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Build 11 Arduino Practical Projects today!

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Learn by Practicing real world Projects to apply everything you have learned

What you'll learn:
  • Connect different type of sensors and actuators to Arduino
  • Interface different type of electronic elements with Arduino
  • Use sensors and actuators to make useful projects
  • Program, burn a code and wire Arduino
  • Learn What are the right tools that you need to start making amazing projects
  • Learn What makes a great Arduino Project

Learning by theory and simulation is only half the answer, but connecting, wiring, and burning a code to an actual Arduino, not a simulated one, is the other more important half. This is what we will cover in this course: learning by making Arduino Practical Projects.

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Welcome to this course.

Learning by doing is what makes the difference between someone who learns and someone who applies what they learned.

In this course, you will get the chance to see Arduino in action, starting from simulation and moving forward to connecting the hardware and testing the code in real life. This will help you make sure your circuit works as expected and you can witness yourself building your first fully functional Arduino project.

The most important thing to note here is that when a circuit works in simulation, that doesn’t mean it will work in real life. In more than 85% of cases, the simulated circuit doesn’t work when you connect it.

Why You Should Take This Course?

  • Step-by-Step Videos: Show you how to code and connect hardware.

  • Coding Challenges: Teach you new programming concepts.

  • Hands-On Coding: Practice real-world applications.

  • Demonstrations: Easy-to-understand explanations on how circuits work and the purpose of each component.

What is the Best Way to Learn?

Learning by doing Arduino practical projects is the approach that I prefer. This method allows you to not only master new Arduino skills but also gain practical knowledge along the way.

Arduino Motion Detector: Step By Step Guide

Make your own Arduino Motion Detector and start catching intruders, controlling devices, and exploring many more cool applications. This course will show you how to build an Arduino Motion Detector Device that will trigger an alarm once an intruder is detected within a range of 6 to 7 meters. It will guide you step-by-step through understanding each component inside the device circuit, how it functions, and how to wire it up.

Arduino Radar: Step By Step Guide

Create your own radar using Arduino and get a green map showing objects on your screen in no time. This course takes you step-by-step through building your own radar station that collects data related to objects in the surrounding environment using ultrasonic sensors and a servo motor.

Arduino Web Control: Step By Step Guide

Make your own Arduino Web Control and start controlling any device you imagine using a simple webpage and Arduino. Learn how to interface and configure an Ethernet shield to control devices via the internet.

Automatic Weight Measuring Machine using Arduino

Learn how to make an Arduino Coin Operated Automatic Weight Measuring Machine. This guide will take you step-by-step through interfacing load cells with Arduino and converting data to display weight on an LCD or 7-segment display.

Automatic Irrigation System with Arduino

Create your own automatic irrigation system to stop manually checking your soil. This course will guide you through interfacing a soil moisture sensor with Arduino to automate the irrigation process.

Arduino Weather Station: Step By Step Guide

Build your own weather station using Arduino to measure temperature, humidity, and time. Learn how to wire and program sensors to display weather data on an LCD.

Arduino Multicolor RGB LED Lamp Controlled Using Bluetooth

Interface Arduino with a mobile app via Bluetooth to control RGB multicolor LEDs. This course will introduce you to mobile apps, Bluetooth control, and RGB LEDs.

Arduino Bluetooth: Step By Step Guide

Control your world using your smartphone with Arduino Bluetooth module interfacing. Learn how to control any device using Bluetooth technology embedded in your phone.

Arduino Wireless Power Transmission

Make your own Arduino Wireless Power Transmission project and learn the principles behind wireless power. This guide will show you how to build a wireless power transmission circuit with Arduino.

Arduino Alarm Clock Using a Real Time Clock and LCD Screen

Create your own Arduino Alarm Clock to set alarm times and interact with time and date variables. This course will teach you how to interface an RTC DS3231 module with Arduino and display time and date on an LCD.

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What You Will Learn

  • Build 11 practical Arduino projects

  • Interface various sensors and components with Arduino

  • Write and test Arduino code for real-world applications

  • Gain hands-on experience in electronics and programming

Who Is This Course For

  • Electronics hobbyists and makers

  • Students and professionals interested in Arduino projects

  • Anyone looking to learn Arduino through practical projects


  • Basic knowledge of Arduino

  • A computer with internet access

  • Enthusiasm to learn and create

About the Instructor

Educational Engineering Team

Team of skilled Engineers Sharing Knowledge with the World

Educational Engineering Team is a Leading Team in Microcontroller Industry, with over 13 Years of Experience in Teaching and Doing Practical Projects.

We strive to put all our hands-on experience in these courses. Instead of superficial knowledge - we go into the depth of the topic and give you the exact - step by step blueprint on how to tame simple as well as complex topics in easy and digestible bite-sized videos.

This real-world knowledge enables you to grasp knowledge easily, and you can apply this learning immediately to your life and projects.

Educational Engineering Team has been in the Programming and Microcontroller business since 2007. We have been part of many projects. Over the course of these years - we have gained a good insight into students’ and educators’ needs. We are passionate about sharing all our collective knowledge with you. As of 2018, we have already taught over 250k-THOUSAND students and counting.

Currently, we have more than 100+ Courses on Udemy

Educator and Author of "Educational Engineering".

Ashraf is an educator, Mechatronics engineer, electronics and programming hobbyist, and Maker. He creates online video courses on the EduEng YouTube Channel (More Than 4 Million View, 20k + Subscriber) and author of four Microcontroller books.

As a Chief Educational Engineer since 2007 at Educational Engineering Team, the company he founded, Ashraf’s mission is to explore new trends and technology and help educate the world and make it a better place.

Educational Engineering offers educational courses and Bootcamps, articles, lessons, and online support for electronics hobbyists, Programming hobbyists, Microcontroller hobbyists, STEM students, and STEM teachers.

That team also works as freelancer engineers, helping many students in their graduation projects, and provide guidance and consulting for many students over the years to help them kick-start their career.

Ashraf’s core skill is explaining difficult concepts through in a step by step easy to understand matter using video and text. With over 11 years of tertiary teaching experience, Ashraf has developed a simple yet comprehensive and informative style in teaching that students from all around the world appreciate.

His passion for Microcontrollers and Programming and in particular for the world of Arduino, PIC Microcontroller, Rasberry Pi has guided his personal development and his work through Educational Engineering.

Ashraf’s online courses have helped over 250,000 people from around the world to be better and to make a great career in the industry.

Educational Engineering Team offers Courses on

  • Circuit Design, Simulation, and PCB Fabrication

  • Arduino, PIC Microcontroller, and Raspberry Pi

  • Programming in C, Python, and other programming languages

  • PLC Industrial Programming and Automation

  • 3D Design and Simulation

  • ESP and IoT World

Taught by

Educational Engineering Team, Tech Geeks, Ashraf Said and Sammar Madhoun


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