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German Language B1 - Intermediate German

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Learn German Language From A Native & Experienced German Teacher - Learn German Grammar and More!

What you'll learn:
  • After this B1 course you will know all B1 German Grammar.
  • Future in the present tense - Zukunft im Präsens
  • Learn different indications of time for the future - Zeitangaben - Zukunft
  • Learn how to use the German modal particles - Modalpartikel
  • Causal conjunctional adverbs - Kausale Konjunktionaladverbien
  • Causal adverbs - Kausaladverbien
  • Article word "Welch-" - Artikelwort "Welch-"
  • Article word "Irgendein-" - Artikelwort "Irgendein-"
  • As if - als ob
  • The Verb "Brauchen" And Its Correct Usage
  • conjunctions - Konjunktionen
  • The German Word "nämlich"
  • Pronoun - Pronomen
  • Subclauses With "dass"
  • Adjective ending -bar - Adjektivendung -bar
  • Final indications - Finalangaben
  • Learn the difference between "von" and "aus"
  • The verb lassen" and its correct usage in the German language
  • Impersonal expressions - Unpersönliche Ausdrücke
  • Classes of irregular verbs - Klassen der unregelmäßigen Verben
  • Genitive - Genitiv
  • Genitive possessive articles - Genitiv Possessivartikel
  • Demonstrative pronoun in the genitive - Demonstrativpronomen Genitiv
  • "indem" and sodass"
  • adjective declension - Adjektivdeklination
  • Concessional sentences - Konzessivsätze
  • Modal verbs and their different meanings
  • Directional adverbs - Direktionaladverbien
  • German Perfect tense - Perfekt
  • Modals - Modalangaben
  • Indirect questions - Indirekte Fragen
  • conditional clauses - Konditionalsätze
  • Infinitive clauses - Infinitivsätze
  • Compounds - Komposita
  • ast tense - Präteritum
  • Past tense - Präteritum
  • The German word "werden" as an indication of change - Veränderung
  • weil - da - denn
  • Unreal wishes - Konjunktiv II - irreale Wünsche
  • Wishful sentences - Konjunktiv II - Wunschsätze
  • Modal verbs - Konjunktiv II - Modalverben
  • The word "falls"
  • Verbs with infinitive - Verben mit Infinitiv
  • Prefix -un - Präfix -un
  • Prepositional adverbs - Präpositionaladverbien
  • Verbs with a prepositional object - Verben mit Präpositionalobjekt
  • relative pronouns - Relativpronomen
  • Temporal subordinate clauses - Temporale Nebensätze
  • Process passive - Vorgangspassiv
  • Passive in the subordinate clause - Passiv im Nebensatz
  • Passive without a subject - Passiv ohne Subjekt
  • Passive in the perfect tense - Passiv im Perfekt
  • Passive in past tense - Passiv im Präteritum
  • Passive in the past perfect - Passiv im Plusquamperfekt
  • Adjectives as nouns - Adjektive als Nomen
  • Adjective combination - Adjektiv-Kombination
  • Multipart conjunctions - Mehrteilige Konjunktionen
  • Modal adverbs - Modaladverbien
  • Participle II as a noun - Partizip II als Substantiv
  • Learn German Idioms
  • Learn about the German educational system
  • Learn about German Celebrations
  • Learn about German Culture (Food, Places, Virtues)
  • Tips on how to learn a language more efficiently
  • German Tongue Twisters
  • Question Marathon
  • German Mnemonics
  • Cognates – identical or very similar words in English and German
  • Dictations
  • Preparation for the speaking part of the official German B1 exam
  • Final exam

Learn German B1 Level From An Experienced Native German Teacher!

This German course will start by introducing you to probably the easiest part of the German B1 grammar and work your way up to learning the intermediate level of the German language.

Apart from the 79 German grammar lectures, this course also includes 5 videos about German idioms. German culture, the German Educational System, German celebrations as well as valuable tips on how to learn languages more efficiently. This course also includes one video which will prepare you for the speaking part of the German B1 official language certification.

You will also find a PDF file with homework attached to each chapter as well the presentation of each lesson as a PDF file. We will also have a final exam to test what you have learned in the German online course.

