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C++ For Programmers

via Udacity


C++ for Programmers is designed for students who are familiar with a programming language and wish to learn C++.

This course focuses on 'how' as opposed to 'what'. For example, in the lesson on functions, we do not teach what a function is, but rather how to create a function in C++.
The lessons are taught by several different instructors who have used C++ in their professional careers, so students get to experience different perspectives.

The course also includes comments and tips from Bjarne Stroustrup - the original designer of C++.


  • The Basics
    • You will learn Program structure, header files, IO Compilation and Execution.
  • Arithmetic Operations
    • You will learn the most commonly used arithmetic operations in C++.
  • Control Flow
    • You will learn if, if-else, while, do-while, and switch statements.
  • Pointers
    • This lesson is a quick review of pointers. We discuss them here because we'll use them in the Arrays lesson.
  • Array
    • We will do a preliminary exploration of two dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays.
  • Functions
    • Functions with and without return values, with and without parameters, and passing by reference are demonstrated and used in this lesson.
  • Classes
    • This lesson is a basic introduction to classes. You will practice creating and instantiating classes in this lesson.
  • Overloading
    • We introduce overloading functions in this lesson as a segue into templates.
  • Templates
    • We introduce generic programming through templates. First function templates then class templates.

Taught by

Catherine Gamboa


1.8 rating, based on 11 Class Central reviews

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  • The course is very good for a beginner! I have worked a lot with ROS/ROS2 and python and now I needed to learn more C++ to deal with autonomous driving. All I can say is that the classes are good intro theoretically and try to do the exercises by yourself, then you will learn a lot. I have always looked for the complementary links and read them. This will totally help you dig more on details! If you have available time, as I had, you can finish in 3 weeks with cal m and doing a good job, without stress. Congratulations Udacity for this course!

    The only drawback is don't get any certificate at the end...
  • Anonymous
    Some instructors just read from the scripts, important points are not noted or explained. The instruction is boring. Reading any textbook is better than this.
  • Anonymous
    I almost didn't take the course because of the previous reviews, which would have been a shame. I can see some of the gaps (e.g. varying depth of coverage on some topics), but the course provided a lot of opportunities to practice and I definitely feel more comfortable with C++ after completing it. I also really enjoyed the Bjarne Stroustrup interview!
  • Anonymous
    NOTE: I wouldn't recommend this to beginners. Know some C and basic C/C++ syntax. It'll help if you know any language that was directly derived from C++ such as JAVA

    Overall the course is poorly written.. But the quizzes do really help solidify the concept they are trying to teach. The interviews are really interesting!
  • Anonymous
    I was a reviewer of the course. I honestly think this course is not up to the mark. I have given detailed feedback. But, I took a look at the course recently, and none of the feedback was incorporated. I would say skip this nano degree and better watch youtube videos.
  • Anonymous
    I quit this course at lesson 5 because of the sloppy way it is put together. They regularly quiz you on material not covered yet. This ends up wasting your time when things aren't working they way are presented in the lesson.
  • Anonymous
    This review is to tell you that this course isn't great. Of course, it covers many details, but it is messy and un-organized. It was very boring, and not up front and cheerful like I thought it would be. Generally, a bad course, take it from a web developer.
  • Anonymous
    Poorly structured with no explanation and just some texts for most of the parts. couple of projects are good but overall quality is very bad.
  • Anonymous
    Poorly organized course. Some notes and code samples on jupyter. Even if you know C++ don't take this. I will never trust Udacity again.
  • Anonymous
    I'm currently enrolled and have professional experience in C. However I had never gone into object oriented. So with that in mind I found many of the lessons very helpful at first and educational. Beginning with the pointers section I began to find…
  • Anonymous
    Don't take the free course at Udacity, or should I say, don't waste your time learning their course on C++ (the free one). It's crazy how the creator of c++ "Bjarne Stroustrup" actually did their interview. Get the book from Bjarne Stroustrup if you really want to learn C++.

    I did a quick view on what I'll learn from their free course and checked about the topic "pointers" which is extremely curial. All I can say is, I quickly closed the Udacity browser link and headed back to Udemy. Take C++ courses from Udemy because you can read Legitimate reviews and all the courses I took that got more than 4 stars were all excellent.

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