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Introduction To Film Studies (DSE6)

Doon University, Dehradun and CEC via Swayam

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What is the language of cinema? What is the relationship between films and society? How is meaning constructed in a film? To find answers to many such questions Enroll Today and earn a certificate upon completion. The course will facilitate a fundamental understanding of cinema, its vast history and the role it plays in society. It will enable the students to develop the necessary skills to critically analyse and study films as artworks and social texts. The course will encourage critical thinking in the students while also developing a respect for cultural diversity as they become acquainted with it through the means of cinema.Course ObjectivesTo trace the history and development of cinemaTo comprehend the role and impact of cinema insociety and vice-versaTo develop an understandingof the political, culturaland aesthetic nuances of film makingTo critically analyse and appreciate cinema as an art


Week 1: Language of Cinema
Module 1: Visual Language, Cinematography, Visual Universe
Module 2: Mise‐en‐scene, Colour as storytelling device
Module 3: Editing - History and Development
Module 4: Continuity Editing, Soviet Montage

Week 2: Language of Cinema
Module 5: Beginnings of sound, Manifestations in cinema, Music in cinema
Module 6: Diegetic, Non-Diegetic, Sync, Non-Sync
Module 7: Beginnings of Cinema
Module 8: Silent Era to Studio Era

Week 3: Social Context and Film Form
Module 9: German Expressionism - WW I and Expressionism
Module 10: German Expressionism - Filmmakers, Impact and Legacy
Module 11: Italian Neorealism - Realism, Advent of Neorealism
Module 12: Italian Neorealism - Neorealist Cinema, Downfall and Legacy

Week 4: Social Context and Film Form
Module 13: French New Wave - Cahiers du Cinema, Philosophy
Module 14: French New Wave - The French Masters, Cinematic Style and Legacy
Module 15: Third Cinema - Socio-Political Milieu
Module 16: Third Cinema - Ideology, Movement and Legacy

Week 5: Alternative Visions
Module 17: Auteur Theory - French Cinema, Cahiers du Cinema
Module 18: Auteur Theory - Theory, Legacy, Auteurs
Module 19: Feminist Film Theory - Visual Pleasure, Feminist Criticism
Module 20: Feminist Film Theory - Freudian Psychosexual Theory, Critique

Week 6: Alternative Visions
Module 21: Queer Theory - Gender and Its Representation
Module 22: Queer Theory - Film as Queer Text, Criticism
Module 23: Postmodernism - Modernism and Cinema
Module 24: Postmodernism - Postmodernist Cinema and Characteristics

Week 7: Alternative Visions
Module 25: Film Genre - Genre Theory
Module 26: Film Genre - Western Film, Anthology Film
Module 27: Film Genre - Film Noir, Gangster Film
Module 28: Film Genre - Genre Blending, Genre Bending

Week 8: Hindi Cinema
Module 29: Parsi Theatre, Silent Era
Module 30: The Talkie, Studio System
Module 31: Narrating the Nation in Cinema
Module 32: Nation Building, Golden Age

Week 9: Hindi Cinema
Module 33: Indian New Wave, Parallel Cinema
Module 34: Parallel Cinema - Decline and Legacy
Module 35: Liberalisation and Indian Cinema
Module 36: Rise of Multiplex Cinema

Week 10: Film Culture
Module 37: Evolution of Censorship
Module 38: Film Criticism, Cinephilia
Module 39: Exhibition, Distribution and Production
Module 40: Festivals, Events and Communities

Taught by

Ms Juhee Prasad, Mr Suvats Avasthi


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