Goals and Learnings:

  • Become Competent In German B1 Grammar

  • Learn More About the German Culture Like Food, Celebrations and Sights

  • Learn German Tongue Twisters to Practice Your German Pronunciation

  • Learn About The German Educational System

  • Get Valuable Tips On How To Learn German More Efficiently

  • Learn Common German Idioms To Sound More Like Natives

  • Write Dictations And a Final Exam

  • And Much More!

You will learn the following:

German Grammar:
Zukunft im Präsens | Zeitangaben - Zukunft | Modalpartikel | Kausale Konjunktionaladverbien | Kausaladverbien | Artikelwort "Welch-"| Artikelwort "Irgendein-" | Als ob | Das Verb "brauchen"| Konjunktionen | Das Verb "nämlich" | Pronomen | Nebensätze mit "dass" | Adjektivendung -bar | Finalangaben | Unterschied zwischen "von" und "aus" | Das Verb “lassen" | unpersönliche Ausdrücke | Klassen der unregelmäßigen Verben | Genitiv | Genitiv Possessivartikel | Demonstrativpronomen Genitiv | "indem" und sodass" | Adjektivdeklination | Konzessive Sätze | Modalverben und ihre Bedeutung | Direktionaladverbien | Perfekt | Modalangaben | Indirekte Fragen | Konditionalsätze | Infinitivsätze | Komposita | Präteritum | Plusquamperfekt | Werden - Veränderung | weil - da - denn | Konjunktiv II - irreale Wünsche | Konjunktiv II - Wunschsätze | Konjunktiv II - Modalverben | Das Wort "falls" | Verben mit Infinitiv | Präfix un- | Präpositionaladverbien | Verben mit Präpositionalobjekt | Relativpronomen | Temporale Nebensätze | Vorgangspassiv | Passiv im Nebensatz | Passiv ohne Subjekt | Passiv im Perfekt | Passiv im Präteritum | Passiv im Plusquamperfekt | Adjektive als Nomen | Adjektiv-Kombination | Mehrteilige Konjunktionen | Modaladverbien | Partizip II als Substantiv

German Culture:

  • German Idioms

  • German Educational System

  • German Holidays

  • German Culture (Food, Places, Virtues)

German Vocabulary:

  • Social Media


  • Tips On How To Learn A Language More Efficiently

  • German Mnemonics Which Will Help You To Memorize Better

  • Final Exam To Check What You Have Learned In This Course

  • Question Marathon Whether There Are Any Gaps From The German A1 / A2 Level

  • Recommendations For Great Websites With Which You Can Practice Even More German

  • Recommendations For Great Books To Learn German

  • German Tongue Twisters To Practice Your Pronunciation

  • Cognates – Identical Or Very Similar Words In English And German. This Will Make Learning German Vocabulary Easier For You

  • Dictations to Practice Your Writing Skills And Listening Comprehension

  • Preparation For The Speaking Part Of The Official German B1 Exam

✔ 15 hours of guided video content!

✔ Download all course material!

✔ 30 day-money-back-guarantee!

✔ You only pay once and get life-long access!

✔ Learn wherever and whenever you want! You have full flexibility!

✔ You will have German and English subtitles for a better learning experience and understanding!

✔ You will have exercises after most chapters!

✔ You get homework if you like to practice further!

Why taking this German course?

✔ Learn from a native German teacher with 10+ years of experience in teaching. Thus, you will also learn the correct German pronunciation, without accent or dialect.

✔Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like! Therefore, have maximum flexibility!

✔Join 70,000+ happy students in 160+ countries who are already taking our courses!

✔You have a 30-day-money-back guarantee! Thus, you have no risk and nothing to lose!

✔Safe money! Our courses are much more affordable than any traditional course!

✔Learn in a structured way with clear explanations! Each chapter and course builds on each other.

Why learning German?

Learning and speaking German gives you amazing benefits!

  • We need you! As of 2023 there are more than two Million unfilled job vacancies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! And this trend is rising. Especially in the fields of medicine, engineering in mechanical and vehicle construction, electrical engineering, IT and software development, programming, education, health care and social work. It is made easier for skilled foreign workers to immigrate, but in most cases the requirement is to speak German at least on the language level of B1.

