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QGIS for Beginners #1: QGIS Orientation. +Free eBooks

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QGIS tutorial: Learn the fundamentals of QGIS 3 in ONE DAY

What you'll learn:
  • Install QGIS3. Orientation of the interface. Shade & validate maps. Present maps - scalebar, nth arrow, annotations. Turn acrobat into a GIS viewer with geopdfs
  • How to open QGIS maps and QGIS air photos. And change their appearance.
  • QGIS 3 Project Files: Recreate screen environments from days, months or even years ago.
  • Thematic map creation and colour scheme selection: Choose a colour scheme so that your maps are easy to compare to each other, and tell a story.
  • Time-series (shaded) thematic maps.
  • How to validate Geospatial data: Why it is important to validate GIS mapping and how to go about doing it.
  • Understand the relationship between a GIS map, the data, and the metadata that lies behind it.
  • Geospatial concepts: Why maps have limitations. Why GIS maps are rich geospatial databases. Map overlay. The four types of GIS map objects.
  • Map interpretation: The shapes, colors and other visual clues in GIS maps and air photos can be surrogates for both socio-economic and environmental information
  • Map presentation (cartography): Using the QGIS Layout feature to add metadata, scalebars, north arrows and inset maps.
  • Export formats including geopdf maps that turn Adobe Acrobat into a GIS viewer. This functionality is AMAZING!

Join me, a GIS researcher, teacher, modeller and consultant since 1993, in this step-by-step follow-along style practical QGIS tutorial. I’ll have you exploring maps, solving geographical problems, thematic mapping and presenting maps in no time.

BONUS #1: 111 page follow-along Introduction to QGIS 3 eBook.

BONUS #2: 70 page Environmental Mapping and GIS eBook.

BONUS #3: 69 page follow-along Introduction to the QGIS Layout eBook.

BONUS #4: Practice datasets.

BONUS #5: HD video and studio quality audio.


Let me teach you the beginners basics of QGIS using HD videos, free eBooks and teaching datasets, Step-by-Step Follow-Along style.

Download the practice datasets, watch the videos, refer to the eBook resources if you need to, and follow along using the FREE QGIS 3 Software

Start now and you'll Learn to use QGIS 3 in no-time. You could be using your own GIS maps on your own computer this time tomorrow.

By the end of this QGIS tutorial you will have mastered the most-used QGIS tools. You will emerge with the confidence to do common geospatial tasks in QGIS. You’ll have the skills to quickly advance to intermediate level geospatial projects.

In sections 1-3, you'll download and install QGIS 3, and the practice dataset. Then I’ll teach you basic QGIS skills like opening maps, tables and air photos, and zooming, panning and interactive querying.

In section 4, I’ll teach you how to harness the relationship between maps and tables to simplify complex geographical problems. You'll gain insights into thematic mapping - selecting color schemes, and the need to think about the local geography when you validate your maps. And you'll put your new skills into practice with two thematic mapping projects: shading a data category map and creating time series maps.

In section 4, you'll learn GIS concepts. The four types of GIS objects, the limitations of maps (especially in terms of scale), and map overlay. PLUS, there’s a bonus 69 page Environmental Mapping with GIS eBook.

In section 6 thru 11, I’ll teach you how to present maps using the QGIS Layout feature. 21st century cartography!

This QGIS tutorial has over THREE HUNDRED 5 STAR REVIEWS. Here’s what some of my recent students have to say about my teaching style…

James S: Very detailed information about the software and industry. A great way to level up GIS skills.

Mark L: …Your presentation was excellent, and I understood your presentations, and if I didn't get the process the first time, it was no problem going back and reviewing the section. I look forward to applying what I have learned to my map-making. I also look forward to availing myself of more of your training.

Jonas V: All the steps are well explained and easy to follow. Good audio and practical examples.

John F: Excellent. Especially as you talk us through all the nuts and bolts, what they mean and what they do instead of just assuming we know - we don't - or at least I don't!! Thanks.

Christopher D: I came in with ArcGIS background and wanted to learn the open source side of things. I found the course to be very helpful.

Bryan T: Definitely a good start for anyone planning to learn QGIS for the vary first time. Instructions were very clear too.

Mark F: Good intro class for a beginner GIS user. I'm very quickly realizing the power of using GIS as a tool for many different applications.

André S: Well structured and explained course. Provide a short but complete overview of the technical and conceptual bases of GIS analytics. Some complementary documents and above all a thorough e-book on QGIS provide an extra value of practical learning.

Karin K: Excellent course for beginners like me. I enjoyed being led through the QGIS interface, being introduced to the relevant functions, being able to try out myself, and at the same time getting a profound theoretical background. I especially liked that you discussed the geographer's approach and emphasized how important it is to keep thinking about what you are doing.

All the techniques and concepts I teach in my QGIS tutorials For Beginners series have been proven in the research and consulting environments over the last 24 years.


Q. Your QGIS tutorial does not use ARC. Does this matter?

A. No, it does not matter. I teach you the basics of GIS mapping in a way that’s applicable to ALL GIS software, even Arc.

Q. I have no experience with QGIS. Does that matter?

A. No previous GIS or QGIS knowledge is assumed.

Q. I am worried that this QGIS tutorial will be like many other technical courses - abstract and hard to follow.

A. All exercises are deliberately based on the practical GIS problems that I encounter day-to-day in my GIS consultancy. All my QGIS tutorial for Beginners courses use datasets covering the same area - Yarmouth in Massachusetts. That means my QGIS tutorials build on each other so you get to understand that the value and usefulness of maps over an area increases as more maps are added. Download the teaching datasets and follow-along with the videos.

Q. What Work Materials are there to support the QGIS tutorial?

A. Two eBooks with screen captures and explanations to compliment the videos, and so you can follow along, zip files containing the same teaching datasets I use in the videos.

Q. Do I need to purchase software to do this QGIS tutorial?

A. No, there is no need to purchase software. We’ll use the FREE QGIS 3. I show you how to download and install this.

Q. I want to buy this QGIS tutorial today, but I don’t have time to do the course right now. How long do I have access to the course for?

A. You have Unlimited Lifetime Access to the course (including future upgrades)

Q. What if I decide this QGIS tutorial is not for me.

A. I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked full 30-day money-back guarantee!

Q. If I have a problem, can I ask questions?

A. Yes. I welcome questions. I enjoy helping my students. Questions also help me improve this QGIS tutorial. Its best to use the Q&A area for this.

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I look forward to seeing you inside!


Taught by

Ian Allan


4.5 rating at Udemy based on 607 ratings

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