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University of Colorado Boulder

Thriving 101: Designing a Fulfilling Life & Career

University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera


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Are you ready to enhance your life?  Are you craving more fulfillment and less stress?  Is it possibly time to make a career change? Before aimlessly and impulsively diving into changes in your life, it’s a smart move to take the time to learn what the science and other experts have revealed truly leads to fulfilling lives and careers.    This course will help you design a life well-aligned with who you are, and it will empower you to confidently make meaningful changes moving forward.  You’ll learn about what science has demonstrated enhances one’s happiness level in life.  You’ll also discover effective strategies to utilize when making a career choice.  In a world that is often unpredictable and chaotic, obtaining the knowledge presented in this course can help you feel much more confident designing a fulfilling life and career.  Course logo by Gian Luca Pilia on Unsplash


  • Introduction
    • In this module, we'll provide an overview of the course. We'll define what is means to be thriving and why your ability to thrive impacts many aspects of your own life and that of others. Finally, we'll have you take an assessment to gauge your current state of overall well-being.
  • The Happiness Set-Point
    • Welcome to a week focused on understanding and raising your "Happiness Set-Point." You'll explore the concept, delve into the factors that influence it, and apply insights from different models of wellbeing to enhance happiness. You'll discover how the hedonic treadmill influences your quest for happiness and learn to build new habits that contribute to a happier life. Throughout the week, you'll have many opportunities for reflection and discussion with your peers.
  • The Power of Your Thoughts
    • Now that you've reflected on your happiness set-point, you'll turn our attention to the power of thoughts and mental habits. This week, you'll explore the profound impact of gratitude, forgiveness, presence, and optimism on your life, and how neurological functions, such as the reticular activating system, can effect how positively or negatively you experience reality. Throughout the week, you'll been provided exercises to practice and reflect on your mental patterns regarding the past, present, and future.
  • Intentional Use of Your Time
    • This week we'll uncover what research reveals about how thriving individuals wisely invest their time and energy. You'll explore and practice employing the PERMA model to enhance your life and discover the five bucket areas for thriving. Throughout the week, you'll been provided exercises to practice and reflect on intentional time management.
  • The Power of Career Alignment
    • This week is dedicated to career satisfaction and its relationship to your interests, skills, and values. You'll explore what research tells us about discovering a job that really fits you and why it is important to make sure your interests, skills, and values match with your career choices. The lectures and readings will help you understand what we mean by "career alignment" and guide you in figuring out how to use your strengths and values to make smart career decisions. Towards the end of the week, you'll have the opportunity to complete values and strengths assessments to learn more about yourself and how to choose a career that truly suits you.
  • Designing Your Career
    • This week you'll be introduced to design thinking and explore how it can be applied to help you discover a well-aligned career fit. You'll learn about the attitudes or mindsets that help you think creatively and understand other people's feelings and needs. Then, practice the steps of the design thinking process.
  • Telling Your Story
    • This week you'll dive into the significance of sharing your personal story and explore tactics for making it engaging and concise. You'll discover how storytelling can have a positive impact on your mental health, helping you process emotions and connect with others. You'll also be introduced the "Triangle Approach" to storytelling, which will guide you in crafting a compelling narrative. By the end of the week, you'll have the opportunity to practice telling your story using the "TMAG" method, honing your storytelling skills for effective communication.
  • Summary and Moving Forward
    • In this final module, we'll review and summarize what we've learned throughout the course and discuss strategic first steps to take to get you moving forward.

Taught by

Jordan I Maness


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  • Jennifer Tosolini
    Lecturer making no eye contact with the viewer. There is more to being a teacher than simply reading an autocue. I am disappointed.

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