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Intro to HTML and CSS

via Udacity


Throughout this course, you'll learn about the underlying structure of the web - HTML. You'll learn how to use this tree-like structure to create websites. You'll also learn how to apply styling to a website through CSS. You'll learn about CSS syntax, selectors, and units. Along the way, you'll also learn about code editors and a browser's Developer Tools.


  • HTML Syntax
    • Learn HTML tags,Discover the tree-structure format of HTML,Learn about and install a text editor
  • HTML Syntax Problem Set
    • Add headers to structure a page,Create a list of items,Add images to an existing site
  • CSS Syntax
    • Write a CSS Ruleset.,Use CSS units to place content on the page,Use Developer Tools to debug CSS
  • CSS Syntax Problem Set
    • Style images,Style the font of the page,Create and link a stylesheet

Taught by

Cameron Pittman


4.0 rating, based on 44 Class Central reviews

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  • Intro to HTML and CSS is a 3-lesson primer on front-end web development and design. Although the name of the course suggests you'll learn HTML and CSS basics, the content is actually focused on higher level web development and design concepts like w…
  • Salah satu keunggulan kursus ini adalah pendekatannya yang sangat ramah pemula. Dengan penjelasan yang jelas dan langkah-langkah yang terstruktur dengan baik, bahkan pemula sekalipun akan merasa nyaman dan termotivasi untuk belajar lebih lanjut.

    Selain itu, kursus ini juga menonjol dalam memberikan pemahaman tentang konsep-konsep penting seperti responsif design, memastikan bahwa siswa tidak hanya belajar cara membuat situs web, tetapi juga cara membuatnya terlihat bagus di berbagai perangkat.

    Keseluruhan, "Intro to HTML and CSS" adalah pilihan yang sangat direkomendasikan untuk siapa pun yang ingin memulai perjalanan mereka dalam memahami dasar-dasar pengembangan web.
  • I recently completed the "Intro to HTML and CSS" course on Udacity, and I must say it was an excellent learning experience. The course is designed for beginners who are looking to build a solid foundation in web development, and it does not disappoint.
  • This course is ideal for the total beginner. It zooms in on the very essence of HTML and CSS and makes the student familiar with basic concepts. After completing this course, the student can make a thorough decision on whether to pursuit this road or not. The learning material is easy to follow, whilst still being quick paced. I highly recommend this FREE class.
  • Marko Vuolevi
    They try to approach the way to teach web development in a somewhat unique way, instead of learning the old fashion way they instead use a top-down methodology. In other words, they take a finished website and go through how it is constructed instea…
  • The title is a tad incorrect, this course is not an Introduction to HTML and CSS. You must already know all your html tags, attributes, elements and css selectors. What it is really great at though, is providing the student with solid knowledge of topics not often covered in regular web design courses, such as responsive grid designs, media queries, google fonts and css frameworks. It's quick, to the point and gives you everything necessary to build a nice modern but simple web page with marketable tools.
  • I went through 95%* of this in about 8-9 hours total. It's... so so. A bit of a whistle stop tour of html & CSS, which left me feeling like I'd got it figured out, until I ran into roadblocks trying to do apparently simple things. Perhaps I missed…
  • Anonymous
    The pace picks up rapidly and at times you are left struggling to work out exactly what is required to move on. The principles are sound, but it jumps into Bootstrap for the final 1/3 which is fine but a little disjointed from the first. There is not enough sharing of best practice output and the final project stretches well beyond anything covered in the course leaving you a bit stuck. You can make it LOOK just like the image but it can be done in a fundamentally incorrect way but no explanation as to why. The best section is in the final 1/3 where you have Jacques run through, albeit too quickly, the building of an example.
  • Dissipate
    Like many other reviewers commented, the title of this course is misleading. It is not an introductory course for complete beginners to HTML and CSS. The course is focussed on design, and I think you will need intermediate knowledge HTML and CSS, otherwise you will feel lost.

    I went in with basic knowledge, and the first few videos were fine but got progressively worse as the instructors glazed over concepts and did not do much explaining. I felt like there were lots of gaps and I had to do a lot of self-learning. It was frustrating, and I stopped the course to explore other courses and books on web development.
  • Anonymous
    The course is so so, but it teaches bad practices for front-end developers. It's definitely not a course for beginners since it does not teach fundamental aspects.
  • Profile image for Aryaman Karmarkar
    Aryaman Karmarkar
    I got the basic knowledge of the html and css and how they are used for creating and designing the websites.
  • A great introduction to the Bootstrap. Very easy-going approach and nice design examples. It is a practical, pragmatical and multi-side approach for developers, who lack of design methodologies and they can play with ready solutions and transform them into real sites. The course begins with easy steps and at the end you can build up furthermore, as you have the sources to do as extended as you want.
  • Pratham Soni
    Much better experience than other courses and Loved the way they explained and took quiz just to be practical in every topic
  • Profile image for Harshvardhanpatel
    Course reviews are a way for you to get feedback directly from the students who are taking your courses. Reviews provide you with a general idea of what is and is not working in your course. Course reviews are also a potential source of trust-buildi…
  • Profile image for Wania Wania
    Wania Wania
    Great very useful course. I totally loved this one. I need more courses like this one. This course is very useful for those who are the beginners in computer programming. Thank you For this course
  • Profile image for Mohammed Adnan
    Mohammed Adnan
    This HTML and CSS course on Class Central was fantastic! The content was clear and well-structured, making it easy to grasp the concepts. The hands-on exercises were especially helpful in reinforcing my learning. Highly recommended!
  • SHAIKH Rafik
    one of the best platform & opportunity
    I have learn HTML basic to all the element and Tags.
    Hyper Text Markup Langauge is the Structure of web page.
  • A somewhat misleading title as most would benefit from a basic understanding of HTML/CSS prior to starting the course.

    While touching on the basics of HTML/CSS the majority of the course is focused on design principles such as responsive grid designs and techniques such as media queries, google fonts and frameworks.

    The course is best suited for those looking to move forward from an understanding of HTML/CSS Tags & Syntax into the basics of front-end web design.

    Those with no prior experience in HTML/CSS should look elsewhere first.
  • Fortunately, I had some previous experience with html so I was able to move through the course rather quickly. However, I found it enlightening in regards to learning some basic CSS language as well as promoting healthy design habits. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to "get their feet wet" in website design. *I don't think previous knowledge of HTML is necessary for this course.
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    Md Zobaidul Islam
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