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Creating User Experiences Course (How To)

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Join us as we learn the basic principles of User Experience Design and how it shapes everyday interactions with products. By structuring products around users’ needs, we can ensure that the products do their job. You will learn how to meet users where they are, think through intuitive experiences, and create products that more effectively meet both your goals and your end users’ goals. This course will help you think more critically through the steps and decisions a user makes while interacting with your product. If you’re considering a career in User Experience (UX) or want to learn more about it, this course will expose you to how to design and plan around the people who use your product.

What you'll learn

  • What is UX Design, & why is it important?
  • What is a user?
  • How to design for different user personas
  • Determine product goals
  • Understanding a user’s journey


Intro to User Experience (UX) Design

Welcome! In Stage One, we’ll focus on the big picture of UX: what it is, why it matters, and how it can help your users as they interact with your product.

Chevron 9 steps
  • Welcome to User Experience


  • Who Are Users?


  • Why Do Users’ Experiences Matter?


  • What is UX

    6 questions

  • UX Basic Theory


  • UX vs. UI Design


  • UX Concepts Review

    5 questions

  • UX in Context


  • Review UX Terms

    6 questions

Understanding Our Users

Imagine throwing a surprise party for a total stranger—it would be almost impossible to create a pleasant experience for someone you didn’t know! In the same way, it’s crucial to understand your users. It’s important to see where they’re coming from so that you can build the best experience possible.

Chevron 6 steps
  • The Importance of Users


  • The Importance of Designing for Users


  • Determining Your Users’ Personas


  • Review Users & Personas

    5 questions

  • Empathy for your Users


  • Review Personas and Empathy Maps

    6 questions

Strategy: Determining Goals for your Product

Your users aren’t typing a URL into their browser because they think it’s fun: they have goals in mind! When you go shopping online, you have different goals, like looking for sales or buying some new pants. Your users are also trying to meet their goals by using your product, so it’s important to find ways to help them reach their goals—while simultaneously reaching yours.

Chevron 6 steps
  • Understanding Your Users’ Goals


  • Thinking of Your Goals


  • Combining Your Goals With Your Users’ Goals


  • Review Assessing Goals

    5 questions

  • Structuring Experiences Around Specific Goals


  • Review: Measuring Goals

    5 questions

Planning Your Users’ Journey

We’re in the home stretch! Let’s combine the users and their goals to make a user flow, which is the route we want users to take through the product.

Chevron 7 steps
  • Users Expect a Process: Understanding User Flows


  • Getting Our Steps in Order


  • Contrasting User Goals


  • Review User Flows

    5 questions

  • Making User Flows


  • Recap: What We’ve Learned


  • Final Review: Creating UX

    6 questions

Taught by

Kaleigh Veca


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