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Cyber Security

UGC , Avianshilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore and CEC via Swayam


1. Why this Course on Cyber Security?

The course on Cyber Security is very important in this digital era due to dependency on online operations, social media practices, upcoming technologies like IoT, IIoT, IoE, digitization and pervasive nature of mobile devices. Secure online operations and safe handling of devices are the need of the hour. One must understand the security challenges as well as the best practices that are essential to protect one from becoming the victims of cybercrimes. Fundamental knowledge in Cyber Security is very much required to understand the current status of cyber world. It is imperative to safe-guard the individual, society, organization and the government from the dangers of cyber frauds, scams, threats and attacks. A complete and Comprehensive course can achieve this. This course is an inclusive course that covers all the aspects essential for understanding and for further exploration in Cyber Security Domain.

2. Who are the intended audience?
Any Post Graduate Level Student, Working Professionals and those who are interested in Cyber Security are eligible to attend the course. For those who wish to further specialize in Cyber Security and would like to become certified Professionals, it is an ideal course for a good begining.

3. How will the learners benefit from this course?
It is a Course at Post Graduate level for credit transfer. After completing the course successfully, and passing the examination, the student can earn the credit and become eligible for credit transfer.
Not only for students and working Professionals, this course serves as an important Course for any responsible citizen, as it covers all aspects in Cyber Security including Cyberlaw. It is very important to note the legal implications of Cyber Crimes, Scams and Frauds.

4. Are there any prerequisites?
There are no prerequisites for this course. However, a fundamental knowledge in computers is desirable to understand the terminology and concepts better.



Week - 1
1.Introduction to Cyber Space2.Introduction to Information Systems3.Need for Cyber Security
Week - 2
4.Introduction to Cyber Attacks5.Classification of Cyber Attacks6.Classification of Malware, Threats
Week - 3
7.Vulnerability Assessment8.Intrusion Detection Systems9.Intrusion Prevention Systems
Week - 4
10.Introduction to User Authentication Methods11.Biometric Authentication Methods12.Biometric Systems
Week - 5
13.Different Security Models and Security Mechanisms14.Information Security and Network Security15.Operating System Security
Week - 6
16.Web Security17.Email Security18.Mobile Device Security, Cloud Security
Week - 7
19.IoT Security20.Cyber Physical System Security21.Social Media Security
Week - 8
22.Virtual Currency23.Block Chain Technology24.Security Auditing
Week - 9
25.Cyber Crimes26.Different Types of Cyber Crimes, Scams and Frauds
Week - 10
27.Analysis of Crimes, Human Behavior28.Stylometry, Incident Handling
Week - 11
29.Investigation Methods30.Criminal Profiling, Cyber Trails
Week - 12
31.Digital Forensics, History, Challenges32.Branches of Digital Forensics
Week - 13
33.Digital Forensic Investigation Methods34.Reporting, Management of Evidence
Week - 14
35.Cyber Law-Basics36.Information Technology Act 200037.Amendments to IT Act 2000
Week - 15
38.Evidentiary value of Email/SMS, Cybercrimes and Offenses dealt with IPC39.RBI Act and IPR Act in India40.Jurisdiction of Cyber Crime, Cyber Security Awareness Tips

Taught by

Prof. Padmavathi G

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4.7 rating, based on 236 reviews

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  • Hi ,This is arjun a system engineer.Cyber security my course is near about to be complete from swayam .cyber security course is very important for each and every employee ,student teacher ETC.In the world of internet each and every place has a risk about his/her financial,privacy,and important data .The swayam is really a good platform to learn any technical courses.Mrs Padmawati mam teaches ,explain,easy to understand ,

    really after doing this course i have gained more knowledge about the cyber security attack, malware, social engineering ,spying , phisinfg, cyber law and more .
  • can't explain her excellence in words

    i am very glad to see her video

    i want to become like her

    and i will try my best
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Wonderful course for them who wants to learn about cyber security as this explains us about cyber crimes and how to deal with it although Cyber-crime has been reported as one of the top four economic crimes perceived by all organizations....
    This course is very interested and helpful Cyber Security is very important in this digital era due to dependency on online operations, social media practices, upcoming technologies like IoT, IIoT, IoE, digitization and pervasive nature of mobile devices....
  • Sujoy Sen
    Cyber Security is now a days is very much important in every aspect of our modern life. In every nook and corner of our life there are possibilities of cyber attacks in their various forms. So for a general awareness at this digital era, everyone should...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    1. I have been attending MOOCs since 2013 on different websites like coursera, edx, udemy etc and i have done courses of cyber security and cyber forensic from worlds well know universities still i am very much impressed with this course and gives...
  • It's really a good course related to fundamentals to research level in the field of cybersecurity. I really get benefitted from this course.
  • Anonymous
    I am a student of arts . But i study the cyber course. This Course id very good. i have done courses of cyber security and cyber forensic from worlds well know universities still i am very much impressed with this course and gives 5 stars because of...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Hi, very useful couse and the way mrs padmavathi ma'am explains is really fantastic , very clear to understand.They conduct submative and objective test which is really hepfull....
  • Profile image for NALLI RAVI KUMAR

    NALLI RAVI KUMAR is taking this course right now.

