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MySQL Database Administration: Beginner SQL Database Design

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Learn Database Design with MySQL Workbench. SQL DBA for Beginners: A Relational Database Management System Introduction.

What you'll learn:
  • Write SQL queries and use the MySQL Workbench UI to create databases and tables
  • Learn how to alter tables by adding and removing columns
  • Connect data between tables by creating primary and foreign key relationships
  • Assign user roles and permissions to database users, just like a real DBA
  • Solve practical hands-on assignments and real-world business use cases
  • Master unique tips, tools and case studies that you won't find anywhere else
  • Understand common Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
  • Get LIFETIME access to resource files, quizzes, assignments, and expert support

If you’re looking to develop practical, real-world analytics and BI skills and learn how to create and maintain databases, you’ve come to the right place.

This course is unlike anything you’ve seen before, guaranteed. We'll start from the ground up, teaching you the tools to get the job done, and most importantly how to you apply your skills to real projects and learn how to truly think like a Database Administrator.

You’ll be playing the role of a Database Administration Consultant for Maven Consulting, a firm that helps businesses create, maintain, and optimize their databases. Throughout the course, you’ll be working directly with the owners of various companies to help them manage data in their new and scaling enterprises. You will use the skills you learn to complete actual projects that database administration professionals work on every day.


  • SQLIntro &MySQLSetup

    For students who haven't completed one of our other SQL courses, we'll demonstrate exactly how to download and install the tools that we'll need to access MySQL, including MySQLCommunity Server &MySQLWorkbench. We'll share download guides for both Mac & PC, and run our first piece of SQLcode to generate the project database that we'll analyze throughout the course.

  • Creating, Altering, and Deleting Schemas & Tables

    In this section we'll learn how to create schemas and tables using SQLcode and with the Workbench UItools. Then, we will learn how to alter tables by adding and removing columns. Finally, we will walk through dropping schemas and tables (be careful with this one).

  • Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Records

    After we get up to speed creating and altering tables, we will learn how to populate those tables with records of data, and update and delete records as needed.

  • Database Design

    Now that we have covered the basic mechanics, we will learn how tables relate to one another optimally, and discuss best practices for database design. We will explore the EER Diagram Editor, and you will have some opportunities to create your own database models.

    Normalize this database for your client!

  • Advanced Concepts
    In this section, we will get into concepts like adding an index to a column, imposing constraints, and creating stored procedures and triggers. This is powerful stuff!

  • Server &User Management
    In our last section before the Final Project, we will learn how to monitor servers to make sure they are running, and how to restart them when needed. You will also get your hands on user management tools to assign roles and manage permissions, just like a real DBA.

    ***FINALCOURSEPROJECT: Design and build an entire database from scratch!

IMPORTANTNOTE:This course does NOTcover data exploration and database analysis. Our goal here is to focus on building, altering, and maintaining SQL/MySQL databases using MySQL and MySQLWorkbench (we cover data analysis in-depth in separate courses).


Enroll today and get LIFETIMEaccess to:

  • 7 hours of high-quality video

  • Downloadable MySQLebook and cheat sheets

  • Quizzes and homework assignments

  • Mid-course and Final SQLprojects

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re looking for a hands-on, practical guide to mastering database administration skills using SQL/MySQL, this is the course for you!

Happy administering!

-John (Lead SQLInstructor &MySQLExpert, Maven Analytics)


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See why John is one of theTOP-RATEDSQL/MySQLInstructors on Udemy:

"I totally loved this course! Everything was easy to understand, but it moved at a fast enough pace that I never got bored. I learned SO much about MySQLand had fun doing it. In fact, at the end of the day I didn't want to stop learning -- I wanted to keep charging on to the next lesson!"

- Ann S.

"This is an excellent advanced course! I've taken multiple SQL courses from Maven Analytics and recommend them all. The best part of this course is the detail they included by building a real world e-commerce database. It's much easier to grasp the concepts when you can see how they're literally applied to scenarios and outcomes as opposed to just theory. Great work!"

- Dan S.

"John's deep understanding of SQL and database analysis and ability to explain those tools is really unmatched. I've taken other SQL and MySQLcourses and tried reading books, but this course is by far the most effective. Excited to see more courses from John!"

- Steven M.

Taught by

Maven Analytics and John Pauler


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