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The Complete Jazz Theory Course - Jazz Chords/Scales and more

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Learn how jazz chords are formed, which notes/scales to use for your improvisation/solo, understand the relationship between scales and chords, learn reharmonization techniques and much more.

Topics covered in this class:

-Adding notes to chords

-Major scale harmony

-Melodic minor scale harmony

-Diminished scale harmony

-Whole tone scale harmony

-Other scales (pentatonic, blues, bebop, playing outside)

-Slash chords

-Basics of reharmonization


  • Introduction video
  • Quick reminders: Intervals
  • Quick reminders: Chords (dominant 7th, minor 7th, major 7th, (half) diminished
  • Adding notes to chords Introduction
  • Adding notes to 7th chords
  • Adding notes to dominant 7th chords
  • Adding notes to minor 7th chords
  • Adding notes to major 7th chords
  • Adding more than 1 note/The altered chord
  • Summary section 1
  • Major scale theory I
  • Major scale theory II
  • Major scale theory III
  • The 2 5 1 progression
  • Other common chord progressions
  • Examples of chord progressions
  • Playing over the 2 5 1 progression Avoid notes
  • Playing over the other modes
  • Phrygian and sus chords
  • Tritone substitution
  • Summary section 2
  • Natural minor Harmonic minor Melodic minor
  • Melodic minor theory Introduction
  • Melodic minor harmony 1st mode
  • Melodic minor harmony 2nd mode
  • Melodic minor harmony 3rd mode
  • Melodic minor harmony 4th mode
  • Melodic minor harmony 5th mode
  • Melodic minor harmony 6th mode
  • Melodic minor harmony 7th mode
  • Characteristics of melodic minor chords
  • The minor 2 5 1 progression
  • Think key not chord
  • Summary section 3
  • Diminished scales
  • Half step whole step V7b9 chord
  • Whole step half step diminished chord
  • Summary section 4
  • The whole tone scale
  • Summary section 5
  • The pentatonic scale
  • The blues scale
  • The bebop scales
  • Playing outside
  • Summary section 6
  • Slash chords
  • Scales on slash chords
  • Some more on slash chords
  • Summary section 7
  • Reharmonization Introduction
  • Reharmonizing minor 7th chords
  • Reharmonizing V chords
  • Reharmonizing I chords
  • Summary section 8

Taught by

Martin Cohen

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