  • Through the German language you get access to world class higher education! German schools and universities are basically free of charge for everyone! Germany is one of the world's most popular places to study for foreigners. Around 320,000 international students were enrolled in Germany in 2020.

  • Make more money by speaking German! Even if you don´t plan to live in a German speaking country there are many international German companies which are looking for German speakers worldwide who earn more than their non-German-speaking colleagues. Some of the renowned German companies are BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens, Allianz, Bosch, Deutsche Bank and Villeroy & Boch.

  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland belong to the countries with the highest standards of living. The German speaking countries have diversity, affordability, thriving economies, art, creativity, business, technology, culture and much more! The German economy is the strongest and biggest in Europe!

  • Learn German to challenge yourself, improve your brain development and for your personal growth! Learning and speaking a new language also boosts your confidence! According to a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, learning a new language has a positive effect on the growth of brain cells. The study also found that people who learned a second language had improved cognition, including better memory and faster thinking skills. Furthermore, the researchers found that the benefits persisted even after the participants stopped learning the new language. The findings also suggest that learning a second language can help prevent age-related cognitive decline and can even have benefits for our overall intelligence.

  • With more than 100 million German speakers German is the most spoken language in the European Union! Thus the chances are high that you can apply German even outside of the German speaking countries also because Germans are the second most travelling nation worldwide and can be found everywhere!

  • If you already speak English it will be easier for you to learn German as both languages are Germanic languages. There are hundreds of so-called cognates which are words which are identical or very similar in English and German. Such as the words finger, hand, glass and many many more!

  • Germany´s capital Berlin is one of the most popular cities for entrepreneurs worldwide! Virgin has recognized Berlin as one of the best startup hubs for entrepreneurs and job seekers. As one of the most international cities in Europe, Berlin is diverse, multicultural, and full of creative and ambitious talent. Berlin is also much more affordable than other hotspots like San Francisco.

  • German is the second most commonly used language in the Science community! Some of the greatest innovators were native German speakers such as Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Max Planck, Carl Gustav Jung, Gottlieb Daimler, Rudolf Diesel, Karl Benz and many more! Also some of the greatest composers and poets like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller and Hermann Hesse came from German speaking countries! Get access to their original works through the German language!

Try the program for 30 days…Risk free!

You have 30 days to go through the “German Language B1 – Intermediate German” and to decide whether you like it or not. If you are not satisfied you can claim your 30-days-money-back guarantee! So, there is no risk involved for you!

You still have questions about the program?

When is the course being held?

- The course is prerecorded so it gives you a maximum flexibility on when and where you want to learn. You will have access at any time. All you only need an internet connection and a device such as your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

For how long will I have access?

- You will have a life time access to the course.

Can I access the entire course at once?

- Yes, once you enroll you can access the entire course and advance as slowly or as quickly as you like. No pressure, you decide!

There are many German courses. How is your different?

- As Julia is a native speaker she is teaching the standard German which is understood in all German speaking countries, without any dialect or accent. In each lesson just one subject is taught and you get clear and on point explanations. The course is well organized and each chapter and course is built on each other. Furthermore, you get great value for a very affordable price.

What happens if I don´t like the course?

- Since you have a 30-days-money-back guarantee you can return the course and your money will be reimbursed. There is no risk involved for you!

Can I really learn a language online?

- Yes, learning and practicing grammar, improving your listening and reading comprehension, writing and learning interesting facts about Germany and the German culture are all possible with an online course. However, since you won´t have a speaking partner within the program it is advisable to practice speaking German with a private German tutor or other people who speak German, for example.

Isn´t it better to learn in a school?

- That is a matter of personal preference. Learning online as well as in a school has both its benefits. In a school you can learn together with others with a set schedule. An online course on the other hand is more affordable, flexible as you decide when and where to learn at your own pace and there is no commuting to a physical school needed, which safes you time. So it really depends on your personal preference.

If you are not familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; here is a brief overview:

A1 - Complete beginner

A2 - Elementary

B1 - Intermediate

B2 - Upper intermediate

C1 - Advanced

C2 - Proficient

I hope you join me inside the course & have you as one of my students.

Join my course now!

Taught by

Julia Krist


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