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Programming in SAS for beginners

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Become an expert SAS analyst. Learn basics of SAS programming and advanced topics like SAS SQL Procedure and SAS Macros

What you'll learn:
  • It will equip you with the SAS technical skills and enhance your business analytics skills
  • After completion of this course you will be prepared for SAS certification exam
  • SAS University Edition and WPS – Learn about two of the most sought-after tools by both analytics professionals and beginners
  • Basics of SAS – This can be confusing for beginners. But we will cover concepts of variables, data steps, datasets and PROC’s in the most student friendly method
  • Importing data – Bring raw data that can be present in different formats into SAS environment
  • Data Manipulation – SAS functions and conditional data processing to start slicing and dicing data for analysis
  • SAS Procedures – inbuilt data analysis toolkits that provide large range of options and helps performing many data manipulation tasks quickly
  • Merging and exporting data – joining one or more datasets to get the complete view of the data
  • SAS SQL Procedure - In depth understanding of using Structured Query Language in SAS
  • SAS Macros - create modular programs and codes using this extremely flexible language

SAS Programming - from beginners to advanced users

This course is updated regularly to include new lectures, quizzes/practice activities

About the course

This course is your complete guide to mastering SAS programming language. This course covers all aspects of SAS programming, starting from basic concepts like – Variables. Datasteps, Datasets, PROC (SAS Procedures) and Importing data in SAS environment to performing operations on data using – SET statement, SAS Functions, Conditional Processing and handling Dates in SAS. It then leads to intermediate level concepts of using SAS Procedures where we cover PROC MEANS, PROC SORT, PROC FREQ and PROC PRINT. Base SAS concepts are then concluded with sessions on Data Merging and Exporting data out of SAS environment.

The next section covers SAS SQL procedure, which is Structured Query Language implementation in SAS environment. In this section we go deep into PROC SQL and cover each of its components – SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, HAVING. It leads to sessions on SQL JOINS – INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN and EXCLUSION JOINS.

We have recently added a new section to the course to cover SAS Macro programming language as well. It covers the concepts of Macro Variables and Macro Programs in great detail, something which is not done in any other beginner level course on this platform.

Needless to say, there are helpful quizzes included in all sections that will help you to cement the concepts learnt. Also, we are committed to add new practice activities so that you can practically apply the concepts learnt in this course.

Why should you start learning SAS NOW!

  • SAS jobs - You will be amazed to see how much SAS programming skills are in demand.
  • Demand is only going to go up – SAS is the pioneer in data analytics industry and is widely used by organizations and analytics service providers.
  • Easy to learn, easy to use and very flexible as compared to its competitors like R and Python

About SAS

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