    Good exploitative session Regarding the huge spread of technology among individuals and enterprises, technologies and electronic communications become one of the most important pillars of the operation of small and large enterprises alike, and the source...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    This course is very useful. I want to pursue the career in ethical hacking but that course was not in run now so i had chosen this course. This course has helped me to look the cyber security in a whole different way. The way the mam teaches the lecture is amazing she uses very easy language for lectures so that we all can easily graps what she is saying
    Apart from this this course also offers glossary, e-text, ppt which is very useful for quick revision. The reference book is also whole online do we don't need to spend money in books. The course has also has assigned both subjective and objective

    Overall this course is Amazing
  • Anonymous
    This is Sana. I am really thankful that i have come across this "Cyber Security" course. Instructor's way of teaching is superb which makes tough concepts very easy to understand. Every one should be aware of cyber security in this digital era. I aspire to be a web developer and unless I am aware about security and it's pros I can't develop a secure website. Despite of that I always had interest to learn about security experts and their strategies, finding bugs and solving them.

    All in all...Go for this course it will be beneficial for every stream..

    I really want to thanks Dr.Padmavathi maam for teaching so well. The content of the course is superb.
  • Anonymous
    It is really more helpfull portal for developing the needs and knowledge....i like the way of teaching and explanation and also i feel the real application implemention in the teaching videos.I have planned to do many courses and going to update my knowledge.since Im homemaker ,able to access the notes and excercises whenever i have time .It is

    more usefull for people who unable to come out of home .Thank you very much for our learning support mam.....Immensely thanking everyone working for this ...service.

    If possible give us some practical knowledge in future mam

  • Anonymous
    The course is exactly the one I intended to do.It covers all the aspects of cyber security.Beautifuly designed course.The instructor of course is at her best. Thanks to the instructor for the training.

    The downside seems to be for the application. There seem to be few bugs which need to be worked upon, like match the following does not contain the other part.(2) Marks are not timely updated (3) downloading of ppt and e-txt is not available for mobile version (4) Subjective assignments should be allowed for mobile version, is difficult for people not having laptop all the time available with them.happy with it

  • Anonymous
    The classes and presentations are so good. The questions asked below each session helps to access the depth of the module that was explained in the class video. Power points uploaded after module's helps a lot with the learning. Assignments also help us in accessing how much we learned in that week.

    Each and every parts of cyber crime explained are detailed, with references from different sources, this helps us in better understanding of the concept.

    The course is related to my PG subject thus helps me to get extra knowledge about the sub field in my course that is forensic science.

  • Anonymous
    Hello All,

    Taking immense pleasure in writing this feedback.

    The course content and course has been designed and laid out in a manner that helps the aspirants really to get a handle to the subject.
    Would advise any new and experienced learners to jump in right and take this course which would definitely help in their knowledge and there by the career.

    Kudos to the team and professor.

    Aspiring to be part of such teams.


  • Anonymous
    Fundamentals of cyber security are well covered. Animations, course material is of extremely high quality. Kudos to the team who prepared the content.

    Only comment is to look for reducing the course duration. 15 weeks is too long time, if it can be covered in 8 weeks, it is great. If required, the entire course can be divided into - 'Basics-1' and 'Basics-2'.
  • Anonymous
    Phishing attack is one of the common types of cyber-attack during 2019 including, ransom ware, ddos (Distributed Denial-Of-Service), computer virus, attack vectors. Phishing attack is contour of social engineering. Phishing was coined around 1996 by...
  • Anonymous
    Hi,this is Vinod. Being Special Public Prosecutor (Protection Of Children From Sexual Offences Act) from Samastipur (BIHAR). I feel this Course helped me in conducting (1)Inquiry (stage before framing of Charge) and (2)Trial(stage after framing of...
  • Anonymous
    Thank You for the course. The teaching was understandable. I learnt this concept of Cyber Security very well through this course. This is a very helpful course and useful concept. I will try to learn more different concepts like this through the Swayam app.

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