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The ultimate guide to the Affinity Suite- Desktop photo, ipad designer and ipad photo

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Master the Affinity programs for Photo, and the mobile versions of Designer and Photo by making Advertisement layouts, thumbnails, movie posters, T shirt mock ups and more….

Are you ready to learn the entire suite of Affinity products and up your design game? This course guides through learning the many tools in Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer for the ipad and Affinity Photo for the ipad

In Affinity photo, we will build 3 popular advertisements using the Affinity Photo program, as well as 3 separate Youtube thumbnails….an essential skill for any creator using the software. Lastly we will be building a complete movie poster using custom made brushes you learn everything you need to build the poster.

Lastly, Jeremey Hazel will cover the mobile Affinity apps - Both Designer and Photo where you will build out a complete Tshirt mock-up for use in multiple projects. We will show you how to do a digital illustration in both vector and pixel personas. In photo we will take an image and create a cohesive themed portfolio for placement and display on instagram

If you are looking to learn affinity DESIGNER , this course is co-taught by Lindsay Marsh Click here to jump right to her course and get started and  will work through all of the major tools and work on an engaging downloadable tracing worksheet, so you can master that pen tool, shapes tool and create a series of icons in your very first hour! We then conquer a bright and colorful logo design as we work with typography and learn how gradients work. Next, we will focus on layout design as we create a front and back of a business card. Want to create a cool type only poster? We will do this and learn how to work with layers and textures. Lastly, we will create a practical tri-fold brochure and learn how to prepare and export files for print.

There is even a section where you learn the Pixel persona option in Affinity designer and create brushes that help you build a complete Sci-fi space scene like you would find in a professionally illustrated children’s book.

In Affinity Publisher, Lindsay Marsh will teach you a wide variety of tools like master pages, character styles, photo frames and how to work with large blocks of copy and content to create a beautifully styled front cover of a cookbook and several inside spreads. We will talk about exporting both digital and print files.

This class is HUGE! With well over 6+ hours of video content, downloadable project files, software instruction and practical fun projects, Both Lindsay and I are both proud to present this course to you today. Not only will you learn and feel comfortable with all of the software taught in this course you will also be able to create a wide variety of awesome practical projects. I will see you in the first lesson of the course!


  • Course instruction and overview
  • The basics of the Affinity Photo interface
  • Basic cropping in Affinity Photo
  • The basics of Layers- and the 5 types
  • What is a pixel Image
  • Clipping masks and effects
  • Masking for complete Beginners
  • Endless Summer Part 1
  • Endless Summer Part 2
  • Endless Summer Part 3
  • Wander image part 1
  • Wander image part 2
  • Wander Image part 3
  • Making your first pixel tear brushh
  • making your second pixel tear brush
  • Laying out the images for the clown project
  • Adding lighting and finishing the paper effect
  • Adding text and finishing the image
  • The creative Youtube thumbnail- Setting up the template
  • The creative Youtube thumbnail- Applying the effect
  • The creative Youtube thumbnail- Adding text and finishing
  • The professional Youtube thumbnail- Working with raw files
  • The professional Youtube thumbnail- Adding background
  • The informational Youtube background- Laying out the image
  • The informational Youtube background- Warping image
  • The informational Youtube background- Finishing the image
  • Making the inner flare brush
  • Making the fairy dust brush
  • Making the reflective flare brush
  • 08 040 Titan Redo Complete 1
  • 08 050 Titan Redo Complete 1
  • 08 060 Titan Redo Complete 1
  • 08 070 Titan Redo Complete 1
  • 08 080 Titan Redo Complete 1
  • 08 090 Titan Redo Complete 1
  • 08 100Titan Redo Complete 1
  • Introduction to the AD for ipad interface
  • Makig a basic octagonal shape in Affinity Designer
  • T shirt design How to Lay out an image for Tshirt design
  • How to lay out the plan for the image
  • Laying in your base image and clipping mask
  • Adding your other tones
  • Lining and detailing and exporting your vector image
  • Finishing and exporting
  • The basics of the interface in Affinity Photo for ipad
  • Laying out the image and adding a levels adjustment
  • Adding contrast filter and masking layers
  • Dodging and burning non destructively
  • Adding focus and blur
  • Lighting and finishing

Taught by

Jeremy Hazel


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