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CEC and University of Kashmir via Swayam

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The course “Endocrinology” is a Discipline Specific Elective Course in B.Sc. Zoology under the Choice Based Credit System (CBSE). The course is specially designed to supplement and enhance the understanding of students about different dimensions of endocrinology starting from glands of the body, hormones secreted by endocrine glands, structure of glands and their different functions, signal transduction, different types of pathways of hormonal regulation and hormones in homeostasis. . Endocrinology is an important course in zoology and any disturbance in hormonal balance results in a disease in humans or other animals. Giving students an insight into the Endocrine system and the various syndromes and diseases associated with it will surely be a mass awareness educational module for the larger benefit of the society. Moreover our Research Group is actively working on the different aspects of Endocrine system hence will be an ideal team to make this course on Endocrinology.



Week 1 :
History of endocrinology (Day-1)
Classification of Hormones (Day2)Characteristics of Hormones (Day-3)Transport of Peptide Hormones in Blood (Day-4)
Week 2 : Transport of Steroid Hormones in Blood (Day-1)Mechanisms of Steroid Hormone Action (Day2)Mechanisms of protein hormone Action (Day-3)Metabolism and excretion of Hormones (Day-4)
Week 3 : The Secondary Messenger Concept (Day-1)Neurosecretions and Neurohormones (Day2)Pineal gland, structure, secretions and Functions (Day-3)Pineal gland in biological rhythms and reproduction (Day-4)
Week 4 : Hypothalamus, structure and secretions (Day-1)Hypothalamic nucleic and their functions (Day2)Regulation of neuroendocrine glands (Day-3)Feedback mechanisms of Hormonal regulation (Day-4)
Week 5 : Structure and secretions of Pituitary gland (Day-1)Functions of pituitary hormones (Day2)Hypothlamo-hypophysial portal system (Day-3)Disorders of pituitary gland (Day-4)
Week 6 : Thyroid gland: Structure, Synthesis and transport of thyroid Hormones (Day-1)Functions and Mechanism of Action of Thyroid Hormones (Day2)Regulation and disorders of thyroid gland (Day-3)Parathyroid gland: structure, Functions, regulation and Disorders (Day-4)
Week 7 : Adrenal gland structure, secretions and functions (Day-1)Regulation and disorders of adrenal gland (Day2)Pancreas- structure, hormones and functions (Day-3)Regulation and disorders of pancreas (Day-4)
Week 8 : Ovary-structure, hormones, Functions and regulation (Day-1)Testis- structure, hormones, Functions and regulation (Day2)Endocrine Disorders Related to Reproduction (Day-3)Hormones in homeostasis (Day-4)

Week 9 : Disorders of endocrine glands (Day-1)Disorders of the Hypothalamus, Pineal Gland (Day2)Hormonal action at cellular level- hormone receptors (Day-3)General Organization of Bio regulatory Systems (Day-4)
Week 10 : Signal transduction through hormones (Day-1)Hormonal regulation at cellular level (Day2)Hormonal action at cellular level- hormone receptors (Day-3)Molecular mediators of hormonal action (Day-4)
Week 11 : Genetic control of hormonal action (Day-1)
Week 12 : 1 Lectures (Adjusted in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th weeks)

Taught by

Dr Manzoor Ahmad Mir



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