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Machine Learning And Data Science With Python Bootcamp 2021

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Learn Machine learning and data science with python and solve real world machine learning problems

What you'll learn:
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Sklearn

The Importance of Machine Learning

Machine learning has several very practical applications that drive the kind of real business results – such as time and money savings – that have the potential to dramatically impact the future of your organization. At Interactions in particular, we see tremendous impact occurring within the customer care industry, whereby machine learning is allowing people to get things done more quickly and efficiently. Through Virtual Assistant solutions, machine learning automates tasks that would otherwise need to be performed by a live agent – such as changing a password or checking an account balance. This frees up valuable agent time that can be used to focus on the kind of customer care that humans perform best: high touch, complicated decision-making that is not as easily handled by a machine. At Interactions, we further improve the process by eliminating the decision of whether a request should be sent to a human or a machine: unique Adaptive Understanding technology, the machine learns to be aware of its limitations, and bail out to humans when it has a low confidence in providing the correct solution.

Machine learning has made dramatic improvements in the past few years, but we are still very far from reaching human performance. Many times, the machine needs the assistance of human to complete its task. At Interactions, we have deployed Virtual Assistant solutions that seamlessly blend artificial with true human intelligence to deliver the highest level of accuracy and understanding.

Finding Better Career Opportunities

Machine learning is being used in different fields; health care, finance, business and others, and that’s why it empowers any person working in any field. A report done by TMR noted that machine learning as a service is predicted to grow to $19.9 billion by the end of 2025, from a mere $1.07 billion in 2016. Actually, a lot of companies are now investing in machine learning since it covers different things, such as image recognition, medicine, cyber security, facial recognition and more.

When you come to understand and learn machine learning, you open more gates for yourself in the future. It is not just about finding a better career opportunity, but it is also about taking your business to another level or making it part of something global.

Receiving Better Salaries

Better career opportunities always bring better salaries along with them, and learning machine learning will bring you better career opportunities with a better salary. According to Indeed, the average machine learning engineer salary is approximately $146,085 which is about 344% increase since 2015.

Machine Learning Jobs are on the rise

One of the other important reasons why it would benefit you to learn more about machine learning is being able to fill any of the job posts that are posted. The top tech companies are always searching for machine learning engineers who can build algorithms. According to Indeed, the number of machine learning jobs have been rising from 2014, stating that the number of machine learning engineer job postings outstrip the number of searches for machine learning. This lack could actually lead to a gap between the number of jobs posted and the number of employees to fill them, and that’s why it’s important to learn machine learning.

You Could Also Land for a Data Scientist Job

In addition to becoming a machine learning engineer, machine learning could actually help you land for a data scientist job since it is directly linked to data science. Learning machine learning will always make you a hot choice for employers since you will be able to serve them in both ways; as a machine learning engineer and a data scientist. This means that you can analyze data, extract value from it, and later use this information to train a computer how to predict results.

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