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Logistics Management: International Transport & Shipping

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Logistics Supply Chain Management Basics - Transport / Import - Export your Freight / Inventory by Air, Sea or Land

What you'll learn:
  • How to Import / Export your first shipment (Air , Land & Sea)
  • Logistics and Transportation as part of your Supply Chain Management
  • Overview of all the steps and timeline for a typical international freight transportation
  • Prepare your shipment - key things you need to know to avoid delay, fees, and ensure a smooth transit
  • Should you ship FCL or LCL...
  • How to decide if to ship by Air vs Sea - calculate the value of time saved
  • Incoterms - FOB, EXW, DDP etc. - essential international terminology to understand your quote and responsibilities
  • Selecting and Working with Freight Forwarders and 3PL
  • Clearing Customs - Top Tips
  • Costs - all the expected and possible costs of making an international shipment - calculate your margin
  • Calculating your Volumetric and Chargeable Weight
  • Documentation : Essential Documents you'll Need - What they are and why you need them

This practical, beginners course prepares you with the fundamentals of Logistics Management & International Trade: specifically, your first freight / cargo transportation - international or domestic. Air, Sea or Land.

This course is for importers / exporters, freight transporters, and the new or aspiring supply chain, inventory & operations manager. Also ideal for, Amazon FBA entrepreneurs, drop-shippers, small retail owners or private labellers.

  • Take control of your logistics to have and "impact" and "improve" your business supply chain operations – be that in manufacturing, services, retail, wholesale, import/ export or arbitrage.

  • Equip yourself to take a new leading role in your workplace – improving your industry knowledge and avoid some famous ways to screw up!

  • Understand the fundamentals, then details of the essentials of making a freight shipment by sea, land or air, the core business trade-offs, essential terminology, documentation, tax, costs and timelines.

  • Become the freight transport authority in your team - get that shipment made, relaxed, knowing that you’ve got things in hand!

Course Sections:

1. Introduction to International Transportation Logistics

2. Overview Timeline of an Import Export Shipment and International Transport

3. Your Cargo / Goods / Inventory – Essential you need to know to prepare for shipping

4. Planning your Shipment - Air, Sea & Land

5. Documentation – Essential Documents you need to know about

6. 3rd Party Logistics & Freight Forwarders

7. Costs – All the costs involved in an international shipment, calculations, templates and examples.

8. Conclusion

9. Bonus Material - A selection of relevant videos from my courses on Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management & Lean Operations

Global logistics is an essential part of millions of businesses – big and small. But making your first shipment can be a very daunting prospect. Just like arriving at your new holiday destination, stepping out of the airport into a busy unfamiliar city; the options are huge, risks aplenty, with pitfalls and cons at every turn trying to stop you from having a great day out.

You need some specific information to give you back your power: - A reliable guide of what you should do, things you should prepare, questions you need to ask, how to select who you do business with, what you should expect from your service, what “normal” looks like.

Put yourself in the driving seat with confidence to start planning your own freight cargo shipment or take a leading role in your business’s new logistic operations – importing, exporting or freight handling.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Overview of all the steps in an international freight shipment with typical timelines.

  • Critical things to know about your cargo – So that you don’t pay extra tax, get fined or delayed.

  • Trade off of time vs money with different transport options. What is time spent in transit worth?

  • Understanding quotes from transportation providers – actual, volumetric and chargeable weight.

  • Incoterms – e.g., FOB, EXW, DDP – telling you what your shipping quote price actually includes.

  • Containers and Pallets - How to choose if you should use your “own” container “FCL” – full container load or share with others “LCL”. Things to know and prepare if palletizing.

  • Documentation - Know your “commercial invoice” from your “packing list”, your “certificate of conformity” from your MSDS… A small mistake here could be a big, costly delay.

  • 3rd Party Logistics providers / freight forwarders - What they are, what they do and how best to work with them.

  • Costs – Plan for “all” the costs involved in making a shipment. Don’t get caught out. Worked examples and use my cost template to predict your total cost and margin.

  • Bonus Material - 8 Selected videos especially relevant to extend your knowledge on logistics from my other courses on Operations & Supply Management, Inventory Management and Lean Operations.

Whether you work in retail, import/export, manufacturing production, distribution and logistics or as a supply chain service provider; nailing a full set of fundamentals in international logistics, transportation and freight shipping will let you play a key role in your business's success.

Giving you a solid grasp of freight logistics & transportation, essential to be a valued member of your supply chain team or to be considered for a managerial position where greater levels of high-level understanding are required.

Take control of your logistics and transportation and equip yourself with a solid base in Logistics Management; full of practical insights and essential knowledge that you can use right now to ensure your first shipment is a roaring success!

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