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Taipei Medical University

Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology

Taipei Medical University via FutureLearn


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Unpack the Sustainable Development Goals, focussing on SDG 3

Climate change is already impacting resources, people, and the environment. To help combat this, the UN Sustainable Development Goals offer a blueprint to help us contribute to sustainability.

On this six-week course, you’ll gain a solid introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals with a particular focus on SDG 3, which aims to promote wellbeing for all.

Through practical examples, you’ll explore different topics to understand how organisations and higher education institutions can best respond to the SDGs.

Gain an understanding of water pollution and mosquito diseases

You’ll start by unpacking sustainable development actions that can be taken to develop safe drinking water resources.

Next, you’ll explore a case study on ecology to understand water bioindicators and mosquito disease control and how this relates to several SDG targets.

Discover the harmful effects of air pollution

There are many types and sources of air pollution. On the course, you’ll unpack the definition of air pollution before exploring its harmful effects on human health such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular issues, and cognitive functions.

Understand the relationship between sustainable development and human health

Finally, you’ll explore the correlation between sustainable development and human health issues – both physical and mental.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to identify the SDG targets you can work toward to help promote human health and wellbeing.

Guided by the experts at Taipei Medical University, you’ll finish the course with the skills to contribute to sustainable development for both health and ecology.

This course is designed for anyone interested in public health and the development of SDGs.

It will be of particular interest to students of public health.


  • Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals 3
    • Introduction to Sustainable Development
    • TMU's Development on SDGs
    • Reference
  • Water and Sanitation
    • Drinking Water Safety
    • Bioindicator and Water Quality
    • Other Bioindicators and Conclusion
  • Controlling Mosquito-borne Diseases
    • Mosquito-borne Diseases and Vector Control
    • Mosquito Control and Insecticide Resistance in Mosquito
  • Air Pollution
    • Source and Harmful Effect of Air Pollution
    • Common Pollutants and Respiratory Diseases
    • Other Research on Air Pollution
  • Exposure Assessment and Biomonitoring
    • Exposure Assessment and Biomonitoring
    • Interpretation of Biomonitoring Results
  • Affective States and Health
    • Stress and Mental Health
    • Emotion and Diseases
    • Positive Mood and Health
    • Assessment time

