screen Torch Buttons and Outlets
  • M4 5 Astronomy Screen Torch Storyboard Element Positioning
  • M4 6 Astronomy Screen Torch Assignment
  • M4 7 Astronomy Screen Torch Solution
  • M4 8 Summary of Your First iOS App
  • M5 1 Introduction
  • M5 2 Making the Main Screen of Temperature Converter
  • M5 3 Connecting Main Screen to Code
  • M5 4 Writing the Main Code
  • M5 5 Homework
  • M5 6 Solution
  • M5 7 Summary of Temperature Converter App
  • M6 1 Introduction to Your App Idea
  • M6 2 What do People Need or REALLY Want?
  • M6 3 Your Idea on Paper
  • M7 1 Introduction to Calculator
  • M7 2 Making the Calculator Screen Images, Image Sets and Buttons
  • M7 3 Making the Calculator Screen Stacks and Constraints
  • M7 4 Making the Calculator Screen Copy Copy Copy!
  • M7 5 Connecting Graphics to Code The Easy Way!
  • M7 6 Storing Things With Enums
  • M7 7 Writing the Main Logic of Our Calculator App
  • M7 8 Writing the Main Logic of Our Calculator App Part 2
  • M7 9 Calculator Homework
  • M7 10 Calculator Solution
  • M7 11 Summary of Calculator
  • M8 1 Back to the Future Introduction
  • M8 2 Back to the Future Tabbed Apps Explained
  • M8 3 Back to the Future Layout Tab Bars and Icons!
  • M8 4 Back to the Future Layout Storyboards
  • M8 5 Back to the Future Code Showing the Year
  • M8 6 Back to the Future Code A Ticking Clock
  • M8 7 Back to the Future Time Travel Storyboards
  • M8 8 Back to the Future time Travel Code
  • M8 9 Back to the Future Time travel Animations
  • M8 10 Back to the Future Homework
  • M8 11 Back to the Future Solution
  • M8 12 Summary of Back to the Future App
  • M9 1 Greek Gods Introduction
  • M9 2 What is a Scrolling List? Explained with Lego!
  • M9 3 Creating Greek Gods Storyboards and Table Views
  • M9 4 Greek Gods Reuse Identifiers, Highlighting Cell Sections and Data
  • M9 5 Table View and View Controller Navigation
  • M9 6 Passing Data Between Table Views and View Controllers
  • M9 7 Creating the God Detail Screen Image Views
  • M9 8 Greek Gods Homework and Solution in One!
  • M9 9 Greek Gods Summary
  • M10 1 WHere Was I? Introduction
  • M10 2 Showing a Map with Apple Maps And Frameworks
  • M10 3 Info
  • M10 4 Asking for Permission and Showing a Location
  • M10 5 Getting Location Coordinates
  • M10 6 Saving Location Coordinates with UserDefaults
  • M10 7 Showing Last Location with a Pin Annotation
  • M10 8 Where Was I Homework 1 and Solution
  • M10 9 Where Was I HARD Homework and Solution
  • M10 10 Where Was I? Summary
  • M11 1 Introduction to Will I burn
  • M11 2 What Are Restful Services?
  • M11 3 What is JSON?
  • M11 5 Choosing the Weather API
  • M11 6 Creating the App and Asking for Permissions
  • M11 7 Designing Your App Around a Custom Font
  • M11 8 Alowing the User to Pick a Skin Type
  • M11 9 Alowing the User to Pick a Skin Type Part 2 Storage
  • M11 10 Using Cocoapods to Install a Module for RESTful Services
  • M11 11 How to Retrieve Data from an API in an iOS App
  • M11 12 How to Parse JSON Data with Swift
  • M11 13 Homework Let Me Know! (And Solution)
  • M11 14 Calculating Burn Time
  • M11 15 Creating User Notifications Locally
  • M11 16 Summary of Will I Burn
  • M12 1 Introduction to Cha Chat A Whatsapp Clone
  • M12 2 How to Setup Firebase on the Web
  • M12 3 Setting up the App and Installing Firebase with Cocoapods
  • M12 4 Firebase Registration and Login Component Design for Logging In
  • M12 5 Firebase Registration and Login Component Code for Logging In
  • M12 6 Firebase Registration and Login Component Code for Registering a New User
  • M12 7 Firebase Registration and Login Homework and Solution
  • M12 8 Setting up a Table View to Show Firebase Message Data
  • M12 9 Moving a View up or Down when a Keyboard is Shown
  • M12 10 Sending and Receiving Data to and From a Firebase Database
  • M12 11 Firebase Cha Chat Homework and Solution
  • M12 12 Cha Chat Summary
  • M13 1 Introduction to Transcriber App
  • M13 2 Setting up Tabs Navigation Permissions and Core Data
  • M13 3 Checking Existing Permissions and Requesting Permissions for Microphone and Speech
  • M13 4 Setting up Recording from the Microphone Document Directories and View Controllers
  • M13 5 Recording Audio from the Microphone
  • M13 6 Transcriber Homework and Solution 1
  • M13 7 How to Playback Local Audio Files on iOS
  • M13 8 How to Implement Audio Transcription on iOS
  • M13 9 How to Save Text Files on iOS
  • M13 10 Initialising and Saving Core Data in iOS
  • M13 11 Retrieving Data from Core Data and Showing it in a TableView
  • M13 12 EPIC Homework with NO ANSWERS!
  • M13 13 Summary of Transcriber App

Taught by

Grant Klimaytys


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