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University of Leeds

Transport Systems: Global Issues and Future Innovations

University of Leeds via FutureLearn


Explore how and why transport systems must change in the 21st century

What are the challenges faced by today’s transport sector? How can transport professionals develop systems that meet the needs of the 21st century?

Get answers to these questions and more with this course exploring the future of transport. You will learn about effective transport planning and modelling, considering how transport solutions can become sustainable, reduce pollution and improve the health and safety of people across the world.

You will also consider how technologies such as connected and autonomous vehicles and high-speed rail might address global issues.

This course is for undergraduate students and mid-career professionals interested in a career in the transport industry.

It will be especially useful for undergraduates studying engineering, urban planning, mathematics, economics, geography and psychology. It will also be useful for mid-career professionals already working in the transport sector or considering a move to the transport sector from other areas such as engineering, scientific research, local and national government policy making, construction and logistics.

Taught by

Yue Huang

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4.8 rating, based on 67 reviews

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  • Kennethy Kisha completed this course, spending 4 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    The course met my all learning expectations.

    I was able to learn;

    The challenges facing transport and how to mitigate them

    The role of transport in today’s society; the social economic impact of transport

    Designing major highway links and how to improve the efficiency of road intersections

    Mitigating the environmental impact of transport by adopting green logistics

    The use of connected and autonomous vehicles, and the challenges facing their use

    Redesigning future cities and transport systems to support these cities.

  • Anonymous
    Well worth the 8 hours

    I work in an active travel background and was looking for a course that would give me a better insight into the world of Transport Planners and particularly how they might view the non-active aspects of Travel. The course has delivered.

    The pace of the course seemed about right and it covered a wide range of subjects with sufficient information to allow me to start to understand some of the main considerations and with the opportunity to delve further using the supporting materials. From my knowledge of active travel, I knew the information provided in that area to be accurate which gave me confidence in the accuracy of the course across the board.
  • Anonymous
    It was very en lighting with the right content and knowledge. It would have been good to offer a certificate (Not tagged to payment)because of the amount of time it requires to go through it all. However, all in all the course was wonderful.
  • Anonymous
    The course is excellent for people looking into learning about the transport sector.

    The course starts out with a very simple yet informative introduction the eases you into the main information. It goes ahead to present and explain the problems and also relate them to the current and proposed solutions.

    The course is also very interactive and gives practical examples and very informative videos and other materials.
  • Anonymous
    The course was absolutely dynamic, informative, and suitable for the modern thinking and age. It provided information on how to deal with almost all kinds of transport problems, as well as offering solutions and engaging with the students for the same. A log to learn and grasp about transport, methods of going greener, sustainability, and modern traffic problems and solutions.
  • Anonymous
    The course covers the breadth of the challenges and opportunities within the field of transport (in which I currently work). I've completed the course out of interest in some ongoing development and found it brought a fresh perspective so I found real value in it. It provides a wide range of additional references and reading material which is optional but all quality references.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    A very interesting course which gives a reasonable detailed introduction to Transport Systems. The material is well presented in an attractive manner with slides and videos. The comments section at the end of each presentation was very helpful and provided additional insights. The course involved three assignments which were an important learning opportunity to develop understanding of the challenges planners face. A little more detail in some areas might have been useful. Overall a good course for the beginner.
  • Anonymous
    An information course with a holistic approach on transport and how it cuts across our day to day interaction. Interactive session laden with examples of different scenario with solutions to problem faced (health, environment) where treated in depth. I'd recommend to people across diverse fields of discipline.
  • Anonymous
    Great contents full of knowledge. Even with a good background in transport studies, it was a challenging and informative course. Thanks. Dr. Yue has done fantastic job, i really enjoyed the exercises.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Good explanation by professor
    The material is interesting and clearly structured
    The video in the lectures is very helpful and very effective. The lecture notes are also very good. The way of explaining things is also good. The lecturer is just excellent in everything.
    The case study are with real-time examples so I am able to understand better"

  • Nyombi Sidney Senyonjo
    It was very helpful in making me discover the future challenges and opportunities in the Transportation sector worldwide and some of the solutions that have been implemented in other countries.
  • Anonymous
    One suggestion to spread the course into more weeks instead of cramping everything in two weeks, keep up the rest of the good work.
  • Anonymous
    Contains robust transport planning information, challenges and adaptable solutions going planners in developing countries should adopt
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The course provided me more than what I was expecting. I gained too much knowledge related to the transportation sector,
  • Anonymous
    This course was well planned especially all the required stuff was well presented in terms of videos and articles. The vital thing of this course was the sequence of information. We started with the transport problems at the global level and then started thinking of practical examples of such problems around us. After we have enough understanding on severity of these problems, possible solutions through future innovations were presented. Adequacy of these innovations for specific nature of problem was also reviewed. This course taught us various dimensions of technology associated with future vehicles and tracks.

    I am grateful to Dr. Yue Huang and the team for arranging such complete course.
  • Anonymous
    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. All aspects of the course targeted key issues within the transport industry as well as what to focus on in terms of transport in the future. All information in this course is highly transferable throughout the transport industry across the world, whether in Australia or the UK or anywhere inbetween. I most definitely learned heaps from all topics covered in this course. I absolutely encourage anyone who is at least slightly interested in transport to partake in this amazing and insightful course.

    Cheers. :)
  • Anonymous
    If you are someone who wants to pursue further study or career in the transport sector, this course is the right preparatory platform for you! It gives you a holistic ideas on what challenges the transport sector is facing and introduces you to a wide range of transport innovations that can tackle the challenges. It highlights the importance of having transport-related professionals in your country to ensure that we are able to live in a clean, green, inclusive, vibrant and sustainable places.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The course provides a great insight into the Transport Industry and should spark interest in anyone who may be considering a career in Transport.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Español Un curso que explica puntual los retos que enfrenta y enfrentará el especialista en transporte, este curso está enfocado a crear conciencia sobre la importancia del transporte en tu comunidad, tu país y del mundo y como afrontarlo, en particular,...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I really enjoyed my time throughout this course since it provides ideas in a very clear and systematic way. First of all, the importance of transportation is provided and the challenges that the transport sector face are explained. Also, the course shows...

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