Taught by

Ling-Chu Chien


5.0 rating, based on 98 Class Central reviews

4.5 rating at FutureLearn based on 2 ratings

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  • Profile image for 王嘉瑜
    The lesson begins with an overview of sustainable development, defining the concept and its importance in addressing global health and ecological issues. Students explore the three pillars of sustainability—social, economic, and environmental—and th…
  • Chun-Hsuan, Yang
    I learned hoe to translate our learnings from SDG Goal 3 Health and Wellbeing into action in our own society and environment, we can start by raising awareness about these issues and advocating for policies that promote good health and well-being. T…
  • Anonymous
    The course "Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology" is highly engaging and informative, offering comprehensive lectures and insightful discussions that cover the interconnectedness between environmental sustainability and public health. The p…
  • Jye Hsu
    I recently completed the "Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology" course offered by Taipei Medical University through FutureLearn, and I must say it was an enriching experience. This course delved into the crucial intersection between sustai…
  • Albert Hsiao
    This course consists of a six-week online program. Since it is online, we have more flexibility in using our time. In this class, we started by unpacking sustainable development actions that can be taken to develop safe drinking water resources. Then, we explore a case study on ecology to understand water bioindicators and mosquito disease control and how this relates to several SDG targets.
  • Profile image for TMU魏楷岳
    Reflecting on the "Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology" course, I've gained profound insights into the intricate relationship between human health and the environment. Throughout the course, we delved into the interconnectedness of ecologi…
  • Profile image for 劉宇傑
    One of the highlights of the course was the practical approach to understanding how organizations and higher education institutions can contribute to achieving the SDGs. Through real-life examples and case studies, we gained a deeper understanding o…
  • Profile image for YUEH HUA HE
    In the Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology class, we explored the intricate interplay between human well-being and ecological balance, emphasizing the importance of fostering harmony between the two for sustainable development. The course…
  • Profile image for 鄭安婕 Angel
    鄭安婕 Angel
    In this course, we got chance to know about SDGs 17 goals and we have learned deeply about goal 3 and other related issues. The most impressive topic for me is week 6 - the relationship between environment pollution and stress and mental health. Aft…
  • Profile image for Chris
    This course provides a thorough exploration of the links between health, ecology, and sustainability. It's well-organized into weekly modules covering topics like environmental impacts on health and sustainable healthcare practices. The teaching me…
  • Profile image for TMU張宸珦
    This course took me on an inspiring journey into the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focusing on SDG 3, which aims to promote well-being for all. You'll start by learning about practical actions for ensuring safe drinking water. Then,…
  • Profile image for TMU B101107140
    TMU B101107140
    Recognizing the importance of sustainable development in health and ecology is crucial. In this class, students delve into the definition, methods, and profound significance of this interdisciplinary approach. They explore strategies for promoting p…
  • Profile image for TMU葉恩彤
    I learned a lot from this course, especially about sustainable development in health and ecology. The explanations and project examples were great, and the topics were really engaging. I now understand the importance of preserving biodiversity, redu…
  • Profile image for 陳凱陽
    As a medical student, I recognize the profound interplay between sustainable development, health, and ecology. Sustainable practices in healthcare, such as reducing waste and conserving resources, directly impact public health by mitigating climate…
  • Profile image for Jim劉秉勳
    The "Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology" course is truly transformative. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between health and ecological sustainability. The curriculum is well-structured, blending theor…
  • Profile image for 張玟珮
    The course on Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology provides a concise yet illuminating exploration of the intersection between human health and ecological sustainability. Through a blend of theoretical frameworks and practical applications, participants gain a deep understanding of the interconnections between environmental factors and public health outcomes. By examining case studies and innovative solutions, the course equips individuals with the knowledge and tools to promote sustainable practices within healthcare systems and ecological conservation efforts. Overall, it serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to address the complex challenges at the nexus of health and ecology in pursuit of a more sustainable future.
  • Profile image for 劉力瑄
    "Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology" is a comprehensive course focusing on the intersection of health and ecological sustainability. It covers key topics like environmental health, ecosystem services, sustainable practices in healthcare, and public health strategies for ecological conservation. The course provides a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between human well-being and environmental health, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices for long-term health outcomes. Assignments and discussions encourage critical thinking and practical application of sustainability principles. Overall, it's an insightful and relevant course for anyone interested in promoting health while preserving ecological balance.
  • Profile image for 林采薇
    The course on Sustainable Development in Health and Ecology offers a comprehensive overview of the interconnections between environmental sustainability and public health. It delves into topics such as the impact of climate change on health, sustainable healthcare practices, and the role of biodiversity in maintaining ecosystem services crucial for human well-being. Through a mix of lectures, case studies, and practical projects, students gain valuable insights into creating sustainable solutions for health and ecological challenges. The course effectively integrates theoretical knowledge with practical applications, making it ideal for anyone interested in contributing to sustainable development goals in health and ecology.
  • Profile image for TMU蘇詩涵
    Completing this course was an immensely fulfilling journey. I feel enriched by the wealth of knowledge and skills I've acquired. The course content was comprehensive and engaging, offering valuable insights that I can apply in various aspects of my life. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, fostering an environment conducive to learning. I particularly appreciated the interactive elements and practical exercises, which enhanced my understanding and retention of the material. Overall, this experience has been truly rewarding, leaving me with a profound sense of accomplishment and a newfound passion for the subject matter. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking personal or professional growth.
  • Profile image for Keiko Yeh
    Keiko Yeh
    I learned a lot of solid knowledge, and the time arrangement for study was also very good. I was particularly impressed by the explanations and examples of each project, and the topics discussed were also very rich. We will continue to pay attention to sustainable development in the future.
    I am very interested in economic issues and understand the impact of today's social development and over-consumption. Hope to learn more about this in the future.
    In addition to the economy, there is also the issue of the gap between rich and poor. In today's era, there are still many areas that are very poor and lack medical resources. In the future, we must do our part to give back to the society.

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