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theVIOLINcode | Beginner Violin Lessons | Units 1 - 5 Bundle

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This is probably the only beginner's violin course you will need to start your violin journey.

What you'll learn:
  • Anyone can learn to play the violin, if the tricky concepts are presented in a simple way.
  • Start learning some of the most popular tunes on the violin and impress your friends.
  • Learn to read music notation gradually, without effort, just by practicing the simple exercises in the course.
  • Build a very intuitive and healthy violin and bow hold. No other course will teach you such a comprehensive and proper way for playing the violin!
  • Learn reliable practice strategies, which you can use to learn new songs.

Hello! This is Dr. Yuliyan Stoyanov.

I would like to welcome and congratulate you for your desire to learn to play the violin. With my courses you can fulfill your dream of becoming an advanced violinist from the comfort of your own home. Regardless of your innate talent, age, or physical capabilities, if learning to play the violin is your heart’s desire, I'll help you attain that goal.

Let me tell you a secret - you already know how to play the violin. All the movements we utilize to hold the violin or draw the bow on the strings, you already know how to do. They are part of your daily life. The only thing you need is to make a connection between these movements and the movements required to play the violin. Let me be the teacher who will guide you every step of the way to mastery and will show you the true beauty of playing the violin!

Don't hesitate! There is no better time than now. First little steps will soon become great strides toward your success!

theVIOLINcode is designed for you to get results:

  • Short lessons, so you can focus easily

  • Gradual introduction to each technique

  • Detailed explanations

  • Exercises in "call and response" fashion

  • Structured lesson plan

The biggest challenge for you as a beginner violinist is not simply to imitate your teachers in order to learn how they play the violin...

…It is to understand how to use your own body, to find the most comfortable and healthiest playing style for yourself.

I will work with you to help you discover it, making your violin journey even more exciting!

Over 4,500 students in more than 100 countries all over the world!

I am so grateful for your incredible support! It gives me the inspiration to keep working and provide high-quality violin instruction.

Check out what the others are saying about the course and come to see for yourself how much more efficient and exciting your violin journey could be:

  • "This was the first useful course on the violin I've seen on Udemy. Others were either too basic or too slow-going or not technical enough. But this one was awesome in that he goes over the proper form for holding the bow, good posture and holding the violin and does a very good job of building up fundamentals."

  • "This course is perhaps the most useful I have seen for the violin. It is full of very specific and practical information that helps the student really understand the process."

  • "Exercises are deceivingly simple but very effective."

  • "This course covers the subject from scratch the instructor is as clear as possible and his knowledge and passion give me the excitement to learn and study and to bring it into my classroom for my students. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

  • "Wow, I love the technical depth that he's gone into, so far, for the violin's anatomy and how the human physiology affects playing the violin."

  • "This Course is extremely thorough and helpful!! Would recommend it to anyone."

  • "Great course, really enjoyed it! Excellent coverage of the fundamentals. I thought the step-by-step process of learning the songs at the end by doing them a small chunk at a time was a great process. Thank you so much for this course, I'm looking forward to your next level violin course!"

  • "The instructor is very clear in his explanations and is highly positive in his teaching approach which motivates me to practice the violin every day. His experience with this instrument is clearly visible in the way he gives attention to even the very small details. Overall, a great course for a beginner like me."

  • "It helped open my eyes to how the violin works and how to hold the bow in a more comfortable way. I also learned new songs quicker than I usually do because of the clear teaching methods involved. I feel I am getting better at the violin already."

  • "This a great course, very informative. With information not only about the violin, but anatomy as well. Amazing!"

  • "Blown away by how well he breaks down all the gazillion technicalities you need to keep in mind while playing. HIGHLY recommended."

  • "Very detailed, never realized there was so much to learn in just holding the bow."

  • "Very concise explanations about the process of using the bow and also how the left hand is used on the finger board. Excellent course so far."

  • "Wow, this course is wonderful! I had been doing everything SO WRONG and I'm already seeing improvement! I am so glad i got this course. The instructor couldn't possibly be better!"

  • "I was able to really understand what he was doing and why. Great teacher."

  • "Very clear and comprehensive explanation. Just the right amount I needed."

  • "Over and above all my expectations."

  • "It was very informative. Your teaching method is very thorough and interesting. I have been teaching myself since my bow arm wrist has been smashed about 1-5 years ago, and I am learning more than ever, I am very happy!!!!!"

  • "Very easy to follow; super helpful for a beginner because of engaging instructor."

  • "I love this course! I have never picked up a violin before taking this and am surprised how successful I have been. Yuliyan takes everything step by step and is encouraging. If you've ever wanted to learn to play, this is the course for you. The lectures are informative, quick and easy to follow. It's also so great that you can go back and watch them as often as you need to. You will not be disappointed!"

What you need to take this course


You can take the first module without an instrument, but for the rest, naturally, you need a violin and a bow. Your first instrument should be easy to play, don't worry so much about value and sound. Head to your local violin shop or get a cheap violin online. Don't make this a reason to postpone your violin dream.


Get your love for music to light up the day. Hear the sound of everything around you, feel the rhythm inside you, think about all the music you will be able to play and get going with the step-by-step lessons.


The more you practice, the better you will play and the easier it will come along. Use every minute on hand to fiddle with the violin and you will discover that it can become your good friend very quickly.

What you don't need to take this course

Violin and a bow

Yes, you read this right. You can start with the first module armed with a simple pencil. I have found that many times students develop stiff bow hold because at the beginning they are afraid of dropping the bow. They hold it tightly and this becomes a habit later on. Until you learn to secure the bow without a tight grip, we will be using a pencil. This way you will develop a light and flexible bow hold.

Any knowledge about the violin

You don't need any previous knowledge about the violin. We start from the very beginning. However, if you have some previous experience and feel that the course is moving too slowly for you, simply watch these parts in a faster speed of the video player. Or, my recommendation is always to review carefully the basics, as they come back again and again.

Note-reading skills

Even if you don't know how to read notation you will be able to learn and practice all the exercises and songs in the courses. The added bonus here is that while you practice the songs by ear, you will be learning the notation subconsciously, as it is included on the screen, pointing out to each note we play. You will see what I mean, it's pretty cool.

Stop wasting your precious time searching the Internet for more random instructional videos. You deserve a better teacher than a violinist who would simply show you where to put your fingers. Let me be a true coach for you and help you achieve great results in the least amount of time.

Taught by

Yuliyan Stoyanov, DMA


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