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British Council

Teaching Young Learners Online

British Council via FutureLearn


Explore online language teaching with young learners

Have you recently had to adapt to online teaching in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

This 3-week course from the British Council will help you explore the practice and theory of online teaching.

While this course is mostly aimed at English language teachers, all teachers can benefit from learning about accessibility, online safety, and how to engage young learners online.

Create the best conditions for online learning

The course will begin with an exploration of how to ensure learners interact together meaningfully. You’ll learn about the principles of language learning and teaching, and gain insight into how to connect with learners and their parents.

Building a community and developing rapport with your students will help them have a positive online learning experience, so you’ll plan and share a meaningful activity that’ll help you get to know your learners.

Develop inclusive teaching methods

It’s important to tailor your online teaching to your learners’ needs so that each class is inclusive and fun, so you’ll learn how to provide extra support for those who need it.

You’ll help expose your learners to language through reading and listening activities, and develop strategies to engage learners in different online learning environments.

Learn strategies for teaching English online

In the final week, you’ll be helping your learners to develop their speaking and writing skills. We’ll discuss assessments for learning, including how to set expectations and motivate your students.

This course is for English language teachers, teaching young learners (5-17) in an online environment. Experience of teaching in online contexts is not essential and both experienced and novice online teachers will benefit.

While most of the context is based around English language learning, teachers of other subjects will also find the course valuable, as the principles of English language lesson planning apply to online teaching in general.

Taught by

Claire Ross


4.8 rating, based on 409 Class Central reviews

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  • Vladimir Alexandrov
    First of all I would like to reiterate over again that I am a big fan of FutureLearn courses. That's a real Treasure Attic of new ideas for me. It is exactly the case this time with this course Teaching Young Learners Online British Council. Brilliant...
  • Marc A Tucciarone
    I am really enjoying this course ! I find it very enlightening in terms of finding out about online platforms , resources ( the daunting amount of them !) , practices and more modern expectations in the times we are living in . The model so to...
  • Anonymous
    I am so enjoying the course. I love the way it was structured, the way it is presented.
    The lead educators are very friendly and also the teachers who are contributing somehow.
    I love the content because it is truly all encompassing.
    When I have the chance , I read the comments which are also very informative.
    A big Thank You for all the effort put together!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Informative and interesting
    Enjoying the addtional links and the practical tips which are being given
    Online teaching does not appear to be as difficult as it appeared to be earlier and tips to engage the learner are so very important and welcome.
    Thank You
  • Anonymous
    What can I say? I am delighted reading other teachers' comments and also the tutors' suggestions. It's a very good opportunity to update and continue learning. That's what this carrer is about...
  • I have nothing but good words for this course. I'd already done the Teaching English Online course over a year ago and I thought I might go over most of the content again , but it turns out the contents have been really well put together, you never get bored, it covers all the relevant stuff you need to know, it continues to be engaging and I grow more and more confident and enthusiastic as I complete it. And I love Claire and Josh!
  • Elsa Juddy Pariahuaman Herrera
    Well,I like each seminar that British Council gives teachers because it is very interesting innovative and update course.Besides,each seminar I learn many things about ELT field and enjoy it so much.It is so fascinating and new way to learn to teach in...
  • It is a wonderful endeavor to assist teachers in learning new tools,tricks and techniques.Course content and use of technology makes this cours highly invaluable.I learnt a lot of new things.It is simply amazing!
  • Profile image for Christine Watkinson
    Christine Watkinson

    Christine Watkinson is taking this course right now.

    I started this course as I had always been interested in teaching English to people speaking other languages but had never got round to doing a course. Having retired, I am interesting in using the skills in a voluntary capacity. At first, I began to...
  • Jenny Storm
    Thank you Claire and Josh for giving me this opportunity to do this wonderful course, as a first time online teaching, still studying , this has helped a me a lot, the comments, videos, links, and downloads all will come in use when I get to teach. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of teaching on line, and also to take other courses with Future Learn. I wish I had known about these courses before. I have throughly enjoyed it and will definitely take other courses , to gain more knowledge and better myself. Keep up with the good work.
  • Anonymous
    I find this course very helpful not only for online teaching but also for face to face. This is my first time instructing so I'm learning new ways to engage and prepare lessons to really get through the material I need for he students to achieve.
    I am not doing online teaching yet but everything I am learning is very helpful.

    I truly enjoy the videos and hearing and reading everyone's comments. That in itself is truly a learning experience for me.

    I need t explore the different avenues and websites that I can use here in Canada to assist in my online instruction. I am sure their are many different ones accessible to each school board and some may be restricted in different countries as well. Very Good!
  • Anonymous
    I love how warm and pleasing the environment is in this MOOC. :) The educators were hands-on and proactively communicating to each participant which is very inspiring as a course learner living thousands of miles away from them. The learnings are superb, full of useful information and tool suggestions in utilizing online teaching! :) More powers to Claire and Josh and to all the coordinators of this course :)
  • Anonymous
    Surprisingly informative and dynamic with all the shared ideas not just from the course educators but with everyone taking the course from all over the world. This course took me off guard because initially I just wanted to see what it will be like and I've discovered that it's more than what it seems at face value. It's much greater than expected so I'm truly glad to have taken this course. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
  • Anonymous
    Truth to be told, this was among the best online courses I feel grateful to have the opportunity to take part. First the design of the steps and the structure of the course has been well done, and secondly I like the variety of the activities therefore...
  • Anonymous
    For me, it’s the most useful courses I have taken on. I enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organized and focused on practical situations. I particularly enjoyed the part being human. I can recommend this course as I find it effective, informative, inspiring.
  • Anonymous
    I am a CELTA certified teacher and I certainly loved how all the teaching techniques I learned are put to use in online teaching. This course has been amazing in linking those teaching techniques to how they can be used online. Recommended to all teachers, no matter what their experience is.
  • Anonymous
    This has been such a thorough and engaging course for teaching online with this age group. I have really appreciated just how much other teachers and course leaders have shared of their experience. Online learning is here to stay and so this course has been invaluable for me.
  • Profile image for Janet Birdsall
    Janet Birdsall

    Janet Birdsall is taking this course right now.

    An excellent course!
    Stimulating, refreshing and totally inspiring -it bounds along at a great pace giving the teacher so much food for thought. - I personally felt that I just didn't have enough hours in the day to digest all the fabulous materials and ideas.
    Josh and Claire were perfect mentors combining their own experience with a gentle push in the right direction for all their participants! Despite being a mature and experienced teacher, this course really had me question my teaching philosophies and practice as well as provide me with a well-rounded knowledge of how to teach online successfully. Highly recommended!
  • Anonymous
    Am very glad that I joined this course at the right time, as am planning to teach young learners too in the near future. Initially I was so doubtful on how am I going to handle the young learners and teach them a totally new language. But the lead educators here had covered all the necessary basics like young learners psychology, how to engage them, how to motivate them, how to use different online tools interactively, etc. Now I have gained much of a confidence that I can handle them. Haha. Thank you.
  • Norma Villanueva
    Hello have been reading, learning and working with you in others courses and always when I finished then the question in my mind was Do you have something for Young English Learners?

    The day that I found this one I only read the introduction and I started to be motivated to do IT.

    It has been difficult for me to do it on the time that must be, because the beginning of the new school year, but every day that I read, do an activity I want to learn more about it, even that I have been working with small kids since 34 years.

    Thanks, thanks because all the activites, objectives and videos that you share with us are really a great treasure for us.

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